Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Better late than never! That wand is awesome!

I'm still lagging worse than a virus-bitten desktop in my dorm room (yeah, that happened... 4 years ago... oops :s) so what should have taken about 20 minutes took an hour but I enjoyed the quest!
That wand is really cool! A keeper for sure! The emote is awesome too! No pet snake for me since I haven't had mems in quite a while but oh well.

The dinner looked awesome! A little late for Christmas but hey, it can be a New Years Eve dinner!

Since I really have nothing else to say, here are some old RS fan art drawings I've done and scanned:

Outfit ideas for my Crafting Cape. This one actually worked in pieces!

An outfit idea for the Construction cape I still don't have. :P

Third age robe top!!!!!!!!!@1

Happy 2012 everyone!

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

As Molly Sleeps Dormant

Hi peeps! I ran out of Mems and really don't have time to get it back so I'm going dormant for a while. I really haven't felt like playing recently, and for two reasons:

1. My computer can't handle the changes they did and now it lags worse than a virus-ridden noob machine.

2. Most of the reason I still played for the last year was entirely for the social aspect. Most of the people I talk to either quit or stopped going on so I got bored really easily.

I might play again or I might not. I dunno. I'll probably pop into the lobby still, like a Newb!

Until next time...