Thursday, December 31, 2009


Apparently I wasn't done leveling! First, I noticed I had 7k to 72 prayer from all the burying I'd been doing at falconry and firegiants. 31 dragon bones later, and there it was!!

I found a sc needle hidden in my bank with 98% charge in it so I made me a hammer and got to work on con. I looked and OMG I was 61k till 85!! I played some SC, had a great time, got my cousin to play (he loved it!), and after selling some runes made the money for my lovely level.

Earlier I found tons of stuff from my hunting adventures and sold it. I also pc'd my ring of stone. Then I fell off my chair. It was worth 900k!!!!! I sold that baby so fast! I now have 8m and I plan to try to keep it that way! :-D I did a ton of imp hunting on mos le and in impville and got me a torstol from a nature imp! Woot!!

So anyways, 2009 ends with these stats :-D

Happy new years!!!!

Until next time...

Through Pie's Eyes: 2009 in Review

Wow! It's been a whole year since I have really gotten into Runescape! I have changed so much not just as a player but as a person as well! I thought that I would list my favorite moments, some oldies, and my goals for this new year. Enjoy! :-)

Top 10 Moments of 2009

10. The candycane glitch.
Haha this glitch was one of the funniest I have ever seen! I don't even care if it gets patched or not, I got lots of entertainment out of it:

9. The sheer amount of levelage I did.
Holy crap! At this time last year I think I was total level 1400 or so? Maybe a little higher. My combat was somewhere in the high 80's or low 90's and I was working on deciding which cape to go for. My highest skill was probably cooking and it was probably in the low 80's. Now look at me! Total level 1952?? All skills 70+??? 118 Combat??!?! 99 Defence and a Questcape??? Wowie zowie!!

8. Meeting Merch Gwyar
Sometime back in summer my friend Kitty Molly told me about Runescape blogs and bloggers. She told me about the Runescape Reader which I checked out and told me about one blogger in particular that reminded her of me. That one person was Merchy. :-) I began reading her blog and got the inspiration to make my own blog, something I had been wanting to do for ages and was kind of doing already. I jumped at the chance of meeting her at her open house birthday party which soon led to us becoming good friends and me becoming part of Canting Away in addition to J4F. Meeting her was like meeting a celebrity, but someone I really admired! :D

7. Discovering Agility and Runecrafting
Wow. I didn't really do agility much, but would enjoy random spurts at Brim here and there, but then the update for extended courses came out. It took the right moment, but soon I fell in love with Agil. I love it! I can do every shortcut in the game and let me tell you, my run almost never runs out. Even lagging a little restores some of my run and standing for about 5 seconds recharges like 40%. Combines with my agile clothes I can run forever and do things like graahk-natcrafting and Ourania without worrying about run. Also, with my weight, I can take full loads of just about anything on the hot air balloons. Woot! As for Runecrafting, I despised it. It was such snail's pace XP and hardly seemed worth it. Then I did some for fun because I was in the mood for it and BAM! It hit me. I double my money! Literally! The XP may be slow but boy howdy does it make money fast! I pushed up for deaths and now I am making about 400k out of 150k. Just like that. Ownage! It was the 2nd to last skill to get to 70 and boy do I look forward to 75, then 77, then 80, then 90, then 92, then... 99!! :-D Why is it I fall in love with the most hated skills? LOL!

6. Visage Week
Who could forget the week that within 3 days of each other, Merch Gwyar and Kitty Molly both got the rare and totally awesome Draconic Visage!

5. Kitty Molly's 99 Summoning
She's been collecting charms and saving pennies since Summoning came out and on October 24, 2009, she did it!! Kitty I am soooo proud of you!! You stuck with it and got it!! Plus, you got 99 Slayer out of it too!!!

4. The awesome statements said by my great friends on Runescape :-)
I summed up some of my favorites in this collage :-) Click on it to see it! :D

3. My Defence Cape
After having a dream that I got a Defence Cape back in April, I decided to pursue it as my first 99. On September 12, 2009, I was successful!!

2. My Quest Cape
My first cape!!! Sometime back when I decided to go for 99 Defence, something happened. I got 73 WC and was able to do Grim Tales and Back to my Roots. Upon looking through my quest journal, I realized that I had ALL the level requirements for ALL the quests!! This led to an epic questing rampage that ended on June 26, 2009, with the completion of While Guthix Sleeps! I had never been too fond of quests before, but in that moment of realization things changed and I became a Quest Sister :-)

The weird cropping is supposed to be exclamation points :-)

I did it!! And 400k Summoning XP was mine!!!

1. Merch's KBD Head Drop
I seriously don't think I've seen someone so excited about something. Ever. It totally made my day :-)

There were many more wonderful, and not-so-wonderful moments that I could go on about. You have no idea how hard it was to choose just 10. :-)

Next, here is a list of some 2009 goals I had that I found scribbled along with class notes or on scraps of paper:

Complete Legends, complete MM, complete DT (with a big yuck face lol), all skills 50+, 70 Farm, 70 Herblore, 75 att/str/def/hp, get a 99, get a Verac's Brassard, get a million gp... I got all those! Here are some I still have yet to get: Full bandos, Full Arma, a DFS.

And lastly, here are some goals for 2010 :-)

99 Agility
99 Construction
99 Mining
99 Cooking
99 Crafting
99 Farming
91 Rhoonkreftin (piespeak for rcing, LOL!)
90-99 Attack
90-99 Strength
89 Prayer (for the cool atom bomb death curse)
85-90 Slayer (abby demons and dark beasts)
80 Fletching (for SC)
All skills 80+
129 Combat (no more pesky wild dogs)
92 Summoning (ardy diary elite)
92 Smiffin (ardy diary elite)
85 Woodcutting (evil elder trees)
92 Firemaking (evil elder and adze)
80-99 Ranged (haha what a stretch!)
94 Magic (BARRAGE!!)
2100+ Total Level
83 Hunter (D Imps)
Ardy Elite done
Bandos Armour
Armadyl Armour
Dragonfire Shield
Mackenzie (my steel dragon)
Further establish myself in the RS world
Further my blog and make more friends :-)
Make some RS videos that are good ;-)
Unlock all the musics

and finally, I want to mee the following people and here's why:

Icey Dan1 for his blogging video which finally pushed me to make this blog.
Jinsr44 because he makes great YT vids and seems like a really nice person.
Sharppointer. Because of his advanced agility courses video, I currently have 94 Agility. I want to say thanks for inspiring me to go for it!
Bitt3rsw33t3. She was the girl with the agility cape in Jinsr44's Siamsa video and I noticed it. This was at a time when I was trying to decide what to do, as I had just gotten 99 Defence. Agility was the answer!!

Here's to 2009 and let's hope 2010 is a great year!!! Happy new year, everyone!!

Love, Full Of Pie

Until next time enjoy the fun!

ALL SKILLS OVER 70!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooot!! I, Full Of Pie, accomplished a goal today that I didn't ever think I could this soon. With 7 hours to spare until 2010, I have gotten all skills over 70!!!!!!! :-D

First, let's rewind to yesterday. My living minerals FINALLY sold and along with some junk I now had 750k to play with. I loaded up on about 4500 pure ess and was off to Ourania where, with 2298 ess to spare, I got this:

Oh happy happy day!! With that done, I looked at my hunter. Lvl 64. Hmm, that would take about 300k xp to 70 and with rc out of the way, why not!

Let me tell you, it was quite an adventure. I won't bore you with the details because I don't even really remember them myself but let's just say it was a ton of falconry, good amounts of orange sallies... (me, Twi, and my cousin RavenD54 at ornj sals), and red sallies, some Pawya, and about 200 chins in total.

After about 14 hours-ish (spread over 2 days) and 6 levels later I HAVE 70 HUNTER!!!!!!!!

LOL, my achievement diary looked like this after it was all done:

That was going to be a major goal for 2010 but HOLY COW I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D !!! Now 71 hunter doesn't seem so far away... Look out imps, I'm coming for you!

I leave with you these 3 text funnies over the past day:

I was helping Twi pick out the next quest to do, by snooping in his adventure log. LOL!

At black sals I kept getting asked stupid questions by low lvl player who were killing the hill giants and green dragons nearby. First I got asked "what are you catching" so I said "kyatts." Then later someone asked me what I was doing and I said "runecrafting." In this pic I like Helm's "hahahahaha hohohohohoho" LOL!!

My cousin, amazed with his high hits with earth bolt, said this quote which made me laugh IRL.

Until next time... :-D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Penguins and Musics and Minigames, Oh My!

The day started with me running agility and lots of it! I got 100k xp today, so that was pretty good. I took a break to meet A Piecemaker who was very excited to meet me.

Meanwhile Eman was on his way for 80 agility and woop woop he got it!! So, I got to show him gnome :-D

After a while I decided to do the pengs, as they were all in easy areas, and took SaporGenitor and PlurFish with me. It was a lot of running and Sapor made this comment which made me LOL IRL. Upon entering Canifis we came across a tbird flock!

As I was running through the wild towards Varrock for the polar bear, I went to listen to the track "Eruption." What I found were 5 new tracks all in red called "Honky Tonky ..." Looked like there were honky tonk tracks of popular f2p songs to be unlocked in the bars! Woot!! I then headed off to get all of those and man, they are great. I recomment hearing them at least once. Sea Shanty is my favorite, but they are all good! I was tickled pink listening to them and HAD to make my dad unlock them too! He LOL'd hard as well. :-D

After a while I decided it was time to play FOG for the first time to unlock another music. Me and my dad tried an empty world which didn't work so we went to a FOG world. It too was empty so we had to settle for freeplay. It was fine except for two things. I have NO f2p armour AT ALL and was on lunars so I couldn't use the runes. I wore rc robes and a rune warhammer. Stylin, I know! I had no clue how to play so I kind of piddled around until something happened. It was sheer madness in there!

The round ended and I was the hunted. The lvl 40-50 peep found me quickly and asked if he could kill me so he'd win. I told him I had no clue what was going on and I was only there to unlock the music. I made his day! :-) We made small talk until he finally hit a nice 10 with his addy skimmy and killed me. I then took a pic of my stylin looks. Ownage.

All the killing made me hungry for some SC. I switched to the reg spellbook to test out air surge and was off to w158 where I played 2 nice rounds. There was no total domination and I enjoyed myself. Man, I really want 89 prayer! That mushroom cloud thing looks awesome!

After the 2 games I had 2 new SC hammers so I was off to my house where I got to work on some mog tables. I'm bored of oak doors so I moved on to something more spendy but much nicer. I look so cool at my table :-D
Then I got tired and went to bed after that LOL!!

Oh yeah I almost forgot! After some agil I did a little of my firegiant task. After getting insulted over my "fail untrimmed def cape" by a str noob def-hater who was openly high (lol what a character he was XD) and then coming to terms with him and making nice small talk, I noticed this little funny:

I love when I have strange numbers for my xp! I may go get a pray lvl soon then! :-)

Until next time...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy Flippers!

Now that I have a stable internet connection I've been leveling like crazy! First, I bought all the required ess and after some quality time at the death altar, I got this:

Woot!!! Of course I got "bored" and had a nice vyrewatch interlude in between some abyssal time. My dad joined in on the fun too!

Vyres are slow going and not ideal to train on but it sure is fun taking my anger out on them! Plus, burning their corpses just looks totally awesome. I was trying to get flail experience which is why I was killing them. Sure enough, I did get some:

This is the 3rd time I've gotten more experienced so I should be able to pwn them a little harder next time. :-D As for rewards, I got lots of cool stuff like a rune med, 2 kwuarm seeds, and after my dad joked about getting one, I got a snap seed. I'll show him! LOL!

So after my giggidy RC level, I decided to finally FINALLY tackle 94 agility. So, I was off to the course where I ran for a million years. Just kidding, it was only a few hours. :-P Aquarianpixi was on her way to 50 agility and joined me on the course. She leveled much sooner than I did. Oh the joys of needing like 10k to a level... How I miss them... How they disappear too quickly for me now... Anyways, after some quality running time I got this :-D

Woot!! Only 5 levels to go! I would have stayed and broken 8m xp but I am returning home tomorrow and get to spend 8 hours in the car. Yuck. At least this trip was fun and the drive was uneventful. Once I get back I have like 10 movies to upload to youtube, a RSMV to make, and lots of plans!! I have about a month left of break so here we go!

Until next time...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

On This Date

Just a quick post, I made it safely to my next destination and I have much batter internet :-D

Anyways, I just wanted to say that two years ago now, on this date, I got 44 Runecrafting and 55 Magic. I remember clearly the feeling that I a new door had opened and I had gone from "noob" to one step up, or like... "Noob + 1." LOL!

Nowadays I'm a veteran who can help with just about anything (I finally did the KBD lol) but it's funny how certain moments just stick with you. :-)

Off to kill some vyres!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick Post More to Come KBD

Last night/into this morning I killed the KBD for the first time!! I have to run but when I get back I'll have some vids and a story up :-P

It was me, Twi, and Twi's friend and we had fun!

Until next time and Merry Christmas Eve :-D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

:-D II

OMG Canada was awesome!!! Mainly because I met an RS friend there :-) It was awesome!

I am back now and had a great time! I am now working on 94 Agil. Slowly... Slowly...

This is short but I'm just to happy :-D

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wild Levels

Today I did a little of this and a little of that. I then sold a ton of "junk" in my bank and bought mahogany planks with it (known as "mog planks" in Piespeak). Oak doors are nice and cheap but... OMG they are so boring!!! Trust me, when you level from 74-83 on them they get old. I was excited to try out the mog table method. After going several times to buy tons of mog and teak planks, and after using up all of my oak planks I had made, I finally got this:

Yay!! I can legitimately add mog scopes to my house!! Too bad I stole the thunder and built them as early as 77. Not only that but I deleted and rebuilt a study so I have made 3 in total already. Take that! Yay, I can also now build stuff that I already have in my house!

After that, and around that time, I did some farming rounds. Due to a magic seed I got from a nest, I had 20k to go! I had 3 yew saplings that I couldn't sell so at the advice of Merch Gwyar I bought the cactus spines and planted them. A short while of tagging said yews later and I had this:

Woop woop!! I can legitimately plant spirit trees! Good thing I've had one since lvl 79 thanks to my Stranger Plant which raises me +4 after lvl 75. I was very laggy today which produced some funny and severe glitches:

It either snowed or sand fell in Falador... I hardly recognized it! I even got a movie of it because I can do that now! That's the general store place thing north of the west bank. Of course some "cobrats" were in order after such an awesome levelage of farming:

And of course, as I was planting belladonna, I saw a penguin in a disguise as adorable as the halloween pengs. I could hardly stand it, it was so cute! It certainly made it easy to get my pengs for the week! Free 27k rcing xp! Now I'm 15k from 69.

I did some rcing before the pengs with Twi and got 1300 nats from 1k pess. Woot! I then got my free 150 ess and made laws for myself. That's how I plan to do it from now on. Love it! I've been going between 5.5m and 6m all day long. With my newfound love for rcing, nothing can stop me!

I'll be in Canada tomorrow for the day and I'm very excited! I haven't left the country in 2 years! LOL! See y'all when I get back!

Until next time...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Glitchfest 2009!!!

Well folks I got up this morning to find that the Christmas event was finally upon us!

I found the entrance and was immediately delayed because Twi logged in and wanted to do the event with me. So, I took the opportunity to get dressed up in a hawt Christmas outfit. Then I was off where I had to just take it off anyway. Lol.

After endlessly annoying a mean Mr. "Scourge..."

...and teaming up with Murray the Snow Imp to show him his eventual doom....

...and opening a present from Santa...

I was all finished, with one hawt outfit to show off and a brand new candycane!

Even the camels were decked out in festive gear!

Almost immediately afterward, some members of Canting were already exploiting, with immense joy, a special glitch that could occur if you did some slightly obscure things. Apparently when you timed things just right you could toss your candycane in the air and have a large wieldable weapon come back down! Of course, I gave my new hypercam a spin and had my cameras rolling. After I figured out how to do the glitch with ease me and my dad were off to play around with it. It was very fun carelessly tossing his 85 million gold SGS into the air! Also funny were the rune pick, the magic shortbow, the Balmung, and the Chinchompa. LOL!!!! It really was loads of fun and I enjoyed the Christmas event a ton! Youtube is taking FOREVER to upload these so when I get a day to devote 6 hours for the videos I'll put them up. It was back to Agility after that. Less than 300k till 94! Huah!

Until next time...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Fotos

I have a ton of photos lingering in my "photos of today" album that I will just share now. You might get a good laugh out of them!

I still have just a little time to play but RL is fun right now!!

This was taken slightly out of context, but when you get red vambs and a crimson charm drop from a dustie it looks exactly like a chain. Hehe :D

Hector was quite distraught when Princess Astrid died. LOL!

What you see here is about 1,000 people crammed into about 100 squares...

Kitty couldn't remember one of the doctor's names so she made one up. :-P

I often press enter instead of apostrophe... this time it was sort of embarrassing... Yes people heard me lol but I think they knew it was a mistake.

Merashi wants a good country song. "My dog died/the wife ran off" becomes "My dog had puppies/wife gave me a backrub." Nice!

MyConstant came up with one of the most epic and funny stories I've heard in a long time. It made me laugh so hard IRL!

I dunno what I'll be doing but I'll surely be on again sometime soon. I did lots of rcing and agility so that's good. I can't wait for the Christmas event!

Until next time...