Monday, April 30, 2012

Nearing The End

 ...of my journey to 99 Strength!! One more level to go until I throw away this SaraSword for good and go back to my trusty rusty Vine Whip forever and ever and ever!

98 Strength and a surprise 135 Combat thrown in! I am so so happy! It took the entirety of my Dark Beast task and I was never more happy to have such a lovely melee task!

That was a funny task. I kept getting two of everything. I got two loop halves, toof halves (making 2 crystal keys lol), two long bones! I didn't get 2 dark bows though... I didn't get any. Haha.

In other news, earlier in the week I finally took advantage of a star in the middle of the day and got 94 Mining. :D

I was kept company by some W42 regulars :-)

Even earlier, I changed the color of my hot and sexy Infiniti robes from water to earth because they had a hint of yellow in them then. I then colored my SOL from blue to gold, creating this awesome outfit in preps for barraging some n00bs at SW (which ended up being an epic fail so I took my runes elsewhere and had a fun time barraging pests instead :P).

 Here I am modeling my hot outfit with Peeky. I got on earth colored Infiniti, a gold SOL, Bandos Book (I used tome of frost when I actually barraged), Witchwood Icon, barrows gloves, crafting cape, and of course flippers. Gotta have flippers!

 The view from the back :P
Well that's all for now I spose.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Severin Hates it Too

I did the "I'm Gonna Piss You Off Forever and Ever" quest. Oh, pardon me, The Firemaker's Curse. I've never been so infuriated at a quest. I never thought a quest would beat Kennith's Concerns as the quest to piss me off the most but it did. However, I GOT R DONE! Helloooo fire events in the circus!

To celebrate actually doing another quest, I'm going to light myself on fire. BAHAHHHH!

Until next time...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ridiculous Questing

 It's been a busy-ish couple of days. I've been slaying a lot and piddling around, mostly. Here are some highlights:

Two PG-13 rated funnies:

 Elias discovers the wonders of PyraPlundrawr :P

 I was at abby demons with atki908 and we ended up having a very lively conversation, started with this naughty bit. Turns out this guy had pneumonia or close to it and he was at home getting ready to see if he had to be admitted to the hospital. What better way to spend your tiny amount of awake hours than by working up for 99 summon and slayer! He was a cool guy.

I had 450 fishing explosives in my bank so I decided to try for some flippers. Over 100 vials later, nothing! Sad sad. I did notice this:

 Creeeepy face!

I've started on The Firemaker's Curse and I HATE IT!!! GAAAHHHHHH!! Another quest designed to piss me off! I started it at like 1 in the morning which didn't help either. It took forever to find the quest start (I call BS on it being "near eagles peak") and the puzzles are insanely annoying because they go out/can't walk through the fires/etc. Going afk to check the guide again almost got me killed with rocks. This quest and the fire events at the circus better be worth it or I'ma be pissed.

I did catch this though. Hah.

Yes, yes you are.

Well, I'm off. Peace out peeps.

Until next time...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peeky Is Back!!!!!

 Yes!!!! After a year and a half or whenever it was, he's BACK!!!! I was so sad to see him go and never forgot about him. Imagine my surprise when I got on RS yesterday and Astrodome PM'd me!!! I went crazy!! I didn't get a pic of that but here's some text from today. Peeky is back!!!!

Rejoice reeejoiiiiceeee!!
Peeky is one of the reasons I didn't quit RS. :-)

In other news... I got 82 Prayer! I missed the message because I was AFK but selling wyvern bones for dragon bones was an excellent idea because the price was like 2:1. :D

82 Prayer!

Finally, one of my friends decided to ragequit because he "lost 26m" while hosting the flower game. I just laughed because I know he'll be back and because he lost as the host of that stupid game. While PMing me, his autotalker got into my PM, making this amusing epic fail. Less than an hour later he got 48 hour muted for autotalking. He's having a bad day but I think it's hilarious. I just don't care anymore. :D


Until next time...