Monday, April 30, 2012

Nearing The End

 ...of my journey to 99 Strength!! One more level to go until I throw away this SaraSword for good and go back to my trusty rusty Vine Whip forever and ever and ever!

98 Strength and a surprise 135 Combat thrown in! I am so so happy! It took the entirety of my Dark Beast task and I was never more happy to have such a lovely melee task!

That was a funny task. I kept getting two of everything. I got two loop halves, toof halves (making 2 crystal keys lol), two long bones! I didn't get 2 dark bows though... I didn't get any. Haha.

In other news, earlier in the week I finally took advantage of a star in the middle of the day and got 94 Mining. :D

I was kept company by some W42 regulars :-)

Even earlier, I changed the color of my hot and sexy Infiniti robes from water to earth because they had a hint of yellow in them then. I then colored my SOL from blue to gold, creating this awesome outfit in preps for barraging some n00bs at SW (which ended up being an epic fail so I took my runes elsewhere and had a fun time barraging pests instead :P).

 Here I am modeling my hot outfit with Peeky. I got on earth colored Infiniti, a gold SOL, Bandos Book (I used tome of frost when I actually barraged), Witchwood Icon, barrows gloves, crafting cape, and of course flippers. Gotta have flippers!

 The view from the back :P
Well that's all for now I spose.

Until next time...

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