Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Woohoooooooo I've been waiting for this day for a long time!!!! Finally I get to make a cape in the colors I want, when I want!!!!! Of course, with so muuch color choice comes indecisiveness and I changed my cape no less than 5 times before I was totally satisfied. Most of the problem was due to the fact that I wanted my cape to match my outfits while containing orange, green, and brown.

I first went to Fally and got an orange/brown cape and thought I was done...

Then I went to Lum after I realized their cape had an owl. I got Ravenclaw colors and thought I was done, but the bronze just wasn't working out for me and blue and orange are the colors of a certain school I really detest so I went back a couple more times...

Finally I decided on Lesko Diamond Green (green and lighter green) with an orange owl. That way I had the green nature reflection of my name, cool popping colors that I liked, and enough orange to be clever and match my hair. I couldn't find any good browns because they were all too orange and not.... wooden enough... I'm quite pleased with my cape now!

I told Armyyyy about it and he didn't know so he went and got himself a purple cape. It looks hawt! I've also been enjoying seeing other peeps' sense of style as they flaunt their creatively colored capes as well (I still love that lime and crimson I saw on that 99 cape from the other day).

It's super late/early so I'd better go. My sleep is messed up because I fell asleep at my boyfriend's house today because I was up till 2 writing a paper for English. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Productive July Day

Today I didn't get on RS until later and finished up my LRC task. I got an effigy and got it all done today! 91 Herb that my dad did for me, 93 Fletch (tried to buy mature axman folly to no avail so I had Vandy assist me), 95 cook, and 97 mining. The spice you need is the spice you'll never get so I spent a good long time in the basement with Ernst getting brown spice. I got like 8 shakers full of orange spice though! Took one bite of brown spice stew and got 98/93 mining! Booyah! Another 20k+ chunk of R00nkreftin xp for me!

Speaking of mining, I was 6k to my next level so I did a Rimmington star with Armyyyy and one of his friends and boom boom boom:

Woot! 93 mining! I can do all effigies with an easy +4 boost from stew :D

There was a bot there of course so we took all his iron. We broke the bot and he logged, but then he came back. It was fun though. :P

While in the bank I saw a curious pair of twins named 1477toMoore and 1477toNovia:

Haha speaking of their skirts and boots... I changed my outfit again today and got almost that same setup!

I'm all orange now, with surprise green boots. I ended up making an amazing outfit with it too! All because of those stupid sleeves that show through when I wear a sleeveless shirt like stripey pirate or a d leather body. Curses...

I finished off the night doing some dungeons with Armyyyy and 2 of his friends. We did three 4:4 smalls which took no time at all and we had loads of fun! We all died a lot, pwnt a lot, and had a great time.

Here we are hanging out after our last floor. I have on my hot clothing + Guthix book, wand, witchwood icon, and orange cape. It looks hot! Behind me are the people I dunj's with. l-r, LewisLovsMen, ninja-kiitty, and Armydude07 (known to me as Armyyyy). I can't wait to do floors with them again!

I leave you with a funny joke from Canting:

Scammers are becoming more obvious ;)

Good night all! Soon I hope to have enough tokenz for the tome of frost!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cool Outfits of World 42

I've been parked in Varrock West for days now fletching up a storm! Turns out every other player in Runescape is also fletching. My new favorite thing to do is hop worlds until I find a good conversation to either listen to or join in on. World 42, the roleplay world, has held the most fun conversations but as it turns out it also holds the best outfits!

(a line of capes that trim red!)

After taking pics of person after person I decided to present a little fashion show called World 42 Blue Carpet:

This awesome dark/pink ensemble brought to you by a firemaking Club Media! Simplicity at its finest with beautiful results.

Another lovely purple default ensemble brought to you by Bloodyskull3!

My personal favorite, Asbee Dragon has very good taste when selecting the colors of her Max Cape. I never knew that lime and crimson (or possibly a dark purple) looked so good together! I think it looks amazing!

I didn't catch this person's name but that Saradomin Bow looks really cool, plus I'm totally loving the all-blue outfit!

Aaaaaand I finished the night off with 88 Fletching. Entgallow staves and gorg arrows are now mine!!!! Woot!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Name Change and Two Levels

First off, I changed my name again today. Instead of Natura Tonk I am now Natura Molly, which is the first half of my name and isn't a huge change. I think Molly Natura flows better but I wanted to maintain the integrity of my name so there we go. Blame Jagex for censoring Tonks. >(

Anyway, I spent a majority of the day fletching. It's so fast! I've been doing maples before and it was sooo slow. Now I feel like I just got a bullet Bill on MarioKart. Hahaha!

While at the bank I saw someone named Spookie Meow with an awesome outfit so I took a picture:

After lots and lots of fletching and an evil yew + 22 minutes of lep magic at mage trees Armyy reminded me to contact Chuck and use my penguins on runecrafting. I thought I probably had like 5, since I don't do the w60 thing anymore and just spy as I see them in passing. Well, turns out I had 21 penguin points! With around 30k to go for 81 Runecrafting I cashed those in for over 40k xp and got that level!!

I then took a break to see the new Harry Potter movie and man oh man was it awesome!!!! My kind of movie! Some of the things there totally remind me of Terabi Tana. I'll go to bed now staging the epic battle between demons and Terabikai. :D

Upon returning I fletched some more and with a few loads of whittling to go I got 87 Fletching!

Woop woop! Now I can fletch that new thing that was teasing me before!

Good night all! I'm off of school until Tuesday and have a paper to write about Sagittarius sometime before then. Good times. :D

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fletching Surprise

Woop woop 86 Fletching tonight on my last yew logs! I was going on immediately before saying "last 8 logs wooo0o0o0o0oooot" and then fireworks happened. Happy happy! That didn't take very long at all!
Also in my search for creative and hawt outfits I came up with another great one. It was just me wearing my Bandos with the Seers 3 headband (because I was spinning flax and wanted the shorter time), that orange cape, and an SS at first but then I lent that SS to Helm and changed into agile clothing and my wand/book to look less menacing. I really love this look!

I love the Seers 3 Headband and will be sad to see it go when I get my next Herblore level...

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, July 18, 2011

All Through the Night

A famous Welsh hymn came into my mind recently so I looked it up on Youtube and the first post was a men's choir singing it in Welsh. LOVE!!! Oh my word, Wales looks like Ardin!

My new goal in life is to learn all the words in Welsh. Ar Hyd Y Nos. :)

The other day I decided to start fletching and not stop until 99 or I get really sick of it, whichever comes first. It gave me a perfect opportunity to grow Rupert. :3 I also remembered being fairly close to a woodcutting level so I hit up the ivy after tagging all 5 of my magic trees and my 6 papayaya trees (woot for kingdom!!) and got that lovely level 91 woodcutting:

Woot! I can begin legitimately unwrapping any chopchops I find!

Speaking of effigies, I got one on my abby demon task. For the record, it was 91 con, 93 herb (daddy), 95 cook, and 97 fletch. I was so sad I couldn't use my new woodcutting level to use so I had my best buddy Bridled Ruin do the fletching one for me. I want that cape!!! Also, when I was slaying there a guy I'd been casually chatting with asked me my craft level. Woo, 99 gets put to good use! I was like "get over here lol" or something like that. I love assisting people. :D

Today I did lots of fletching and a couple more things. I met up with my friend Armyyyy who was alching in Yanille and this guy named Carl A10 who was chatting with us. Rupert came of age...

My what a big bird you are! I now have like 10 birds hehehe :P

...and I got 85 Fletching!

Magic longgggbow time! I'll keep that in mind when I get more mage trees to replace my old ones. :D

I also checked out the Jadinko Lair and it's pretty cool. Lots of drama getting juju teles... lol... they're expensive! I got that shortcut all cut in and therefore a quick bank box. Of course I need 87 fletching to make that weapon thing. Crycry... I'll be 87 soon...

I leave you with this funny from my friend Daantje. He was really happy to get 87 Herblore because it meant he could stew up and make that extreme ranging potion for Seers 4. Nothing says cute like W0000000o00o0oo00o0o000o00000T! lol

I'm that task away from Seers 4 too! I have 86 Herby (just got) so one more level and I'll have it too! Good night all! As I'm busy writing my first KeĆ²en dictionary I'll say good night in a few more languages, so Beni Notte/Nos Wha/Good Night/Nos Da/Buenos Noches/O Yasumi Nasai!

Until next time...

Friday, July 15, 2011


I got 91 Strength at my abby demon task and have 2222 total level! Woop woop!

While I was down there a guy randomly appeared and then randomly talked smack so I trolled him while commenting to my friend Daantje. The full chronological details below:

I like playing RS in a good mood so stuff like this amuses me entirely and doesn't irritate me. :P

In other news, the moon is high and full tonight! All Osanokai are happy.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Abyssal Head Drop!

I just got this like 5 minutes ago!!

Oh my freaking Guthix!!!

I'm thinking of going for 80 zeal and getting an abyssal minion now! :D??

While my time zone enjoys the opening of Harry Potter I continue slaying abbies and waiting until next week so I have people to see it with. Fun fun fun!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sven the Basilisk

Ladies and gentlemen, witches and wizards of Runescape, meet Sven:

After 3 or 4 games today and some unexpected ties, plus a point I forgot that I got the other day, I had exactly 40 Zeal and finally got my baby basilisk!! He's so cute! I've had his name picked out for years and now he finally has more to him than just a head!

I celebrated by showing Sven to my dad and my friend Daantje and then celebrated or whatever you want to call it by doing some Herblore. Thanks to a generous donation of nests from my dad plus a ton of nests from this week's kingdom I had almost 200 nests to work with. I bought some toadflax unf pots, made up some potions plus some others like super str/att, and fireworks!

86 Herblore! One more level and I can safely stew up to make that ranging pot and get Seers Headband 4!! That should be my new goal. :D

So eventful of a day! Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pets on a Whim

I've been playing around at SW lately getting up that zeal for my baby basilisk. I'm so close! I ended at 32 zeal- that's 8 more to go! I'm hoping to get that tomorrow or Wednesday. :D

I had a name in mind for another pet and had to figure out which pet it would be and vulture fit the bill so...

Over 3 million (felt like that much) kills later, using up a majority of my Guthix arrows (all I had... lol) I got myself...

A baby vulture!!

His name is Rupert. I think I'm in love. :D

Good night all! Hopefully I'll have a tangible Sven tomorrow! (Well, in the pixel world anyway lol)

Until next time...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

End of June Hiscores

Here they are! A perfect level 2220 as well!

Haven't been playing much recently but I have been potting up and barraging n00bs in soulwars to get some zeal, mage xp, and the satisfaction of the sound of barrage 9 times at once. Hehe... I'm halfway to Sven which is very exciting!

I also did some dunjuns with my friend Daantje which was tons of fun. I wish I had more buddies to dunj with... I made it to the cool club themed dungeon for the first time too! Can't wait to go through that floor!

Over and out.

Until next time...