Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012

Holy crap, July just flew by! I've been playing RS, usually about an hour at a time here and there, not really doing much besides chatting it up with friends and new people. I've been having fun in the Dark Dreams clan and have been taking a break from Canting for a while. I'm going a little stir crazy at home and haven't found something I enjoy training right now.

Without further ado, here's some pics from the lovely month of July:

===Two cool capes I saw===

 Queen Monica with a cool blue and white cape and Phat...

 D'Artanagan dArtanagan with a cool purple cape...

I've been playing on Faerie Tana a lot and with the help of my dad and my main I've gotten myself full Guthix armour, a really cool Lesko Diamond green cape, and a crap ton of supplies like uncuts, 10k maples, and more!

Look at that cape! ...and look at my dad lol

 My hawt new gear :3

===More fun with my dad===

 We got ice wyrms on co-op... my first time! It was fun and super easy. Plus, I got an elite Frem task done!

Fun with place names... lol

===Pics of Peeps===

 I asked DD member Venitax to come and find me one night... I met up with two other frequent flipper wearers there! l-r, M anny, me, Alesana Tory, and Venitax. I had a nice chat with M anny about agility and tips for getting 99, which is something I have a lot of experience in!

 While on Faerie Tana, I hung out killing things with my new R00n Skimmy in the Edgeville Dungeon. While killing some hobgoblins I ran into two people and combined, we had all three God Armours represented! On left with Zammy we have Ziggy28245, in the middle with Guthix is Faerie Tana (me), and on the right with Saradomin is Mr Phua.

While at a star one day my dad started emoting and synching up the slayer emote with a cool girl named just krispie (left).


Yes, my dad may have bought me the Pegasus emote. I love it! He bought it for himself too.

I enjoyed fighting the Party Demon. I hit a personal best of 1m. :P

===Levelings Up===

85 prayer! Woohoo for even numbers (as in 5's)!

I finally have 85 Ranged! Now I can start to get good at a skill I really want to master. :P

Well, that's all! To August!

Until next time...