Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hiscores March

Well another month has come to a close and my has it been impressive! Today was a very productive day as well!
I started off by running some agil with W46ATAT, because I still love to run and was out to hit 13.3m xp. I did it, and now beat Gertjaars in agil!! Woop woop! I got some great pics of the team in action as well:
We got three lined up in synch... in synch with two more ahead! It looks so cool! Even cooler is that I am in the middle. :P

A cool perspective of an agil emote barrage. It's double decker!!

After that I set off for a lonely journey of getting 85 Woodcutting. I was determined that the elder I nurtured yesterday would be my last I had to pass up. I got right to work wearing my hawt lumberjack and slamming my axe into Yanille and Falador wall.

It took a long time...

...and I looked deformed not in flippers...

And I took 2 breaks to chase down 2 stars. I was at the finders spot for both of them! I missed the tag for the Mos Le Harmless...

...but was all alone and eagerly tagging the nice size 7 Lletya star. Woot!!!

I took a short break to drop by new(ish) blogger Antduf's 18th birthday party to wish him a very merry birthday... :D

I then returned to the ivy until.....


Yay!!! I can now officially chop every evil tree I come across!!! :D

I decided to celebrate by going to one of the most feared, dangerous, and all-out treacherous places in all of Runescape, in order to get a quick mining level. Armed with safe-mode and uber, uber low detail, I was ready to plunge into the depths of the Lag Cave.

It was absolutely nuts, as usual. Enlarge the pic to see what I mean. The guy in the range cape to my left (I'm up front in the green chompy hat) is my friend Bridled Ruin. He's working on 99 fishing. :D

Finally I had my level and got the heck out of there!!!! Just for fun, here's a compare for what I normally play in and safe mode.

SAFE MODE (very low graphics)

Pretty big difference! :D

Anyways after that I went to the edgy furnace, which I have named "Y Ffwrnais" and got to work smiffin/amuletizing all my gold, ores, etc. I got the smiffin stones easily for the first time and got 1 crafting stone so I bougth some dhide and got a sc needle and went to town. Finally I got it! Woot!

While I was in the midst of my furnace time I saw roots pop up so I ran over to the monastery of course where, WOOOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!, I came across an elder!!!!!

First one!! :D And on the same day that I got 85!!!! :D:D:D

I was obviously very happy and got pics of me taking swings at it. :D Now I need 85 fm so I can burn it. Heh heh...

In the last few minutes before bed I did a farm run and got the 2nd stone. I then went in search of the herblore stones, which seem to come only from Super Strengths, and in my quest for the stones got 77 herblore!! Woot!!!!

I got the stones as well! :D

I then turned in 5 pairs of stones to the statue, netting tons of free xp. I'm sooo close to the 100m total xp mark!! Just con, thief, and hunt remain for this week and I have until Monday to find them. :P

So, here are my official hiscores for March!!!

Impressive! I got two 99's and am working towards 80+ all. It won't be too hard now and I may be able to do it in April. My goals for next month include 95 craft, 80+ all, 85 firemake, 80 ranged, beat Nomad, 90 mining, and perhaps 85 Slayer. :P

Before I go, I have several funnies from today. As if this post isn't long enough here is more to make you laugh!

Another beautiful moment by the comedic genius who is Levi... Ferus (Sacrosanct) was at Barrows getting terribly loots from the chest...

Congratz somi on finally getting a huge swordfish!!!

Peeky always has something funny to say even when he's not happy. :P

Another Levi-ism. We were talking about how dumb Entertainment Tonight is and how celebrities are overrated. I then told of how I was more excited to meet a pen pal than to meet a celeb, leading to an interjection by Levi. Whoa, Brad Pitt is his pen pal in addition to Zezima being his dad!

Good night everyone. :P

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woot!!!!!!! Woot!!!

Woot!!!!! I'm not even gonna butter it up I'll just tell you. I BEAT MY DAD IN TOTAL LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!! Never did I ever think it possible!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Incidentally we've both leveled since this, but haven't logged since :P

Anyways today I ran with W46ATAT for the full 2 hours and gained over 100k xp! I got both stones but haven't cashed them yet. I never did try for the cooking stone but I did get the mining stones from Alkarid and a farming stone from a farm run. I then decided to get a move on 85 WC, after nurturing a sap to an elder, which I can't cut with my 83 wc. So I threw on the full lumberjack, delayed by my poor neglected gecko running away (ugh) and got to work. Soon, the ivy paid off and I had 84:

Yay!! I then cut even more until Fred Lay told me of an abandoned s6 in Lunar. I gladly hopped on over there where the two of us went to town on it!

Finally my dad showed up after I invited him to help. Two other people showed up and left after a short while so I ended up getting over 35k xp! It lasted over an hour too!

Afterwards it was past midnight so I turned in the Agil and Mining stones. I now have 13.26m agil xp and 58k until 89 mining! Woop woop!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rock Marathon

Woohoo!! Easter event!! While it looked overwhelming and hard I did it anyway and it really wasn't that bad. I got a ton of great pics too! :P

First there was da Easta Bunni... XD

I got to turn into a bunny... :P

The "dirty cog" which sounded like a mixed drink...

Everyone said "diamond" meaning "good." It made me feel like I was Les and they were yelling at me to do stuff. :P

I want my own cuddly Bandos toy!!

I loved the "Hooded client" wayyy more than I should have. It was too funny! :P I also really liked how they used different races in RS to describe what different people in RL do to celebrate Easter. It was a nice touch. I approve. :-)

I got to cheer up the poor, apathetic Easter Bird...

I had to repair the oven at least 10 times.....

...but on the 2nd try I managed to complete it with one turn to spare for the bonus, which I'm still not sure what it is... Oh well whatever it is I got it!

Taking a short break from delivering all over the freeplay area to catch a spirit implet...

Done! I got... Elf ears!!! Woot!!! :D I love them!

So much that I changed my hair to the fringe style for a couple weeks to get the brown headband and wear those elf ears in style! I even finally got a squirrel for the first time! His name is Munchie and he has traveled all over RS with me so far. I also got a green gecko and will grow that next. :D

I then set off on a mission to gather as many stone pairs today as I could. First I tried for the fletching stones. I got the first on the first inventory. The second was.... over 1k maple longs later. I didn't realize it, but I was 5k till and before I knew it, surprise!! I had leveled fletching, a skill I have vowed several times never to train again! This certainly got me going and it's not so bad!

That brought my total lvl to 2017. o.O The 2nd stone was still escaping me so I took a break and set off on my quest for 75 Rhoonkreftin. I bought 10k pure ess and set off for the abyss in order to keep on my elf ears. :P I got both stones very quickly (in fact all the pairs I tried for tonight I got the first stone in the first inv...) and finally got to see my epic chathead when I went to repair my pouch:

I love it so much!! :D

I returned to fletching and got the 2nd stone finally. Sometime in there I was afk talking to my mommy and got the WC stones so that was easy too. I then went to Monkfishland and got the fishy stones quick. Then it was time ti light rows of fire and I was relieved when I had both stones in under 4 inventories. Then I tried for cooking. It was soooo slow and the stones didn't come. I really don't want my cooking xp to get higher than my agility xp but alas I think it will. I tried and tried for HOURS to get that 2nd cook stone and nothing so I finally said screw it and will do that tomorrow. :P

So, I ran over to the bare plinth and threw on 5 pairs at once, getting me some great xp:

Woot! What a day! I can't wait to rc and whatever else further tomorrow. I will probably be running with W46ATAT because for once I can so I am excited and ready to get my agil rocks! :D Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grinding My Way

Today I didn't have a whole ton of time to play, as I was busy for the entire afternoon and evening, so I spent my day trying hard for 75 hunter!

First I was off catching gracks to get much needed furs for some much needed pouches, as I plan to grack my way to 75 Rhoonkreftin! Less than 8k ess with nats! For the record I know it's really graahk but grack is sooo much easier to spell! I brought along an arctic bear and vowed not to leave until the bear's timer was out and I managed 20 perfect furs in that time! Yay!! I then made them into pouches and eagerly await their use. :D After that my cousin invited me to orange sallies and with 70k to 75 I said why not and began grinding it up. It actually wasn't too bad and the xp melted off quick! It only took about 2 hours and there it was!

Yay! Now I'm much more motivated to reach 76 and then I can catch pirate imps!!!! Woop woop!

I then logged for the night as I have things to do early in the morning. At least there's no school as it's spring break! :D I plan to do quite a bit of farming, rcing, crafting, and whatever else I decide to do. I may raise all my lvl 74 skills to 75. One down, three to go! Only thieving, rc, and prayer remain. All under 100k till!

In other news I got my thieving stones today, yay! I also scoped for a star that ended up falling in Lum. It was a beefy size 7 and I found it all alone but already tagged. Oh well, I'm 100k to 89 mining! I'll probably doing quite a few stars next week as well! :P I took a pretty cool pic of the star:

I'll forget some people but to the left sitting are Kitt Fox and Fred Lay. I'm to the right in mid-stride waltzing with Ferus Deity in the red shirt, Arcty is in the green hair standing by me, the guy in red mining the star is a new canter whose name escapes me at the moment, and behind me and Arcty is Helm360 who in his 2nd day of member life has gotten Varrock Armour 1 and has mined his first star! Yay!! The guy in the craft cape is a new friend of mine and next to him is another fellow Agile Sister that I met the other day at the tav star. Good times! :D

Good night all! Here's to 75 RC and Thieving for tomorrow... I'm sure I'll get one or both of them! :D

Until next time...

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Woot!! Today was my birthday and what better way to celebrate then by throwing a runescape house party!! I certainly rang in my 21st year with a BANG, but more on that later! :P

Guests started arriving and trading me things like kegs, cake, and an assortment of alcohol. Kitty gave me 6 ninja imps as presents and I receives tons of other goodies such as strawberries, an ent, and more! :D

As we got the party started I picked up the con rocks for the week and we got drunk and began killing each other in my dungeon!

I loved the flowers of my name, made by Fred Lay :D

Finally the house party wound down with everyone glitchily crammed into my dining room. What a sight that was! XD

Thanks to everyone who came by to wish me a happy birthday! Kisses to you all!

After that it was time for me to get my birthday present to myself and what better way than by playing my favorite minigame, Trouble Brewing. It's even alcohol-themed! Perfecto! The games began and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. After the 2nd game, just the way I had intended, I randomly achieved 99 cooking!

Woot!! I wasn't expecting to level after the game so I clicked and then fireworks went off and I was lagging and running around with giant fireworks exploding off me! It was perfect! I didn't get a vid or pic but I heard other people did. :D We then set off for Varrock to pick me up my "I-Can-Has-Pie" cape! :D Funny story, I didn't have my armour or chef hat so I couldn't get into the guild! I thought 99 automatically let you in... Oh well, I ran to the bank where I made small talk with some locals who asked about my agility cape. I told them I had just gotten 99 cooking and was going to get my cape so they headed over too!

The cape was purchased and more triumphant music played. :D I then put it on:

...and looked very suave! :D

Finally it was time for the emooooote!!!! First one ever!

Ahh yeah! Now I can has pie!!!!

It's hard to tell but Zachy, me, and Rafftank are emoting in synch!

Here it is on the records:

Yay!! 99 cooking on my 21st birthday on 27 March!!! :D:D:D

After that I treated myself to some RL shopping and scored some neat new clothes that I feel pretty in. :-) I then went to the theatre and saw Alice in Wonderland... in 3D!! It was a really cool movie and I enjoyed it. Then it was dinner at my favorite restaurant and then presents! My sister got me a necklace and my parents got me a water bottle that says "99 Defence" and a red shirt that says "Agility 99 jealous much?" Hooray for cafepress and their selection of Runescape themed stuff!!I then returned to RS to get my smiffin rocks. I got the first one way earlier in the day and was having a hard time on the 2nd. I bought tin but copper wouldn't sell so me and my cousin mined some together and I made bars, knives, nothing. Finally, I bought some iron bars and on the last inventory of 7, I got it! Yay! I also got the mining stones today (and the rune ore!! Woo Kelda!) and the con stones. All I have left are the thieving stones! I've been doing that for a while and nothing yet but I have gotten much needed seeds so all is well! Of course I had to do a star in Fally so I took Rimmy and a fellow Agile Sister was waiting as well. We went up to the Taverly mine together and I met up with 3 other fellow Canters. I wear my ardy cloak to thieve so I was in a different and schnazzy outfit for the little clan pic we took:

Here we have Fred Lay (in mid-turkey-emote LOL), Dr Leviathan, me in bearhead/lawcraft clothes/ratpole, and Vandyballer with his grack. I then went off to draynor where Levi dropped by to give me 21 kegs of beer and about 12 pairs of gloves of silence. Woot! Now it's rock time...

Before I go to bask in my oldness, I leave you with the pictures of my cooking cake. It was for the win and yummy! Made by me and my mommy. :D

It was a great day but I have eaten too much sweets so I am tired again :P Good night everyone and I can't wait for what tomorrow has in store! :D

Until next time...