Thursday, March 4, 2010

End in Sight!!

Today I ran... and ran... and ran a little more! In what seemed like a few minutes, I had gone from 140k to 90k. Woot!! I'm entering the stage where I am getting very close to that level and where I am paranoid about doing some shortcut or some skill and accidentally leveling to 99 before I get to Brim... Hehe :P

There it is... Less than 100k to go! I took this opportunity to take a little break from agility and decided to charge up my DFS. I just realized I never had a pic of it on, just the small vid, so I took a pic!

I look so pro!! I decided to charge it at the blues in Taverly. I couldn't go to the metals in the clubhouse because my task is fire giants and I didn't feel like running to brim. My cousin decided to go with me to kill the baby dragons, as he is working his stats up to 60. The animation for charging is so cool!! Especially in flippers :P

I easily killed 10 blues before running out of food (brought 3 monks) and inventory space but had 22/50 charge so I went back and killed a couple more blues before taking advantage of the 82 agility shortcut that last time I was here was just a dream and going for the black dragons which were sure to breathe more fire on me. I just turned on pro melee and managed to kill 2 completely before it ran out. Woohoo, I just managed to charge it all up!

I then went with Merxese to the duel arena to give it a whirl. It was great! I got to use my DFS spec for the first time as well, which is one of my favorite sounds in the game! :D I killed him twice and then he killed me twice before I left to try for the thieving stones. About a half hour of picking seeds later and I got my two so I was off to Varrock! I got about 5k xp from the stones and then went to the GE to drop the seeds I didn't want. My hope is that someone will see them and pick what they want out of it. I saw some interesting names there:

First a silly pun, with my seed pile that I surrounded with fires behind him. He's below the guy with the HP cape in the mining cape. Someone even used my fires to cook! How cute! I then spotted this guy:

He had a summoning cape on. OK, why would I take a pic of someone with a summon cape? I mean, it's more common than RC now!

Whoa!! HELLO!!! His name was Call Frank and he was level 50! I did about 5 takes to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Upon looking at hiscores, I found he does indeed have 99 summoning along with cooking, fletching, and... Herblore!! Wow that's awesome!!

I then returned to the course for a bit before heading off to work more on my 99 video. My CD came today!! With it in hand I was able to start the slideshow and got it mostly done! It's pretty awesome and very simple and all that's left now is the part where I get 99 agility! :D I came back briefly to run some more before heading off to bed. It'll be an early wake up call on Saturday so I wanna sleep in tomorrow. :-)

First here are two funnies from today:

First a bad typo done by me... Oops!

Next one from Levi and Air Stallion (Happy Rant). I guess Levi gave him 100k and so he was trying to pay it back. Levi declined, telling him to give 10k to 10 n00bs. His comeback was priceless. LOL!

Oh and remember how I met foiling that one day in w46 and found myself next to him in hiscores? Well he was on 84 today! I'm so happy we met up again! We added each other and I even got him into Canting for a bit which I think he really enjoyed. He's gonna get 99 agility on Saturday as well! We thought about a double party but he's on the west coast so it would be 6am for him so he decided on 4pm for his. If all works out it should be a fun day all around! :D It will be his first cape too!

Rank: 5391
XP: 12,953,787
I am between Smooth Sid and xwinniepopzx.

Excitement is mounting!!!! Sooooo close to a cape-with-a-guy-on-it!!!

Until next time...

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