Wednesday, March 24, 2010

90 Crafting!!!

After countless hours and hours of smelting OVER NINE THOUUUUSAAAAANDD!!!!! gold bars, I finally got 90 crafting!

Yay! I can now craft everything in the game!!! Muahaha I have the pow-waahhhh!!!! If anyone ever manages to get an onyx let me know... ;-)

I was starting to go a little crazy towards the end but I did it! I smelted some remaining gold ore and made some more ammies before selling them all to the GE. They bought instantly at max and I pocketed nearly 700k in pure profits. :-)

I'm up to 18m cash now! :D I'm highly considering going for 99 craft again. In the long run it'll be cheaper than con since I won't need to furnish anything so I just may go ahead and get it first! :D

While I spent most of the day nolifing I did get out to a nice gnome star that a lot of Canting did:

I like the starfolk of w84. They're all so nice!

And of course leave it to Levi to be a total comedic genius:

There's a gal that goes to nearly every star named "WendyWoooooo" and Levi figured there had to be something behind the "wooooo"... LOL!! :D

Good night everyone! I wonder what's on the menu for tomorrow.. :D

Until next time...

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  1. WendyWoooooo here - lol irl ;)