Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am Ready

I'm strategically parked at my Calquat tree...

Which I will tag in the morning along with 7 other high level trees in a specific order. First, crystal to Lletya for the papayaya, then a break of a Lum tab to the yew, then tab to Fally for both of the yews there, then off to Varrock for that yew and then spirit tree on over to Gnome where a palm and magic tree await! Then, it's up the ladder to the bank where I can get started on this:
That's 12 kegs of Chef's Delight I brewed and 726 raw summer pies that I assembled with melons and berries that I grew myself. I bought pie shells and apples and as I am 93 cooking I needed a skill assist to throw it all together. Huge thanks to Dr Leviathan and Peeky for being willing to just stand around receiving no xp so that I could add one strawberry, half a melon rind and all, and a whole green apple to a pie shell. In fact today Peeky stood (and planned his new house) for about 30 minutes while I assembled 400 more pies. Wow! I bet it's delicious... I'll either sell them or give them to my agile friends who are in the 80's and wanting to have a head start on the advanced courses.

Also today I did two stars. The first one was a PGT star and I decided to film seeing as there was a 1/3 chance that I'd be in the right spot. I waited until it was within seconds of falling and then teleported away. Well no sooner did I get the screen ready for filming when I heard it fall! I quickly pressed record and gave finders to the person who was already there waiting patiently. I decided to put it on youtube but as it was a short video I made a little montage project for fun. :P

I worked a bit on hunter and got both my stones from pawyaya (one yesterday and one today) and turned those in eventually. I also decided to finally make jewelry out of my millions of sapphires and emeralds. Of course I was on lunar so I still can't enchant the pile of 84 games and 70 duels. Oh well I can do that tomorrow... :P There were FIVE people at edgy with agility capes! Soo happy to be one of them! I met up with someone I ran with a long time ago too and had fun chatting with him. :-)

Before that though I did a Misthalin star. Since this is an entirely freeplay area I invited my cousin to come along. He was very excited and hunt out at Auburys while I was on the scope with a combat brace. It was 0-1 so I teled and there were about 4 people waiting. There was nothing so I ran over to the east mine before hitting Lum. I idn't see it but remembered that the location has moved a little bit and lo and behold there it was, with nobody on it! I ended up getting finders and an extra 6600 xp. Woot!! I ended up being less than 200k from 89 mining after the star was done and got a great picture of me and my cousin, who recently got his own pair of flippers. :P

Well I am off to bed now but first I leave with you this funny conversation:

Eenie is my nooby cat. :P She managed to eat all of it too!
Just for kicks here is Eenie:

Being cute on my bed...

Happy that I am home and lovin up on me. She weighs 14.5 pounds. LOL!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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