Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Is Here!

Yes, the year 2010 is here but today my total level became 2010!!! It all started when I was cooking away in the sizzler. Merchy got on and told me she was running in gnome and was totally addicted to the advanced course because it's so cool! What can I say, it was more than half the motivation I needed to go for 99! I couldn't resist so I headed up there for a few laps before dinner.

Invisible chair!!!!!
LOLcat reference win! :D

I never thought I'd see the day when Merchy was enjoying this course. I'm soooo glad I have!! :D

Merchy ALWAYS makes me laugh! :-)

After that I was summoned for dinner and Merchy had gone to bed in the time I was gone and upon noticing my untagged palm remembered that I had 8 trees to tag and 86 farming to get! I did a complete farming run (bushes, fruit trees, and belladonna in addition to the allotments) and on the very last yew, after everything, got it!
Woop woop!! I'm one step closer to being fully prepared for the eventual higher farming update! I summoned an ent the whole time so that I could get massive coconut and poison ivy berries and forgot how helpful it is on farm runs! :-) While I was farming Levi gave The Dezzick the following great advice on his first higher level clue scroll:

After my farming level, I returned to the sizzler and continued to cook and read websites. Upon returning to RS after afking to read for a long time I noticed that Levi had done a drive-by hello and I was upset that I had missed it. :-(

Anyways I had to laugh because I finished up another 1.8k sharks or something and was 8k off from 97 cook. I bought another 1.6k or whatever with the money and soon had another lovely cook level:

Woot! One step closer to the pie emote! When people hate on my 99 cook decision I tell them that I justify it because of the emote. They usually accept it as a valid argument too! :P

Anyways I was in the mindset of cooking so I just kept sizzling away and before I knew it I had shot my way past 10m xp into 11m. No wonder it's so common! It's easy!! This is good for me because I'd rather be slaying or farming so I'll be done soon. :P I was afk some more of course and upon looking back I noticed someone next to the wall with a black dragon waving at me. LOL! It was Levi! He had returned to say hi again! I have no idea how long he was waving before I noticed but I got a pic of course! :P

He color coordinates to match his dragons! He had a red dragon out yesterday and was wearing full zammy, a red chompy hat, attack cape, fire gloves, dragon boots... I love it!

After I finished up, Zoorhana came by wanting me to cook him 10 summer pies. I agreed but wanted to switch to lunars so that I could cast piebake and not risk burning any. I was back in a flash and he managed to get 10 pie shells and apples. I made and cooked them and then gave them to him. Levi showed up too and gave me 3 burnt pies. :P It was funny because at the GE people were discussing their favorite capes and agility was mentioned so I ran over there shouting, "Did someone say they love agility?!?!" They were happy to see me and I did my lovely emote for them. :-) I also met up with Moonclad who ran with me at Barb. He too has a cape-with-a-guy-on-it and we had a moment of bonding over our cape "brotherhood." LOL

Well the time has come for me to go to bed. I want to be all ready for tomorrow! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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