Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feb Hiscores 2 Days Late

I've picked up this tradition from other bloggers and I like it. :-) It's two days late but I haven't gained any levels so it's k...

Pretty awesome! Among other things I have gotten 1m xp in all my skills and have 1995 total. :D I ended today by breaking the under 500k till mark for agil!! Woohoo!!!

I did take a couple breaks today including a large one to trade my limps for raw sharks and monks with Peekyface. We had a blast and then I made him skill assist me so I could throw some uncooked summer pies together. It's lame, you need the level to add ingredients even though it gives NO xp. I now have about 125 pies ready for pie bake on double xp weekend. Looks like I'll be brewing some chef's delight for that, or getting 95 before the weekend even happens!

Not much else happened except I made it to the GE to sell some things and of course I got a random, like I do every day. It's been a while since I had one and I got Evil Bob'd this time. Standing there was a guy in an agility cape!

I didn't catch his name but I took a pic because in less than a week I'll be in that cape! Woot!

Rank: 5400
XP: 12,535,663
I am between MS HOG RIDER and Lectraal.

Time for bed, a new day awaits!

Until next time...

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  1. Wow, it seems that everyone is waiting for double xp weekend. i have about 3k lobs to cook that i have been fishing. Even tho its going to take the whole weekend, it seems like its gunna be worth it. Quick question though, does double xp weekend also give u double xp for like training attack, def, etc??? i could use some double xp to get my very, very low strength up. wow, i cant wait til u get your cape. im am shooting to get lvl 85 cooking this weekend. gain a few lvls and be all set. btw, im a new follower of yours and your blog simply is one of the best! cheers!

    oreos o_0 (woodsman1188)