Monday, March 22, 2010

Randomness This March Day

Well today I went on all sorts of adventures! First off, I headed over to W46 for some agilifying and even though I had to leave an hour earlier I got both of the stones and when I returned I ran some more and got 13.15m xp. I then turned in the stones and now have 13.16m xp! :D I am going to fly through the ranks now! Even if I don't I still love agil! Plus I got Merchy to come on over and experience W46 herself! Funfun. :-)

I then cooked the LAST batch of sharks ever! That last 1400 took like... less than an hour and I got the cooking rocks for the week which gave me another near 10k so I am now sitting at 6,620 xp till 99. It's crazy! I even met Dr Lepage, now called Agile Lep, and sold him my berries and melons. He is going for 99 agil and is doing quite well and is leveling fast! He even had flippers on! :-3

After that I went to watch Merchy catch butterflies with her bare hands whilst receiving massive hunter xp! Kitt Fox joined the party and the three of us stopped to have a brief party. :-)
Kitt Fox looks uber hawt in her new herblore cape and I love the green boater! :D

We did a clapping barrage and tried a jig barrage before getting ADD and going our separate ways. :P

I then decided to do some of my nech task but didn't get very far before Vandyballer wanted me to teach him Trouble Brewing/I volunteered to teach him. It was weird trying not to do anything that gives cooking xp, as EVERYTHING does except putting logs under the boilers and fixing things. I slowly but thoroughly taught Vandy all there was to know and he quickly caught on. He already has his full black naval set and will be all set for my party on Saturday! :D

I then discovered I had literally just missed the star (looking in my scope revealed a spider eating the moon) so I set off to make some fires. I then realized that I had a clue scroll I had just gotten from nechryael so I did that instead. :P It led me all over RS and most of the clues were double agents. I even got my usual "Dance at the cat door pyramid" clue that I get all the time.

Uri and the Sara Wiz were much easily pwnt today for some reason... Fine with me! :D Finally I got what I thought was the last clue so I went to Mobilising Armies, banked everything, closed my eyes, clicked on the casket, and looked up.

!@!@!@!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@!!!@@!@!@!@!@!@!@@ Zammy body!!!!!!!!!!!! @@!@@!@!@ This is awesome!! I have never gotten a god item worth in the mills!!!!! Woot woot!! Woot woot!! I knew it was good and was even happier when I price checked it:

I sold it on the GE along with everything else plus my leftover shark and some other stuff and now have 16m cash! I couldn't figure out what skill to spend it on which could mean only one thing: It's time to save for Bandos! :D I just need like... 60m and it will be mine! I better get on that toadflax!

I then did an Aubury star and right after that Fred Lay said that there was a lone star at Crandor on his world so the two of us (there was a third guy who vanished) spent a good amount of time chiseling away and getting mining xp.

He leveled to 74 from the star and I am very close to 89 mining now!! :D It was fun to discuss French with Fred, who is from France. So cool! :-) I started to get very tired so I logged when it finally popped. I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

Until next time...

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