Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cooking, Slaying, and Solo Evil Tree

Today I cooked many a shark, got bored, killed about 1/3 of my Nechryael task, farmed, and then when it was late-ish, I decided to see how close an evil tree was to appearing. I also grabbed the 3 palm seeds that I got from the last nest loot (woot!) and was going to go to Gnomey to fill the pots with dirt, etc. Well, the sap was about to sprout so I went to the bank to get some things and I was secretly hoping it was an elf tree. Sure enough, it was! :D

I teled right to Lletya in hope that the tree was in the easily accessible place south of those mage trees. Well, I got rooted on the way so I knew I was headed in the right direction. I arrived to find NOBODY on the strange sap! Woohoo! There was someone chopping the mages but he looked busy so I didn't tell him there was an evil tree like 10 squares away. I figured he would maybe figure it out or not even want to do it.

I nurtured it all on me onesies and before long a willow popped up! I was waiting for the surge of roots as people tele to the tree that would soon follow. I waited.... and... nothing! Nobody! I was all on my own, soloing this tree!! I of course got right to work...

...and after it became apparent that nobody was actually going to come to the tree I pm'd my dad and my friend Smd Nomad for backup. They both arrived and the three of us tackled this beast of a tree all by ourselves.

LOL, you can see the @@@'s from the message I sent my dad to get to the tree. To get his attention sometimes I'll say my message and follow with a string of @@@@ because you can't miss that! I had to walk into his computer room and whine at him to get him to go. :P Luckily, Smd Nomad (in the quest cape) was excited about the tree and was there in a flash. :-)

We soon pwnt the tree and had 14 minutes of lep magic so we figured we'd chop the mages. The guy who I saw earlier was still there and had taken notice to the sudden increase in woodcutters. We laughed and told him he just missed an evil tree but luckily he didn't seem to mind and we began chopping away...

His name was Masters Back and he was sporting the full larupia. We had a fun time chatting while we chopped and luckily he didn't seem to mind that we were sharing trees. We deforested the area on many occasions which looked pretty funny:

l-r Bass Daddy, Smd Nomad, me, Masters Back

Don't we look a little lost? LOL! With my nooby rune hatchet I only cut about 6 logs before the magical banking went away so I just filled up my inventory and then headed off for the night. Those palm seedlings can wait until next time. :P

Before I go, I almost forgot! I took a pic of my adventure log after I pwnt the champions:

I got the scroll, got my range level (79), pwnt the lesser demon, pwnt the lep, and got 96 cooking, all in one night! :P Why does my avatar face seem less smiley than before? Hmmm....

I'm off to bed for now. The rest of the week looks nice and easy. I have a test tomorrow in orchestration that should be a breeze and I have no orchestra so it'll be a nice short day. Maybe I'll go shopping! :P

Until next time...

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