Friday, February 5, 2010

Epic Movie Under Construction

Today I didn't do a whole lot in the way of skilling but I definitely got a lot of work done!! I am making my "first" RSMV and have been hard at work planning and filming for it. When I say "first" I mean the first highly edited and detailed music video. I can tell you this- it's an RCT3 song! So, no words, but trust me with something this awesome and this intensely detailed, you won't need any words! I'm going to go to bed for now but I have it half done, with a segment completely ready for editing. I just need to put in the segment before first.

I would like to thank several people who on short notice hopped right on the chance to be in my movie! I first had to round up four people besides myself that had Air Guitar. It was interesting getting them all on at the same time, but finally the planets aligned! Basically, I spent about an hour or so synchronizing 5 people doing air guitar in 10 different formations. o.O

Here's a pic after we were finally finished. Clockwise from bottom left we have Merch Gwyar, Bass Daddy, me, Rafftank, and Kitty Molly. We were rockin'!! Also there was xCJRx- he hung out just outside the frame and was our volunteer countdown man for a while before giving up and just watching us do our thang. :P I am still happy for his contribution, big or small. :-)

I then wanted some people for another part of the movie so big thanks to Aximili E I, RavenIMJJ, and Merxese for their willingness to dance and emote with me! Those segments look great! :D Even better than I was seeing in my head! Yay!!

Today I did get a little bit done... I used my lunar magic and made over 600 orbs. Once I finish enchanting them all I'll get me some battlestaffs and maybe get that 89 crafting! I see you hiding in there!

While I was filming myself skilling I came across all sorts of epic things. First, when I was doing a cooking segment I noticed two people following me so I turned on my public chat (it was off for the video shot) and this is what I saw:

Things like this make me smile! :-)

Then, when I was off chopping ivy and catching imps in boxes I ran across this guy, whose name, although risque, was too funny!

For the record, he has beaten Nomad and swapped his wc cape for a quest cape just moments later. LOL! I'm glad Nomad doesn't say SMD to me when I die. That would "suck!" LOLOL!!!

Anyways I am planning on finishing up my movie tomorrow so I must go to bed. I leave you with this picture I took yesterday of...

A floral partyhat!! Yes, I made it myself. :P I have been planning this for days and counted how many I needed and bought extras. However I started too close to the bank the first time so I ended up being a flower short but it's still pretty cool. Too bad not many people were on... I should do that on 158! :P

Until next time...

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  1. I can't wait to see the video! I still got at least 8 more people to do for mine...