Sunday, February 7, 2010

So Much Epicness, So Little Time...

Well, yesterday after I finished my movie, I settled down and "yoinked 92 Cooking out of the sea." By that, I mean I spent a couple hours hand-fishing tuna and swords until I had about 400 of each and then set off to get that coking level. I hate cooking but man is it fast! After a short time at the Varrock stove I had this:

Which brought my total to 1980. Booyah!!! I don't know how I feel about getting 99... I think I will do a lot of the fishing myself until I hit 94 and can do sharks. Plus, I want to get some rocktail and plan to use 12 for Nomad so that I can have a birdo full of brews and not worry about dropping. Thanks to a comment in Merchy's post for the idea!!

The two things that happened next is very high on my list of epicness. I did a late night farm run and had my inventory packed with seeds, as I was planting 2 palms and a papayaya. As I left the GE a Quest Brother followed me. My public is always off at the GE because of lag and so I stopped just outside and looked who it was. It was "Smd Nomad!" We ran into each other again! :P I chatted with him and some of his buddies between the GE and Varrock West Bank for about an hour before starting the farm run.

That was pretty epic. What happened next was just as epic! I was on the last leg of my farm run, in Camelot, when I saw an oddly colored impling buzz by. It was a magpie!! I calmly ran to the bank where I got a net and jar and ran north looking for it. I finally found it at the base of the mountain and caught it! My inventory was too packed to loot right away but I always loot so after a few minutes I was able to open it. I got a dragon dagger. :O

Woohoo!!!!!! Wooooooooot!!! I've never owned a dragon dagger and now I had one free!!!! I of course kept it, seeing as I can make good use out of it now. I excitedly told Canting and then PM'd some of my friends, including "Smd Nomad" who I added. He replied that I should name it. So, I named my DD the first thing that popped into my head. I named it Mary. :-) I then ran to the GE to "christen" it with some P++ and now had my own Dee-Dee-Pee-Plus-Plus. Woohoo!!

Anyways I went to bed and got up this morning where I decided to do the clue scroll that I had forgotten about. I'd gotten only a couple steps done when someone in Canting shouted something along the lines of "Whoa!! A star just fell here when I was mining!!" Cossack127, with his amazing luck, had been in the right place at the right time and was mining in the legends mine when a star fell. We asked him the usual about it and then he said it: "I can't mine it... It's size 9!"

Size 9??? Woohoo!! Let's see... Nobody actively looking for the star + size 9 = a very good and high xp star! This clue could wait a bit! Besides I was off to the very deep rogue castle anyways. Someone got a 99-mining friend to help chisel the star down for us while we waited.

The star finally broked to an 8 and I was able to start swinging my pick at it. A random person with a really cool name showed up after a few levels killing bears (most likely for slayer). I got a pic of course:
Soon the star ended and ODST Isaac wanted a pic of the Canters who were there. Most left and Joshua Mack was ignoring us, but I got a pic of him anyway. :P

From l-r, Cossack127, me, ODST Isaac, and Joshua Mack.

I was scared to go into the deepest of wilderness so TheArcturus1 volunteered to go with me, claiming he did not fear the likely revs we would see. He gave me some sharks which I cooked up and got stocked with everything. He also got into the picture right when I took another of the starfolk, LOL!!

Anyways we were soon off to the yuckiest of the wildy. The chaos elemental also dwells here so I was worried about that as well. We made our way off the lever and sure enough I got hit with two orks. I calmly ate and turned off my auto and got away to the dig location. Arcty however was killed. I took Mary with me on this clue and pwned the zammy wiz with it before calmly running back to the lever, blessing Arcty's grave as I ran past. The chaos ele attacked me and took off my wep and forinth which I didn't notice until I was greeted by an ork and knight at the lever. Ugh! The knigh hit me a ton of 29's but I kept a cool head, re-equipped the forinth, and got out of there alive and mostly well. Arcty did manage to get his stuff back, after dying again trying to get it. I'm just glad he didn't lose anything! I ended up getting 2 rune fulls, 13 lobbies, and a magic long. Not bad, about 100k. :P

Anyways after that I was able to finally speak to Merchy for the first time! It was great! We chatted for near an hour while she replaced orbs and plundered chests in Dorgesh Kaan and I did a little pawyaya hunting before she was dragged off and forced to pwn nomad and I had to go to church. Skype is wonderful! :-)

Upon returning, I did another big farm run to collect big piles of XP from the trees I had planted and also planted another Papayaya and a yew. Thanks to Levi for selling me 10 cactus spines and numerous limps and poison ivy seeds. I could plant my yew in peace! In the middle of the farm run I checked my sp tree for an evil tree and it was very close to sprouting. When it finally did I got an easy location and ended up being the first on the scene!

It ended up being a regular tree but it was a nice 25 minutes of getting some free xp and although I wasted most of my ent doing it I didn't care. I have plenty of those!

I finished the farm run and began to craft my goldbars into amulets and my silver into unstrung symbols. I'm so close to 89 crafting now!! When I was there I was very surprised to see someone named Xochitl.
The reason this excites me is I went to school with a gal named Xochitl. I loved the name and was surprised to see it in the game. BTW, it's pronounced "SO-chee."

After that, upon hearing of Joshua Mack killing Salarin the Twisted decided to give him a try myself. I decked out in my mystic gear...

(taken upon my 2nd return with a BSS... Notice the stole protecting my midriff :P)

...and was soon off killing him with fire strike.

Man he hit me hard! I was annoyed when I got down to about 42 hp. I'm supposed to have 99 def! I guess wearing mystic makes me an easy target... I brought Excalibur but it could hardly keep up. This guy must be all attack. I left after I was filled with herbs and had pretty low health and went to Yan bank to restock. I was really laggy and had lost connection several times during the fights and once at the bank.

What happened next has got to be the most epic moment of my entire Runescape life. There I was putting herbs in the bank when I heard that all too familiar sound. For whatever reason, it was as loud as a siren- louder and clearer than it's ever been before. A shooting star had fallen and there was the shadow, trailing along the bank, heading for the landing zone. There was nobody waiting for it. Nobody was poised and I had no idea it was coming. On instinct I ran out of the bank as fast as my flippers could carry me, all the while screaming "Oh my gosh!!!!" at the top of my lungs IRL and made it in time to get the 6k+ tag. Then the following freakout erupted in Canting:

Just thinking of it gets my heart racing. That was so full of win I could cry. OK not cry but definitely freak out. :P

After all the epicness I was able to turn in my dust for a reward again and after swapping shields from an elemental shield to the blessed spirit shield (I thought Salarin maged... I was wrong), headed back to pwn him some more with my little mind spells. After what felt like forever I got my first one of these:

Yay!! It's not my first, as I've gotten one off a magpie imp before, but I was pleased. I brought 1,000 casts and it took about 250 casts and about 30 or so kills to get the first drop. I'll stay here until I run out of casts. It's nice free mage xp and I am about 84k from a level so this will help a ton!

I then logged after that but should be back at it in the morning. :P

I leave you with a picture I took just for Merchy. :-)

Goodnight everyone!!

Until next time...

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