Monday, February 15, 2010

Pie's Runelympics

Hello and welcome to the Runescape Runelympics 2010!! Today's event is Agility and the first competitor for the gold is Full Of Pie of Yanille.

She was born in Tutorial Island and after a brief move to Rimmington spent most of her young life in Pollnivneach before moving to Yanille where she started training agility. Today she will be doing the Barbarian Extended course which has a judge's difficulty level of 90.

Here she comes, entering the course, to the cheers of her many blog readers!

She squeezes through the entry pipe and is ready to go.

She is poised and ready. She had been rated 94 Agility and is ranked among the top 6,000 in the skill. This course should be a breeze for her as she has enough experience not to slip. Here we go!

She's off!!! She flies off the ropeswing! Beautiful!! Such perfect form and flies over the spikes!

There she goes across the slippery log! Will she make it??

Yes!! She makes it!! Guthix be praised!!! She makes her move towards the wall. She will have to run up the wall and then use her motion to push herself upwards.

She does it!! She's off for the upper level of the advanced course!

She sticks the landing and is heading for the handhold which will take her up to the spring device!

She's up!! She makes her move into position for the spring device and she's off!!

Beautiful form as she flies through the air to the balance beam platform! It's the moment of truth now! Can she do a perfect cartwheel on the balance beam??? Will she do it??!?!

YES!! She does it!!! YES!!!! She sticks the landing!!!!

OK it's the very last obstacle of the course! She has to slide off the roof! This is it!! This could give her the gold! She must stick the landing!

SHE DOES IT!!! Full Of Pie has stuck the landing!!!

She cheers as the judges give her a mark of 740.7!!!

Well done Full Of Pie!!!! And, after a two month retirement from the sport, welcome back!!!

This run was brought to you by Guthix Balance; Chef's Guild Kitchen: Making Summer Pies for agilifiers since forever; Herblore: agility potions since forever; and Mogres: Outfitting the best with flippers since time began.

In honor of the Winter Olympics I write my own little post and announce:

I'm back!!! Back and ready to go for 99 Agility!!! Here comes my second wind and I'm soaking it up like a sailboat! :D

Until next time...


  1. Great post...Good luck with the 99

  2. Lovely post, good luck on achieving your gold medal in Agility! I heard you can recieve a nice cape from a certain pirate after getting a gold...:D

  3. Good luck on 99 Agility,
    Can I be on your blogroll, by any chance?
    (My blog is on Sal's realm, right here: