Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Goals Met and Trying the Orb

Today was a whirlwind day! I got sooooooo much agility xp!! I even left and took time to get and attempt to use the Orb of Oculus. It was very awkward as I am used to the RCT3 camera controls but in time I'll get better at it. I did get this pretty good shot though of Rilkar Spine and Dr Leviathan:

Whee!! I am just off camera behind the hay bale. I then put it away and continued on my quest for 11.5m xp. I'll play with it more later. :P

By the way I had a dream that my royal crown bought but it still hasn't. LOL! I hope it does!

I continued running and running all the time talking to several people and watching the Olympics. I did manage to get this funny conversation on camera:

Ezen can't cant. According to Levi, if he were a French dancer, he would Can-Can. LOL!!

In just 2 minutes before midnight, I achieved my two goals!!

Woot!! 11.5m and less than 300k!! Look out 98, I'm gonna get you tomorrow!

Rank: 5457
XP: 11,506,405
I am between Marsellus W and xF-F-D-Px
I got 323,195 xp today. Woot!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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