Saturday, February 6, 2010


Woohoo!! I finished my movie today!!!!! Here it is!!

Wow! It took about 5 or so hours to get all the shots and to edit everything. I did most of the planning to and from school on the bus and had 3 pages in my notebook filled with sketches, plans, and groups of things I wanted to do. Half of it was spur of the moment. Editing and timing it was actually much easier than I thought it would be and I had everything all done in no time!

I then saved it as a movie to my computer from Windows Movie Maker. Before I uploaded I wanted to play through it to make sure that there were no problems. I started it and it was going great. Then, when I got to the third shot, it went black. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I freaked, of course. I didn't know what was wrong but this was not easy! This was something going wrong! Nonononono!!!!

I then calmed down and got the impression that I just had too many (like 300) little clips for the 3 minute movie so I spent the two minutes it takes to open the project... 7 times... and broke it into 7 segments. It took a long, long time to do that and then save each piece as a movie but finally after an hour or so it was done. I then put those pieces into a new project, muted the audio (as it was slightly choppy where the cuts were), and re-added the audio. I then saved it as a movie and waited for the moment of truth.

It worked!!!!!!!! Yayayayay!!!!!!!!! Happy dance!! Crisis averted!

So, I uploaded that baby onto Youtube and then went into Canting and excitedly told everyone and PM'd all my friends that it was up. So far pretty much everyone likes it! :-)

Like I said I broke it into 7 segments and thought of something different for each one. I wanted it to start in a ship and was going to go to Trawler but I was too lazy so I stuck with a stationary boat. For the next part I got clips of me skilling and doing things that had an animation that anyone could recognize.

Next, I knew I wanted to use rope swings for the descending scale things but needed something to do in between so I did a couple random emotes. This worked for a while but I wanted somehting different for the next phrase so I had the genius idea to film all the unique animated teleports in the game. I thought I'd have trouble finding 6 but I found way more! The ones that made it in were Cabbage Tele, Sceptre, Regular (elf crystal), Ardy Farm, Gem (dueling ring), and Party Monk. I probably looked very odd teleporting from the exact same square outside Castlewars and teleporting back 6 times... For little repeated notes I did some mirrored emotes before ending with a cool spinny jig thing. :-)

I knew I wanted dancing in the next part but I wasn't sure how to do it. It was going to be me and maybe another person the whole time doing a choreographed dance but I decided to let my cousin in on the act and so we taped a bunch of synchronized emotes. At the same time my friend Merxese had logged in and I thought "why not have more than 1 person to dance with in 2+ segments." So, I invited him on spur of the moment to be in my video to which he enthusiastically said yes! I got some video of him and I synching up and then Aximili E I joined the chat. I was filmed for his movie and I thought he would be perfect in my video so I called him over to my house for some dancing, since he couldn't be in the air guitar part. It was perfect!! I had the clips I needed and although this was the segment I wasn't sure how to make work, it ended up being one of the best! :-)

For the next part, I had the little embellishments (the harp, bells, and flutes) planned out and needed a base video. I wanted it to be a video that I could play all the way through and then have these little filmed events jump out in the middle. I decided on doing fishing, and on my way to the Legends Guild to film a spin on the balcony (Merchy said there was a balcony there and I was intrigued) I saw my friend Arwyn and we started waltzing. Aha!! We decided to waltz in Varrock Square so I pitched the fishing idea and ta-da!! A video of us waltzing. LOL! It's not the first time I've filmed us waltzing! (it's the last minute of this clip) A few recordings of me spinning, dinging bells, and running up and down later and the segment was finished!

The next part was the one I put the most thought in and had completely planned out. The music suddenly changed voices here to electric guitar so I thought "Air Guitar!!!" I then planned out how I wanted to do it and decided on an animation of the notes in it. With only 5 notes it made it easy to plan out and diagram. To break up any monotony I made the repeat have a different animation so that was 10 different formations. I planned on 3 for the first part and 5 for the second but ended up using 5 people for the whole thing. I definitely had Merchy and Kitty in mind and scrambled to find a time that they were both on. Finally the stars aligned and all was well. I invited my dad as well because it would be cool and needed one more person so I asked Canting if anyone would like to do it and Rafftank was up for it. Like I said yesterday xCJRx decided to come and hang out and count down for us and watch the epicness unfold. Of course it was near impossible at first to synch up but as we did it we got better and towards the end had a bunch on the first try. Yeah!! :-) I do have some pretty hilarious bloopers. :P It ended up working beautifully. :-)

After that the song winds down so I just took some stock clips that I had but didn't use and they ended up fitting neatly so I took two more and ended the movie with simplicity. I just realized that out of all the songs on RCT3, this one is the only one that actually ends with a definite ending. The rest just loop and fade like most songs do. This one ends with a gliss down and then a crash. Of course, the crash, being like a "!", had to be the point where I said "Lesko Diamond Approves" so I crammed the credits into a small window of time before that. It ended up working quite beautifully and I am very pleased with my movie! :-)

I've been catching tuna and swords by hand to get the 93k until 92 cooking since then and I am almost done. I am less than 100k to another fish level now because of it and have gotten roughly 15k Strength and probably that amount or more of Agility xp as well. Woot! I plan on getting that cooking level and then maybe some smithing/crafting/hunter will follow. Whatever it is, I'll have 1980 total and then be 9 away from my birthyear. :-D

In other news, this morning, someone in chat told me that they are friends with "Smd Nomad" and that he were surprised to see a pic of him! He forwarded the pic and blog to him! I love when that happens! Very often now someone will go into chat and say "omg pie i know so-and-so!" LOL!

Time to get back to cooking. I am no longer motivated for 99. Mmhm. As I thought. LOL!

Until next time...

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  1. OMG I love that video!! The music fits perfectly and the syncing of the chords of the guitar to the movement of the avatars is amazing! Please make more! :D