Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Epic Conversations Just In!!!

It was just one of those days, when everything said is hilarious!!! I got on early this morning and it was just a matter of time before Merchy said this truly epic and awesome couple lines:

Hehehe "cute attack" :P

The morning consisted of me finishing my blue dragon task. Woot, two loop halves and a clue scroll! I totally had intentions to do the clue when I got back from school but I forgot. Oh well I'll do it tomorrow. After that I gilded-altarized all my dragon bones getting me pretty dang close to 74 prayer. Woohoo!! I then tanned all my hides and crafted bodies with a lone sc tool I found in the bank. I'm fast approaching 89 craft! :-D I think I forgot to sell the bodies I made!! :o

I then left for school. Orchestration, Concert Class, and Orchestra today. Orchestration was pretty fun- the flute professor came in to demonstrate the flute... Then it was concert class so I headed off to hear some brass players play some solos. It was my friend's birthday too so I sang to him when I saw him, haha. Then it was time for Orchestra. While Canting was having a radio broadcast I was playing low and loud! I'm still sad about missing the broadcast but when I got home I listened to the whole thing and enjoyed it very much. At least I did something in Orch today besides sit around...

When I got back to RS I was casted and called to Aximili E I's lovely house in Yanille along with Merchy to be filmed for some scenes in his RSMV. We spent lots of time in his house chatting until Merchy finally fell asleep and logged out. :P It was at least 1:30am! It was only near 7pm in my land so I invited Aximili E I over to my house because he has an indoor court like I do. Once there we played around with my oubliette and then Sayf 4 Layth showed up because I was going to sell him watermelons. To let people in I had to turn my private chat on, which I usually hate doing because I get bombarded by random people I added a long time ago asking for stuff...

This time, something surprised me. I got a PM from an "Ed The1 Mage" exclaiming that "omg u logged in!! Been waiting weeks!!" I thought it might be my friend Eddy so I asked who he was. Surprise!! Someone who reads my blog!! :-D I told him he was very lucky to catch me and invited him to my house as well.

Of course I got a picture. :-) From left to right we have Ax, me, Sayf, and Ed. Awesomeness. :-)

After some chatting about this and that I sold Sayf some watermelon and did a farm run. Only one herb died. Woot! While I was in Pt Bzzz (Piespeak for Pt. Phasmatys [don't ask lol]) I got another epic couple sentences from Kitty. LOL!!

She got steel dragons from Kuradal and canceled it and got iron dragons. Haha! So, she remarked that the RS gods must want her to range today. She then went there and the above happened. LOL!

After that, I decided to do something really stupid. I have no idea if it will even work, because I hate it already, but I am thinking of getting 99 cooking. Ugh... The emote would match my name and it is a skill I (used to) love. Cooking 33k sharks sounds like "the souck" but... It's so fast! I bought 900k worth of monkfish (close to 2k) and cooked it all in like 2 hours or so? 400k xp in 2 hours... Whoa...
As you can see I'm still surprised I made this decision. *rolls eyes* It looks like agility will be 3rd. Oh well, not a big deal. I don't care so much about 99's to nolife a ton and as I have 91 cooking it'll take a few weeks max. Haha I have no idea how I'll *stomach* this. LOL! Poor agility... Peeps, run with me pl0x?? I'll gladly run Brim as well! I need it to be not lonely. :P

OK anyways I am off to bed. I am making an RSMV tomorrow and need to get an extremely vast array of shots including a tricky synchronized section. Should be fun!

Until next time...

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