Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying On...

Apparently I lied. I am gonna blog about Agility every day. :P

The day started out with a farm run first of all. It helps me to stay sane through this crazy ride.

After that, I was presented with a pretty nice offer from my best buddy, Bridled Ruin, on some raw sharks. Apparently cooked are more than raws right now. It would be a better deal if I had 94 cooking so I sold some high value items like toadflax for some cash and bought about 450 off him. I then spent a little quality time in the cooking guild bank-range and only burned like 50! Yay!

I then sold, left for school, and came back to run agility. Time flies by and before long 7 hours have gone by! Lovin the Olympics!!!

So does Merxy Babe, and this amusing gem happened tonight as I was running. :P

I leave with you some stats. :-)

XP: 9,558,263
Rank: 5702
I am between xenolite and Frisky Elite.

Holy cow, over 500k xp in 2 days! =^o.O^=

Good night all!

Until next time...

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