Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mmmmmore Agil

Today I got up and, surprise!!, I did agility! I did, however, take some breaks to do some other things like a farm run.

While I was in Fally pickin my strawberries I got "rooted." The location of the sapling was completely obvious so I went to my spirit tree to teleport to the MA bank and to tell me if it was still a sapling or a tree. Woot! Still a sap, so I banked and got my evil-tree-killing equipment (rune axe, topaz machete, tinderbox, and 8 kindling) and headed back to north Draynor where I nurtured the sapling to evil status.

It was a willow and I pwnt it hardcore! Within a minute I had a full ring and chopped away. Had I had time I woulda grabbed my new full lumberjack. :P I finished the farm run and then turned on the Olympics while I ran Barb. Haha, how epic of a story would that be! "How did I get 99? I trained while watching the Olympics!!" I must say it's really inspired me and has totally ignited my agility flame that went out for two months (and OMG Evan Lysacek won mens figure skating!!!!!!!!). I'm already just under 400k to 96 two days after I leveled. The xp between the two is over 900k (it's over nine HUNDRED THOUSAND!!) so that means I've actually done my goal of 250k a day. Wooooot!

Ya know, I'm pretty impatient, so I may just go ahead and level Agility before my birthday and save the pretty epic cooking event for my birthday party. In that case I'll try to get 99 Agility on a weekend and level at Brim and then head off to Trouble Brewing. Basically it's been tradition for me to play Trouble Brewing after a major accomplishment. I think I did it after my quest cape. I KNOW I did it for 99 Defence and am still totally planning it for 99 Agility AND my birthday party. I'm as bad as Twi, planning it for a date and then getting it way earlier. LOL!

Anyways here are some stats as I leave for the night:

Rank: 5750
XP: 9,284,615 (remember I got 9m last night so 284k xp in a day!!)
I am between Goldx14 and Chesterpeck in hiscores.
According to Zybez Agil Calc, I need 5063 more laps for 99. :D

Good night all! Here's to a great weekend for everyone!

Until next time...

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