Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All About Pie

Hey everyone! I thought I might like to try something a little different today. It all started when I decided to make this little video:

I don't really like it much but it gets the job done... I thought I might also share a few more things about me both in RS and RL just for fun!

RL Fact: Green in my favorite color but I don't wear it every day. Well my glasses are green so technically I do, but in reality I love all the colors and because of my skin color and stuff i can make just about any color look good.

RS Fact: When I very first started RS, I came out of Tutorial Island with purple pigtails, a purple knee-length skirt, and some purple top. No clue why, but I looked hawt!

RL Fact: I created my own world. Blah blah blah read more about it here, read more about Catarika here and here, and read more about Avicile Mohaili here. Keep in mind that all that is written here is a fraction of the percent of what I have stored in my head.

RS Fact: My biggest pet peeves ingame are being called "Full," people who expect free stuff whenever they ask, and people who don't pick up coins when slaying monsters.

RL Fact: I have perfect pitch. That means I can identify any note played and I can sing any note when asked.

RS Fact(s): Going along with the above, I am a very sound-oriented person. I love many of the RS songs and rarely listen to other music. I can name most of the songs when I hear them. I also love sound effects. Among my favorites are Earth Wave and the KBD's shocking attack. I've gotten several friends to turn on their sounds! LOL!

RL Fact: I love to draw. I've gotten much better at drawing and when given room on a piece of paper will fill it out with either geometric shapes, block letters, or portraits.

RS Fact: My boyfriend basically chose my name for me. He was Lack Of Pie. Oh how I wish he still played!

RL Fact: If I had to accurately choose a hairstyle for my RS character that was true to RL, it would have to be called "Bandanna with Ponytail." :P

RS Fact: I love helping people more than just about anything on RS. I'll gladly give in my two cents and am known to make something that sells better on GE so that I can benefit someone else. I always drop junk at the GE because someone might want it, as opposed to where I get it. I also rarely alch drops- I sell them! This goes for all rune items.

RL Fact: I have one sister and no brothers. I'm the youngest.

RS Fact: I became a member initially to get a pet cat (which sat in my bank as a kitten for over a year) and to see what was in the Taverly mine. I then got my dad to be a member for the sole purpose of owning him in the duel arena, as my boyfriend was a much higher level than me. That never happened as he quickly got addicted to RS and now pwns me in total level and combat.

RL Fact: I have been to 9 countries outside the US. In order of first visit: Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg. My cousins border Canada so I go a lot (did over winter 2009), my uncle got married in Mexico in 2000, I went to Japan for 10 days with a school group in summer of 2005 (woot!!), and in 2006 and 2007 I was in an honor band and chorus composed of people all over the US and toured Europe seeing sights and playing cheesy but well-written American music. :P

RS Fact: I used to hate questing. Now I'm a hopeless addict. I went for the quest cape when I realized I had all the skills for it. Skills came first for me; I rarely leveled for a quest. The exception is Rocking Out. I leveled the heck out of those 4 skills!!

RL Fact: I am a very positive person who always sees the good in anything, both IRL and in RS. Did a bad quest? Now it's done! Hate fletching? Look at that money! I hated that Tz Tok Dill quest but loooooved the theatre production! It was awesome! I have a love/hate relationship with SC but love those good games and the double xp. Was class boring? Oh well it got me out of the house. Ya know, things like that.

RS Fact: My favorite minigame is Trouble Brewing. I love pirate stuff!!

RL Fact: The first thing I notice about people is if they're left-handed. I will 99% of the time notice without fail. I guess I have a keen sense of visual.

RS Fact: My favorite item ingame is flippers. I wear them all the time, even in combat! They only time they come off is in Stealing Creation and if I need Bandos boots for some reason.

RL Fact: I love skirts and dresses! I'm a surfer girl at heart even though I love nowhere near the beach!

OK I think that's enough facts to get a little slice of pie. Enjoy!

Here's what I did today...

Woke up 6am, hunted pawyayas until Fuge told me of a s4 star in Misc. I hopped and went over there. I then realized I was 8k from a farm level so I did a complete farm run for the first time in months! Poison ivy! Belladonna! Pickin palms!! It was all done! I had like 1.8k left till my level so I planted a maple and let my crops sit.

I then danced with Merchy in Fally and had my daddy help me make some more sara brews. I then cooked some garden pies with stuff I grew and the pie shells I bought. Fuge then told me of a s7 star at Brim Dungeon so I did that too. Hmm what else... It was my friend Sirnerdwerd's birthday so I sent him some birthday spam. :P I also chatted a while with Kitty, who did tons of things today like solo the KBD, have a mint cake competition with Arwyn and probably Ed and Jojo (minigame, not buying), and also talked about improving Trouble Brewing.

I left for school and had a very irritating day. Lots of little things bugging me but all at the same time. I was really whiny today. LOL! Finally I got home and learned that Canting is having a radio show! Aww, it's during orchestra. Sadface!! After that things started going better for me and now I feel much better. There will always be a next time for everything. :P

I then hunted more pawya before leaving for Fally where I tagged the maple and got my farming level:

Yay!!! 1979 total!!!

I then ended the day doing my blue dragon task. I'm almost done! Woohoo!! My max with the ring on is 30! Being a defence noob I am not used to seeing high hits! :P

I guess that wraps things up! I'm going to tag 5 people for a "5 facts video." Either post a blog, make a vid, or do nothing (haha!) posting a couple rl or rs facts or both and maybe tag 5 more? Dunno. I think it's a fun idea!

I tag Kitty Molly, Merch Gwyar, Massecure360, Zoorhana, and Vaskor. If you wanna make a fact video anyway, go ahead! :D

Goodnight all! We'll see what tomorrow has in store. :-)

Until next time...

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