Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stuff From Days

I started fall semester of Monday so I haven't been playing very much, but here are a few pics:

I was doing some summoning the other day and there was a large crowd outside Pikkupstix's shop, which I correctly assumed to be a 99 summoning party. I was buying pouches when a guy named Klevitz stopped me and asked me if I wanted to see him go from 137 to 138. I couldn't resist, so I watched him get 99 summoning and max combat. Gratz to you!

I took before and after pics because I had time. :P

So today the xp boost gear came out and I went to PP to try for black ibis stuff. Of course I didn't get any, but the good news is that I'm 51k till 81 thieving now! It's my lowest skill besides dunj. Lolz... However upon leaving I had an amusing conversation:

Oh yes, Ride of the Valkyries has lots of hot trombone action!

And, taking advantage of a meme from a show I've never seen...

Then his reply was equally as funny. :D

Well, not much more to say for now... cept for this bonus vlog!! Good night!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leveling All Over!

Today was a rather level-filled day! It started off with my dad getting 99 prayer in the GE by teleporting an urn! Not a huge fanfare, just the two of us, but woop woop for another 99 and legit maxed combat to the extreme! Go daddy!!!

Guthix's biggest nub :P

Fly, Peekybeard!! Your campy daughter and playtpus pet cheer you on! GRATZ!!!!

Speaking of campy, I love this new outfit I'm running around with!

After that I had some of my own leveling to do so I headed off to Pest Control so that I could quickly get 100 points and probably level Hitpoints. Of course, I was business below and party on top!

Teehee full bandos with rambler's bakpak and orange boater :P

The leveling began shortly after takeoff:

92 Strength giving me 132 combat! Woop woop!

After an hour or two I racked up 100 Pest Points and cashed them in, getting 98 Hitpoints!

Woot! One more level to go until I achieve my dad's first 99 and a kewl emote!

And of course, even though I no longer listen to RS music because of no loop button anymore, I turned on the music to continue my tradition of recording the little skill jingle for the last time:

With my newfound levels and pwn power, I went to the Skelehorror where I promptly sucked at hitting him with my whip. I finally killed it and was wishing with all my might that today may be the day I get an elite clue. FINALLY, I heard that jingling coin sound and got one!!!


It led me all over with lots of compasses and a few scans but luckily I found the 2 Kelda and 1 chaos tunnel without too much trouble. Varrock took a while but I learned that "within the walls of Varrock" isn't actually that big. A few hours later, long into early morning, I finally finished it off and got a pretty satisfactory reward:

My special was a Bandos Pl8 which I sold for like 180k. It might not be that much but I made some GWD or Bandos-loving peep very happy I'm sure. :P To make up for it, I also got a normal r00n pl8, tuna potatoes, and ppots. Excellent!

I ended off the super early morning on freeplay hanging out with my boyfriend who couldn't sleep and was just messing around making silver bars and tanning hides. It was fun doing all my cool emotes that I've unlocked over the years and dancing with him. We're so lovey dovey!

Until next time...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Moar Temple Trekking!

Today I did a ton more TT and am almost to the 300 level marker! It's so much fun and I love getting snelms and then bombing the ge with them. I had great success with that this evening but more on that in a minute. I unlocked several awesome rewards and finally got the walking stick!! I'm loving this so much!

Thank you to those in Canting who told me about the easy way to pwn the skeleton random inside TT. Pwned!!

Blue with agility cape this time!

I went to my dad's world and snelm bombed the ge, with great success! While there, someone kept saying Oja and, lo and behold, there was a PLAYER NAMED OJA!!!!!! THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING!!! I freaked out and pointed him to my blog. Heh heh!

His full name was Lord_0ja. We had lots of fun chatting too!

My dad decided to give me a d hatchet and 100 frost bones as a present! o.O So, I went to my house and we offered up some bones to my altar together. :P

I finally unlocked the walking stick from TT and along with the backpack reward and the wieldable net from Deadliest Catch I really look like I'm about to embark on a hike! I just need to find something that looked campier than the sun crown. Moon hat perhaps? :D

Crazy campy adventure!

Funny story about prayer... whenever it was that my dad had that con effigy I did for him, he also "crashed my altar" and got 98 prayer. :[]!! Tonight I returned the favor (sort of) and it worked out that he gave me just enough bones to level myself!

Woot woot! 81 prayer!!

I have like 5 skills that are well under 100k to the next level, thanks in part to the tomes of experience I've chosen on every trek and the combat I'm doing. Stay tuned for the leveling up of Strength, Hitpoints, Thieving, and Dunjuneering fairly soon!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Temple Trekking!!!!!

Whoa! Lots of epicness today!!! First off, awesome updates on one of my favorite minigames?? Woot woot woot!!! I'm gonna miss those glitchy planking snakes and the Woman-at-Arms and a few other things... Also, Smiddi grew up! Here's some pics of the various discoveries I made as I began leveling up my peeps for that awesome Con outfit and other st00fs:

Ghasts look AMAZING!!! So do red snelms!

A new event lets me turn completely blue! I love it! Blue flippers!

Putter-Outer in action!

Later, my boyfriend (yes, Lack Of Pie!) logged in on a new free account he has now so I got onto Faerie Tana and taught him how to dunj! We got up to f6 c6 before he went to bed but I think he enjoyed it!

Posing in front of a... carcass... yummy...

Pwning Icy Bones in action!

Later I burned all the shades and vyres I got to keep my bank space low (or high?) and because of all that burnin' of sparkly magic logs and a couple fm tomes I got 88 firemaking!

Only 4 levels to go for dat adze! :P

And, for your enjoyment, some funnies from today and yesterday:

Poor D1D, with a name nobody likes to type... :P After Orix calls him like 20 names in 15 seconds, D1D decides to go by Orix. I lol'd. Also, D1D has a blog. Turns out he's mighty pro! Read!

The following are two Tanya funnies I got while in the lobby yesterday talking about my previous post. She's playing Livid Farm and irritated with Pauline. This leads to me laughing irl and hopefully you too.

"Get told Pauline!" lolool

"This one time at band camp..." "This one time Lokar won't appreciate this."

Good night all! Hopefully I won't sleep until 2pm like I did today but as it's 4am right now that's not looking promising. Ugh...

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Randomness this August Day 2011

What an eventful day (yesterday) has been! So much coolness going on this day!

First, I went onto Faerie Tana and since there's black trim on some of the default clothes I decided to giver her another makeover and go with a Hufflepuff theme. It looked AMAZING!! I also did her hair to black to match and even fixed the heraldic cape to continue the theme. No more pink for Faerie Tana! Seriously, I'm so happy with it that I'm considering getting members so I can change the boots to black and show off to real people and not autotalkers advertising keylogging websites. Can you tell I'm pleased? :P

From the front... :D

From the back with the heraldic cape I colored as well...

Speaking of cool colors, I spotted this lovely colored guy named Happy Mungo when I broke down and played Fast SC:

He looks like he tastes like that Wonka lemonade flavored candy!

I had 6 hammers and a little over 1k mog planks in my bank so I got to work making mog tables to oblivion, hoping I wouldn't run out of planks. In the end, I had something less than 100 planks to spare and finally got me 92 Con and halfway to that lovely cape and emote!!

This was most exciting because I could add another room to my house!! This was extra special because this room finished off the complete plans for my house!!!

Finally, the top left corner (quest hall) of my house could tap below, making my whole dungeon a complete circuit!! Woop woop! See really old pics of phases ONE, when I was just beginning my epic dungeon, and TWO, when I built that silly dining room and invited some friends including the recently somewhat famed Armyyy over to my house to show off my new bedroom and stuff like that. Two years and several outfits later here it is all done up!

Sometime during the day I caught this Zach funny, when Elias realized that he couldn't just buy fish from the shop to feed his special black penguin:

"Fishing shops have no stocked fish because Elias touches his [mod] crown at night."

Of course, after finishing my house, I needed to show it off so Guildwars, Solarspot, and Tanya came over to party for about 3 minutes before we (minus Guild) embarked on a Karamja star I had noted almost 2 hours earlier. It was Solar's first star ever and it was a whopping size 8. I thought it would be empty but there was at least one other clan there so it went down fast which was good as it was 1am and I really didn't want to mine it for 2 hours. :P There was an Asgarnia star at the same time on Lillantra's world but it was much smaller so Ultralisk and Elias came over to mine ours with us.

As we got 200, we all kindly stepped aside and formed a cute cross legged line:

(Solar and Ultra can be seen mining on the left with me, Tanya, and Elias sitting in the front, and Elias' penguin next to him, surrounded by the other nice people at the star)

Eventually we even got everyone to step away! We all got 200!

(Taken a split second too late as Tanya walks all over me lol There was a mad dash back to finish off the last bit to the sprite!)

As the sprite came out and people got their stuff and left, I was left with Elias and Solar. I didn't know what to do but the words of a rl friend shouting "Party Hearty!!" came to mind and I started dancing. Well, ftw, I got them both dancing!

Yeahhhhh! Party Hearty! Woo!

Also today, sometime in Canting the topic turned to girls and bras and boobs and the size of their racks etc... I told Armyyy of this over PM and *boink!* he was in Canting like 2 seconds later. Made me laugh so much! XD

I leave you with a slightly disturbing glitch I saw in Edgeville bank. Somehow you can have the body of a female but the head of a man, thus creating a bearded female thing. Double takes were taken.

Bonus points for being ginger! lol

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quest and From the Text

I started off by fishing some monks to use up my urns and to get the fishing rocks for the week when I noticed someone with what looked like a sleeping bag under their left arm. I quickly realized that this was the new(ish) wieldable net and I suddenly wanted one! I learned through Armyyy what quest I needed to do to get one so I went off and did Deadliest Catch.

It was loads of fun and very easy, though it took a freaking long time tracking that thing the second time... Kept messing up and starting over. Got some great snaps though! :D

Say what?? A smith like me making a harpoon for a witch like you??

Om nom nom nom!! Also in PM, "Torrell is the monk that watches the berry patch! I wondered where I got that name from..."

Woohoo boatloads of fishing experience for not doing any fishing! Also, sleeping bags!!

Yes, show me that sexy sleeping bag! It even matches my clothes!

So anyways, TONS of funnies from the text today!

First, me lamenting about the whole 99 for rune pl8 but 92 for dragon pl8 smiffin plot hole thing which inevitably leads to lamenting about all skills at 120 which led to a bunch of questions beginning with "Why is X (not) Y?"

Also I become typo queen throughout...

Later I talk about my annual play-the-horn-after-not-touching-it-for-3-months. All band conversations immediately point to dirty euphemisms and this is no exception. :P

"What suggestive stuff can you get from 'chipping every note?' "

This is from a few days ago but it's still funny and cute. :3

Someone with Peeek in their RSN caught my eye. My name may be different but Peek is still my favorite word!

Also, click here for a bonus mega "from the text" moment today!

It's 4am. Whoops...

Until next time...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty Pony

This has been the theme of the week... just hanging out and being random!

A couple days ago I finally got my tome of frost!! I just never got around to blogging until now.

It's so hawt! I took 1k bursts to Pest Control and enjoyed quite a few super fast games until it ran out. It got me lots of hitpoints xp! Soon I will be enjoying using only laws to make Fally tabs :D

I got 88 Summoning the other night! It took several mills of shards (the stuff I made sold for enough that I really only spent like 800k) but I used up most of my blues making mithril+ minotaurs and then did fruitfall scrolls before doing some swamp titans. Man those are really good xp! I know what I'll be doing to train from now on... :P

Today I went to Pyramid Plunder with Orix and later with Kicker and summoned my first pretty pony. Now I cannot be stopped! I know it's a stallion but that didn't stop me from naming my unicorn Molly. :P After using one in PP I've come to realize that due to its size, the unicorn is probably not the best here. Half the time he was too big to appear and heal or cure me or "too far away" behind the spikes. Also I drained my summon points curing myself but luckily there's a huge premium summoning obelisk a short distance away and I just recharged my points there when they dropped to 0. I'm gonna stick with supers and a yip and save Molly for some slayer tasks. :-)

Orix enjoyed... uh... checking out the underside of my pony... with an artifact between his legs. He always makes me laugh! Especially when he kept taking spades at a Rimmy star once and handed me 20. I'll always know Orix as the spade guy. :D

Another reason why I love Orix. He rode into soph on the carpet and then this happened. :3
Haha and also, I say hi to Daantje in the middle of it.

Woot done with summer school! Now I have some time off before I get ready for my audition coming up in a week. Fun times!

Until next time...