Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leveling All Over!

Today was a rather level-filled day! It started off with my dad getting 99 prayer in the GE by teleporting an urn! Not a huge fanfare, just the two of us, but woop woop for another 99 and legit maxed combat to the extreme! Go daddy!!!

Guthix's biggest nub :P

Fly, Peekybeard!! Your campy daughter and playtpus pet cheer you on! GRATZ!!!!

Speaking of campy, I love this new outfit I'm running around with!

After that I had some of my own leveling to do so I headed off to Pest Control so that I could quickly get 100 points and probably level Hitpoints. Of course, I was business below and party on top!

Teehee full bandos with rambler's bakpak and orange boater :P

The leveling began shortly after takeoff:

92 Strength giving me 132 combat! Woop woop!

After an hour or two I racked up 100 Pest Points and cashed them in, getting 98 Hitpoints!

Woot! One more level to go until I achieve my dad's first 99 and a kewl emote!

And of course, even though I no longer listen to RS music because of no loop button anymore, I turned on the music to continue my tradition of recording the little skill jingle for the last time:

With my newfound levels and pwn power, I went to the Skelehorror where I promptly sucked at hitting him with my whip. I finally killed it and was wishing with all my might that today may be the day I get an elite clue. FINALLY, I heard that jingling coin sound and got one!!!


It led me all over with lots of compasses and a few scans but luckily I found the 2 Kelda and 1 chaos tunnel without too much trouble. Varrock took a while but I learned that "within the walls of Varrock" isn't actually that big. A few hours later, long into early morning, I finally finished it off and got a pretty satisfactory reward:

My special was a Bandos Pl8 which I sold for like 180k. It might not be that much but I made some GWD or Bandos-loving peep very happy I'm sure. :P To make up for it, I also got a normal r00n pl8, tuna potatoes, and ppots. Excellent!

I ended off the super early morning on freeplay hanging out with my boyfriend who couldn't sleep and was just messing around making silver bars and tanning hides. It was fun doing all my cool emotes that I've unlocked over the years and dancing with him. We're so lovey dovey!

Until next time...

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