Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty Pony

This has been the theme of the week... just hanging out and being random!

A couple days ago I finally got my tome of frost!! I just never got around to blogging until now.

It's so hawt! I took 1k bursts to Pest Control and enjoyed quite a few super fast games until it ran out. It got me lots of hitpoints xp! Soon I will be enjoying using only laws to make Fally tabs :D

I got 88 Summoning the other night! It took several mills of shards (the stuff I made sold for enough that I really only spent like 800k) but I used up most of my blues making mithril+ minotaurs and then did fruitfall scrolls before doing some swamp titans. Man those are really good xp! I know what I'll be doing to train from now on... :P

Today I went to Pyramid Plunder with Orix and later with Kicker and summoned my first pretty pony. Now I cannot be stopped! I know it's a stallion but that didn't stop me from naming my unicorn Molly. :P After using one in PP I've come to realize that due to its size, the unicorn is probably not the best here. Half the time he was too big to appear and heal or cure me or "too far away" behind the spikes. Also I drained my summon points curing myself but luckily there's a huge premium summoning obelisk a short distance away and I just recharged my points there when they dropped to 0. I'm gonna stick with supers and a yip and save Molly for some slayer tasks. :-)

Orix enjoyed... uh... checking out the underside of my pony... with an artifact between his legs. He always makes me laugh! Especially when he kept taking spades at a Rimmy star once and handed me 20. I'll always know Orix as the spade guy. :D

Another reason why I love Orix. He rode into soph on the carpet and then this happened. :3
Haha and also, I say hi to Daantje in the middle of it.

Woot done with summer school! Now I have some time off before I get ready for my audition coming up in a week. Fun times!

Until next time...

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