Friday, August 19, 2011

Moar Temple Trekking!

Today I did a ton more TT and am almost to the 300 level marker! It's so much fun and I love getting snelms and then bombing the ge with them. I had great success with that this evening but more on that in a minute. I unlocked several awesome rewards and finally got the walking stick!! I'm loving this so much!

Thank you to those in Canting who told me about the easy way to pwn the skeleton random inside TT. Pwned!!

Blue with agility cape this time!

I went to my dad's world and snelm bombed the ge, with great success! While there, someone kept saying Oja and, lo and behold, there was a PLAYER NAMED OJA!!!!!! THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING!!! I freaked out and pointed him to my blog. Heh heh!

His full name was Lord_0ja. We had lots of fun chatting too!

My dad decided to give me a d hatchet and 100 frost bones as a present! o.O So, I went to my house and we offered up some bones to my altar together. :P

I finally unlocked the walking stick from TT and along with the backpack reward and the wieldable net from Deadliest Catch I really look like I'm about to embark on a hike! I just need to find something that looked campier than the sun crown. Moon hat perhaps? :D

Crazy campy adventure!

Funny story about prayer... whenever it was that my dad had that con effigy I did for him, he also "crashed my altar" and got 98 prayer. :[]!! Tonight I returned the favor (sort of) and it worked out that he gave me just enough bones to level myself!

Woot woot! 81 prayer!!

I have like 5 skills that are well under 100k to the next level, thanks in part to the tomes of experience I've chosen on every trek and the combat I'm doing. Stay tuned for the leveling up of Strength, Hitpoints, Thieving, and Dunjuneering fairly soon!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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