Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today is my birthday!! Woohoo! I played a little RS today, getting some lovely presents from Peekyface. :3 I got a "birthday manicure" (d claw loan lol) and 1m g33p33z, plus the fun of spamming the faint emote with him, now that he FINALLY has it! Yay!!

I bought a coal bag and did some smiffin of the ores I've collected and gotten from my dad which was fun, and I did some farming too, and some herblore. Oh, and I downed the Skelehorror again. No elite clue... :-(

Meh, I've been super busy with real life and have had no time to play really. I'll be able to play a little since it's spring break and it will give me something to do as I recover from my surgery coming up around the corner. I'm just counting the days until my boyfriend comes home. Don't look now, but it's less than 5 weeks to go! I'm back from my band trip which was fantastic and so much fun! Ah goodtimes! I have lots of stuff coming up in the next month. Bring it!

Tomorrow is Tanya's birthday so I'll prolly try and get on so we can party it up a little! We'll see how that goes but for now, I'm off to play some more. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mahogany Madness

Today (and a little of yesterday) was the first time I really had the chance to play in a long time! After a super busy week at school with such glorious things as night rehearsals (I was at school for 17 hours on Thursday) and homework I was finally able to get on for a bit and unwind while talking to some friends. I won't be on for the next like 4 weeks because of various awesome things happening so I'll play when I feel like it, if I feel like it...

But anywayyyyyyyy I'm getting ahead of myself. Last night or whenever it was I looked at the rather large pile of brews that I made for dxpw and decanted them. I then looked at the stockpile of well over 250 brews and 150 super restores that I had been saving for beating nomad and basically said "screw it" and sold most of them for around 4m. I then sold 40 glories, as I won't be using the abyss anytime soon, for another almost 2m. Woohoo!! I have money! I used a bunch of it to buy over 1k mahogany planks and finally ended up with 39k till 91 Construction with my last hammer gone. This morning after swapping items with my dad (free trade really is nice!) I played a round of SC, getting that last priceless hammer that would open up a whole new world:

Yayay!! 91 Construction!! Know what this means?? It means I can assist lvl 91 effigies without having to lure strangers to my house so I can sip tea! Oh happy happy day!! 99 has never looked so close!

I just looked and... eeeeee!! At 92 I can add another room and finish my house!!! Less than 12 hammers until that's a reality! I just might have to go play a bunch of SC...

After that I went to help my dad with a 95 con effigy. Now that I only needed to boost 4 I got some orange spice from my bank and some stews and after a couple attempts I got high enough to do it. He then had 97 craft so I assisted him, but apparently the stew damaged my craft a lot because he couldn't do it. XD Thank goodness for a super restore... lol!!

I doodled around for a bit after that, killing the skelehorror and trice-egg-bombing the GE among other things. Haha, that was fun. People running around picking them up like Easter eggs. :P

I leave with you this picture of me and Peeky discussing the word "mess" which always reminds me of him. :3

Now I'm off to go try out this ring of wealth at Dagannoth. Bye all!

Until next time...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Taste of Fan Art

I was scanning hundreds of my little drawings today when I came across a couple Runescape Fan Art pics. I have tons more like this and once I get around to locating and scanning them I'll post a few more but for now, here are 3 for you to enjoy!

Here's some concept art for my eventual craft cape. The only things that are in the official one I chose are the flippers and the cape! XD

Here's some concept art for my eventual construction cape. I love that top hat!

I got bored in class one day so I drew a historically accurate picture of someone getting something awesome from a clue scroll. Can you tell what it might be? :D

Z0mg! 3a Mage Top, r00n kite, r00n dagger, and some lawz!!

I leave with you this drawing I totally forgot about that captures my essence of randomness. It makes me smile. :-)

Later peeps!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slayer at #12!

Today I decided to get on for a bit and do my dag task. I haven't played since that small time when I did all my potions so I still had my juicy multiplier and with 8k to go, I finally got 90 Slayer!!

Yeahhhh baby!! Dark bow time!

I did that for quite a while until I felt like writing a big post about music so I left until I feel like logging in again.

Enjoy this picture from a couple days ago of shadyz time, me, and my friend Eric Passey chillin in the GE just having a chat:

What hawt capes!

As for my poll, I ended up doing slayer so for those who chose Slayer, you win 1 Internet. Actually, I really chose to get a life and avoid RS by going to 3 of my friends' recitals so I'm declaring everyone who voted in my poll a winner! Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, March 11, 2011

In 20 Minutes...

After 3 loads of brews I got 84 Herblore!

I also got Mollied and she was wearing a FullOfPieHair-Green shirt! FTW! :D

After that I finished all the random unf pots I've had for a few weeks prepping for this big moment. Then I said goodbye to Peeky, answered some questions to RS locals, and then logged out to enjoy real life. I'm going to my friend's recital tonight and I am way stoked. I even straightened my hair! Yeahhhhhhh!

I know I didn't mention it but I had a little poll to the side asking what y'all think I should train. The answers were pretty spread out so I have no idea, but I'm leaning towards RC... If I feel like getting onto RS, that is. I haven't played in days! Lots of stuff going on round here that is giving me a chance to participate in real life! Kitty Molly, who I know reads this, would be so proud. :3

Well, I'm off to go party it up! Good... evening... all!!

P.S. to whoever voted "Get a life and learn oboe," you rock. <3

Until next time...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Whole Year

...since I got 99 Agility!! Easily my most accomplished day on RS! A year ago I got up at like 6am so that I could get that cape right at 7 before my dad left for the slopes. A year later and I've gotten 16m agility xp and that cape is still my very favorite. The emote never gets old! I shall celebrate by running laps. :D

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day of Play

I couldn't resist. I just had to play after my last post. :P I planned on staying as long as it took to get my str level but of course one thing led to another so a bunch of good things happened... :D

I did a bunch more camping at various monsters including abby demons and then to the lesser demons inside the volcano. I forgot about the hidden resource dunjun so I went in there. So nice in there! Plus, no random fire rune spawns to throw me off. :P With like 4k to spare I had to leave because I was out of food and yip and went back to abby demons where I got 2 toof halves within at the most 4 kills and on that 2nd toof drop I got my level!

Yeahhh baby 89 Str!! Usin up the Hati Paws finally!

My Hati paws STILL have charge on them! It's like they never die. That's 2 str levels and a hp level and then some! They only have 4% charge now but hey I'm glad I'm actually gonna use them up before time runs out! One of the first drops I got at lesser demons was a court summons... go figure lol... this time it was Ernest vs Oddenstein so I did it after I leveled and had some fun.

My new Dark Oboe outfit, featuring a dark bow, h4 skirt, sunglasses, and red stripy shirt! Flippers of course! :P My name change did not remove my favorite item from my feet.

Finally it was all done and I got moar ajjat expeez woooo!

With that done I did the clue scroll that abby demons were so kind to drop for me in the last like 5 kills until I left. I got a decent reward with some misc scrolls, 2 rune xbows, and a rune pick. My friend Lord Doom was also on a clue so we bet on what the reward would be. He got an equally annoying reward. :P

(a random pic of me with my new favorite dark bow ^.^)

I finally got the chance to do something I've been dying to do for weeks and just go socialize with people. I had a great time in Varrock bank and it kept me on RS way too long but hey I had fun!

Me, remmahognid (in the d legs), and s o m e o ne (in hunter cape) dancin' it up in V west!

I ended with a kingdom sweep and a farm run. It's way late now and I got a busy day tomorry! I leave with you two funnies from the text today. Hhahahahaa!

First my friend apparently has no idea what an oboe is... the following happened... XD

He thought it was a star wars guy. Oh the humanity! lololoOLLOL

I of course took this laugh to Peeky and got this little bit:

"You just blow on the hole and it plays music."

All right, there's your woodwind lesson for the day. Sometimes I'm glad I play a brass instrument. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

End of February Hiscores

I'm late but only because I forgot to post! :P

I haven't gone up much because I haven't been playing much but I did get a couple levels! I leveled str, hp, and thieving. I still have tons of xp on my hati paws which will get it 89 Str. They've lasted so long!

The past 2 nights I've been doin stuff with Zoorhana who is working on 70 attack. First we were gonna go to fire giants but he needed the amulet and stuff so we decided to chase a star instead and I found it in Pisc and we had fin mining it. Then yesterday we went to fire giants but got owned really hard so we decided to go to the stronghold and hang out at ankous. He vanished but will likely be back and I am trying to camp at stuff long enough to use all my hati paws charge. I should do slayer but I have blue dragons and I hate them. Grr.

Oh and... verdict on my name change? I'm keepin it for a while! I love it! :D

Until next time...