Friday, March 11, 2011

In 20 Minutes...

After 3 loads of brews I got 84 Herblore!

I also got Mollied and she was wearing a FullOfPieHair-Green shirt! FTW! :D

After that I finished all the random unf pots I've had for a few weeks prepping for this big moment. Then I said goodbye to Peeky, answered some questions to RS locals, and then logged out to enjoy real life. I'm going to my friend's recital tonight and I am way stoked. I even straightened my hair! Yeahhhhhhh!

I know I didn't mention it but I had a little poll to the side asking what y'all think I should train. The answers were pretty spread out so I have no idea, but I'm leaning towards RC... If I feel like getting onto RS, that is. I haven't played in days! Lots of stuff going on round here that is giving me a chance to participate in real life! Kitty Molly, who I know reads this, would be so proud. :3

Well, I'm off to go party it up! Good... evening... all!!

P.S. to whoever voted "Get a life and learn oboe," you rock. <3

Until next time...

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