Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Quest and an Orange Outfit

I haven't played much the past week. These summer classes are kicking my butt! I feel like I've said that already but I'm saying it again.

I forgot when but I did King of the Dwarves. It took some time but it was fun and I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the rewards! :D

I've been spending my time in that lava flow mine thing but it's pretty boring. It's like LRC except you get nothing to fill up your inventory. I decided I wanted an orange outfit to really accentuate my ginger hair but the game doesn't have much to offer that's orange that I liked. This golden mining suit is orange-ish so I wanted to try for it. I got boots within 10 minutes. Woot!

Then today the loyalty stuff came out. It looks pretty good and I'm excited about those auras! I just wish it didn't start now and counted backwards so that I could unlock like everything. Oh well. As I was looking up the rewards earlier I noticed that there's some orange robes!!! Woohoo!!! So of course I've been excited trying to get them and I got them right away today. :D:D:D With the 100 points left over I got catfight. I think I'll save up for some emotes or auras or both next.

Just call me Gingera Tonks for reals now!! :D

I have no idea when I'll play again but I do have a goal of 40 SW zeal so I can finally get my basilisk pet I've had in the bank for years. Who gets 3 basilisk head drops?? Me. I'm about halfway there and plan to barrage the pants off cute little noobs, enjoying the sound effects and getting magic xp + zeal. Happy maging!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Randomness this June Day

Lots of random playing and things this week...

A funny pker name... Zerking Off...

Someone politely asking for water r00ns in Varrock West...

I visited Kethsi and wandered around like a noob trying to access the agility course. A cat masked agile brother named ChanseyYoshi was taking pictures with his Orb of Oculus and later I invited Bridled Ruin to join me before we decided to explore the other hidden realms like Enchanted Valley and Fisher King before turning up in the Cosmic Entity Plane. Great fun!

I did more work on Pauline Polaris' livid farm and got 91 Magic! I celebrated by buying 1k casts of barrage, getting some mage pots, and freezing the pants off cute little noobs in Soul Wars. Oh it was great fun and I feel amazingly powerful! In a few short levels I'll be able to do the spell with no help at all!

A new Ravenclaw outfit that is more bronze than yellow. I even have a long coat! FTW! Oh, and I'm a ginger now, because I love gingers! Look out Sagittarius! I have since charmed my boots to be a darker blue. :P

Yesterday I splurged and got some Infiniti robes and colored them earthen! Flippers match!

Finally today Yana got 95 prayer and I went to her house to celebrate! I had just made 10 trices with 9 (plus a penguin) eggs I found in my bank and decided to cheerfully hand them out. Everyone got a different one! It was a party! Present were Steven, Zakki, and a friend of Yana's that I don't know. Time for the buzzy prayer! Gratzy Yanakins!!!

I got no sleep last night because I had a high quality conversation with Nez at midnight, after chasing a size 7 star that I really had no intention of doing myself. I invited Jax to aid me and thankfully she agreed and a few more people showed up so it only took an hour instead of impossible. Right as I was logging out after that Nez showed up and we had a nice chat. :3

Good night to all! More school awaits me in the morning.

Until next time...

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Job

Today I spent a great deal of time helping Professor Polaris on her Livid Farm. She's a very strange person who is in constant need of energy spells, which I haven't quite mastered, but I am able to easily compensate with my agility skill.

With my special magic camera I'm able to get all sorts of pictures!

Here's me and my daddy with Pauline Polaris. I think my new outfit is great! A couple days ago I realized that being a ginger was pretty awesome and I didn't want to be left out so with a furrow of my brow it's so red that it's orange!

I've been working on Professor Polaris' farm for a few days now and it's really easy! All I have to do is point my mud staff at things and they practically fix themselves! I do love getting down to earth and fixing fences too- that's way fun! I've been working so hard that I earned another level in the farming skill, quite unexpectedly! Woohoo! Only 6 levels to go before I can consider myself a Master of Herbology!

93 Farming! In one more level I'll be able to do all effigies! (inb4 'stranger plant boosts 4')

I took the time today to visit Sgt. Damien's gym for a quick workout. Gotta stay in shape! As a reward he gave me a wrapped orange present. I got a genie lamp and he helped me with some Runecrafting homework!

Speaking of Runecrafting, I've been spending some time in Ourania lately, joining the masses with mud staffs and crafting a wide variety of runes. Soon I'll have enough credit to get 81!

Just a self portrait of me before I left for Ourania- I couldn't decide what to wear so I threw on some invisible clothes. So there! Also, I prefer for my feet to be long and yellow but people don't understand so I have to change them into "normal" feet for them. Sheesh!

I was in Catherby the other day and came across a bush in the bank. Spies need to access their assets too!

In other news I was at the Grand Exchange today and bought a powerful item called a Bandos Hilt. I acquired an Armadyl Godsword from my ancestors and I am able to take the blade off and swap it around. That's the beauty of the Quadra-hilt!

I ended the evening by shopping in Varrock with a dear friend of mine, Frederic. We had a great time and I found some cool new clothes in my favorite Ravenclaw colors. Good night!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natura Tonks: The History Behind the Name

Some people may be wondering where I got the name for my new account name so I'm here to answer it all!

First of all, why not keep Isli Loch? It was a fabulous name. Well, Isli Loch is an actual person with a story behind her already and my RS peep wasn't really following that story so I set off to change it to a witch name, as I am really into Harry Potter. You can thank Islands of Adventure for that. :D Anyway, I was doodling some names down on paper just randomly when the name Natura popped out of my mind. This would be the Catin word for nature and I wasn't even thinking of anyone specific when I wrote it down and as the days drew nearer to when I could change my name I started writing down possible names.

I really wanted to base my name off a Harry Potter character so that people might get the reference, and chose Tonks since she's easily one of my favorites (I really can't pick one, I have a top 5) but it turns out Jagex censored it so I had to shorten it to just Tonk >.> While this is annoying almost anyone in RS won't notice and it doesn't really matter so I stuck with it. While thinking of a 6-letter name, preferably a Greek name, Natura suddenly came back into my mind and it fit perfectly! Suddenly, Natura Tonks was born, beating out Morphomagus and HipsterHelga. Another reason I chose Tonks is because she's a morphomagus and I'd have an "excuse" to change my hair all the time. :P

I then gave her a middle name, because all my people have a full name. It didn't take long at all and I quickly decided on Natura Molly-Danielle Tonks. Molly actually doesn't come from Molly Weasley, although she is another of my favorites; the name comes from my first Runescape best friend, Kitty Molly. It's been one of my favorite girls' names since I've known her and I still regard her as one of the truest, nicest, and best people I've ever met. I added Danielle to it because right now I'm into long names with 2 or more middle names and it makes it flow really well. Hence, Natura Molly-Danielle Tonks was born, and I love the name so much!

Her personality mirrors my own for the most part and all of her special abilities and specifics are things that I'd be if I nerded out that much. Oh, who am I kidding, I have nerded out that much! Her birthday is different- it's not my real one but the day that I changed my name to Natura Tonk.

I'm going for 99 farming now! I just need to find people that need farm efffigies. It's proving to be quite difficult. I'm more than halfway and if my kingdom continues to produce good seeds I'll be there quickly. I'll get around to Con during the next DXPW so I don't have to play SC and worry about the new stupid fail of a clan chat system.

Blah blah blah cya around!

Until next time...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh... Right...

I've been busy lately and forgot to claim my veteran cape until just now! It has a V for Vrichlin!

The hood has always reminded me of the blue tricorn hat so I busted out the blue naval. It looks pretty awesome, and as always, an emote this cool needs flippers. All emotes look better with flippers! After I bought it the first place I went was my house so there's Mackenzie in the background being angry as usual.

The summer session of school has started at last and I am gonna be super busy for the next two months. I'm so excited!

Over and out...

Until next time...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Big Reveal

Barring the fact that I am PISSED AT JAGEX for not letting me put Tonks into my username, I present to you my new name and blog.

Welcome to the world of Natura Tonks!! I chose that name because I love nature and Tonks is one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter. I'll appear from here on out (until Jagex decides to take action on really STUPID censors) as Natura Tonk. I am going to try and blog through the eyes of a 22 year old witch who enjoys a variety of skills and going on adventures, mingled with stories about her past. It will be perfect for me as I don't play RS as much anymore. I hope you like it!


Natura Tonks, formerly known as Full Of Pie, and still known as Avicile Mohaili :D

Until next time...

End of May Hiscores

It's June! And I actually leveled some stuff since April! Since they've changed the layout of the hiscores it now takes far more than a page to get it all so I'm taking it from the adventure log instead. This is the last time you'll see Isli Loch here!

Not bad at all... My new goal is 99 Farming. I'm pretty close to 93 now.

I didn't play a whole lot today but I did manage to start the new Frem update. I haven't participated in the stories yet but I did do floor 1 so that I could unlock the frozen guy and get that pelt and caught this awesome piece of chat:

The reason this strikes me is because this.... describes me... and how I write...

I love stories! I strongly believe that everyone has a story and this little dialogue nailed it. :D

Good night all! Tomorrow brings big changes for this blog! I can't wait!

Until next time...