Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Job

Today I spent a great deal of time helping Professor Polaris on her Livid Farm. She's a very strange person who is in constant need of energy spells, which I haven't quite mastered, but I am able to easily compensate with my agility skill.

With my special magic camera I'm able to get all sorts of pictures!

Here's me and my daddy with Pauline Polaris. I think my new outfit is great! A couple days ago I realized that being a ginger was pretty awesome and I didn't want to be left out so with a furrow of my brow it's so red that it's orange!

I've been working on Professor Polaris' farm for a few days now and it's really easy! All I have to do is point my mud staff at things and they practically fix themselves! I do love getting down to earth and fixing fences too- that's way fun! I've been working so hard that I earned another level in the farming skill, quite unexpectedly! Woohoo! Only 6 levels to go before I can consider myself a Master of Herbology!

93 Farming! In one more level I'll be able to do all effigies! (inb4 'stranger plant boosts 4')

I took the time today to visit Sgt. Damien's gym for a quick workout. Gotta stay in shape! As a reward he gave me a wrapped orange present. I got a genie lamp and he helped me with some Runecrafting homework!

Speaking of Runecrafting, I've been spending some time in Ourania lately, joining the masses with mud staffs and crafting a wide variety of runes. Soon I'll have enough credit to get 81!

Just a self portrait of me before I left for Ourania- I couldn't decide what to wear so I threw on some invisible clothes. So there! Also, I prefer for my feet to be long and yellow but people don't understand so I have to change them into "normal" feet for them. Sheesh!

I was in Catherby the other day and came across a bush in the bank. Spies need to access their assets too!

In other news I was at the Grand Exchange today and bought a powerful item called a Bandos Hilt. I acquired an Armadyl Godsword from my ancestors and I am able to take the blade off and swap it around. That's the beauty of the Quadra-hilt!

I ended the evening by shopping in Varrock with a dear friend of mine, Frederic. We had a great time and I found some cool new clothes in my favorite Ravenclaw colors. Good night!

Until next time...

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