Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natura Tonks: The History Behind the Name

Some people may be wondering where I got the name for my new account name so I'm here to answer it all!

First of all, why not keep Isli Loch? It was a fabulous name. Well, Isli Loch is an actual person with a story behind her already and my RS peep wasn't really following that story so I set off to change it to a witch name, as I am really into Harry Potter. You can thank Islands of Adventure for that. :D Anyway, I was doodling some names down on paper just randomly when the name Natura popped out of my mind. This would be the Catin word for nature and I wasn't even thinking of anyone specific when I wrote it down and as the days drew nearer to when I could change my name I started writing down possible names.

I really wanted to base my name off a Harry Potter character so that people might get the reference, and chose Tonks since she's easily one of my favorites (I really can't pick one, I have a top 5) but it turns out Jagex censored it so I had to shorten it to just Tonk >.> While this is annoying almost anyone in RS won't notice and it doesn't really matter so I stuck with it. While thinking of a 6-letter name, preferably a Greek name, Natura suddenly came back into my mind and it fit perfectly! Suddenly, Natura Tonks was born, beating out Morphomagus and HipsterHelga. Another reason I chose Tonks is because she's a morphomagus and I'd have an "excuse" to change my hair all the time. :P

I then gave her a middle name, because all my people have a full name. It didn't take long at all and I quickly decided on Natura Molly-Danielle Tonks. Molly actually doesn't come from Molly Weasley, although she is another of my favorites; the name comes from my first Runescape best friend, Kitty Molly. It's been one of my favorite girls' names since I've known her and I still regard her as one of the truest, nicest, and best people I've ever met. I added Danielle to it because right now I'm into long names with 2 or more middle names and it makes it flow really well. Hence, Natura Molly-Danielle Tonks was born, and I love the name so much!

Her personality mirrors my own for the most part and all of her special abilities and specifics are things that I'd be if I nerded out that much. Oh, who am I kidding, I have nerded out that much! Her birthday is different- it's not my real one but the day that I changed my name to Natura Tonk.

I'm going for 99 farming now! I just need to find people that need farm efffigies. It's proving to be quite difficult. I'm more than halfway and if my kingdom continues to produce good seeds I'll be there quickly. I'll get around to Con during the next DXPW so I don't have to play SC and worry about the new stupid fail of a clan chat system.

Blah blah blah cya around!

Until next time...

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