Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two More Goals Crossed Off

Today, due to lots of RL happening, I wasn't able to play for long but I was on long enough to get these two awesome goals!

First comes breaking 12m!

...followed shortly by less than 1m till!!

How's this for a blast to the past! I did this very thing for Defence!

I miss the old zero sooo much!

Anyways my friend Peeky took a mud bath and caught his 2nd kingly imp and looted it. It was really his lucky day because he got a crown!! He headed over to the course to see if it's lendable (it isn't) and it was sooo cute that I just HAD to get pics!

He told me his skimmy was "nooby" but I disagree. :-)

I had no idea Peekyface could get any cuter!

We did what all noobs do when they gather and emote till we synch up! There's music coming from our hands! :o (that's Willjz in the background training for a quest I believe. He got his level and left after a few hours.) And of course, Gunnjorn as well. :-)

The Olympics are over :-( so I have moved my compy back into my ice cold freezer of a room. They were so fun to watch and thanks to them I got re-inspired to get this crazy agility level! That hockey match was epic as well! What a way to close!

Rank: 5428
XP: 12,035,096
I am between Hollowjohn and Hadley123456.

BTW I posted the official invite on the top of my blog. Woop woop!

Until next time...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Remember When...

I've been playing Runescape for nearly 4 years now and there's lots that I remember. Here's just a small list of a few of those for your enjoyment. May you laugh or be amazed by things you may have remembered or are just learning: :P

  • The first new quest I remember coming out was Elemental Workshop 2. I started it that day, got stuck, and it sat unfinished for over 2 years before I finally sucked it up, re-grabbed the supplies, and did it.
  • There was no GE. If I wanted to get 100 tuna for a cook level I had to fish those babies all on me onesie. Screw training, I couldn't get anything! Full Guthix Book? No clue how to get one. In fact, I remember where I was the exact moment I learned about the GE. It was upstairs at the computers of my boyfriend's work. LOL! I played RS up there while he was around the corner playing Guitar Hero.
  • 100k was RICH!!! My first 100k was a gift from my dad because he had 200k and I didn't have 100k yet so I made him give me his money. I was too cheap for full rune so I had a rune chain, med helm, longsword, and skirt. Hehe. There were no trade limits, so my dad gave me his dragon hatchet so that I could take a pic with it, just 4 days before the trade limits came out. Thanks to lending I can do that again. :-)
  • You couldn't craft blood runes. In fact, I don't remember ever owning a blood rune until I was a high enough slayer level to kill things that dropped them. My first experience with blood runes was when I got 60 mage (again at my boyfriend's work. :P) The first thing I did was go to the new GE and get 200 bloods then get my Guthix cape. :P
  • My noob outfit fresh off Tutorial Island included purple pigtails and a purple shirt and skirt. No pictures of that day remain. I changed my hair to dreadlocks, straight, and spikes because a witch hat looked really weird with those pigtails.
  • There was no chivalry or piety. The highest prayer there was happened at pro melee. I was so excited I had all prayers unlocked!... then knights wave came out. :-( It would be a few years before I finally achieved 70. That was a great day! :D
  • The party room was in Seers and therefore only available to members. And bankers didn't shout stuff like "800m drop in 5 minutes!!" AND they were on every world!
  • I logged in one morning and surprise!! Hunter was released. It would be months before I trained it and even more months before I found the hunter expert who sells the cape. I never really got into hunter until I could catch Pawya, and even still it's my lowest because it doesn't really help me train other skills so I only do it when I don't wanna do anything else. BTW I remember when Pawya and Grenwall were released. I thought "Man I'll never be able to hunt them... They're in those blasted elf lands!"
  • There were no skillcapes. Also maxed cb people were rare. Seeing a lvl 126 was like seeing the king. And Zezima was #1 in hiscores.
  • Making pie dough sucked soooo bad. You had to click the bucket on the flour and click pie dough, click enter, and then.... REPEAT!! AUGH!!! But I did it. When the make all button for pie dough came out I was the happiest person ever!! Same for cheese... One at a time...
  • I remember when skillcapes did come out, the one I wanted most of all was Agility for the cool emote. I even took a picture dreaming of it. I never thought I'd ever obtain that goal but still went to brim every so often to add a little more to the unimaginable 1k tickets for a free 350k xp.
Well, today I did something that was unreal back in that day... the day I first saw the agility emote... Theat dream was revisited back in September, although with a different drive. Today, I got level 98. o.O

HOLY CRAP!!!!!@!*#(!#%! I cannot believe my eyes and my body and my mind!!!!! Nowaiiiiii do I srsly have 98 agiliteeeee!!!!!!!!!! What was once a dream is about to become a reality!!!!!!! Let me sleep on this to take it all in!!!!!

Today was INSANE!!! It started with me sleeping in and then going CD shopping to try and find a CD of the song, Adiemus . I looked in 3 places and never found it. :-( However, on the first stop, I found the Riverdance CD. Woooot!! I bought it of course and now have Lord of the Dance to agilify to along with the rest of the awesome music to make videos with! :P I got home and ordered Adiemus from Amazon and it should be here in time for me to use it to make my 99 video. :D

In keeping tradition from my 98 Defence video I made a repeat for my 98 Agility. This time, instead of leveling at zombies with a lamp I leveled off the roof (like so many of the levels) and was accompanied by fellow canters Fred Lay, Ultra Man 0, and Dr Leviathan (who got 90 agility today woot!!).

What started with me filming the music from the Defence levelup has spurred a tradition I want to keep. :P If you wanna see this defence video click the smiley face: :-) By the way I made a previous agility level up vid that sucks but is funny and can be seen here. I miss my quest cape :-(

Today was absolutely insane, running-wise. I shattered any previous record by gaining 395,835 XP. Among that time I had a skype conversation with CJ, Xela King, and somisareg which was a lot of fun until it kind of went downhill. :P We chatted about Pest Control, bosses, and a whole lot of other stuff and had a great time. :-) My dad was on his laptop in the dining room and was LOLing at about everything funny that was said. :P There were also a ton of people without mics listening in, such as Arcty, Cossack, and Raven.

There were some funny things said today as well:

It sucks to be a little too slow in digging up a farmed tree... LOL!

My interpretation of Twitter... Been there, tried it, I'm too wordy. :P

I finished the night out with Twi doing a Crandor star. BTW he is blogging again! Wooot!! I was telling people my xp till 99 and saw this as my xp:

Woot! 11.9 baby!!

OK now for the party details!! I'll post something up top as well but I am planning Brimhaven Agil Arena at 7am Mountain time (GMT -7). The early hour is due to the fact that my dad has Special Olympics Skiing Coaching Practice on Saturdays at leaves at about 8-ish. I plan to walk the plank for 99 which will trim my cape, get my Cape-With-A-Guy-On-It, and then play Trouble Brewing!! Not sure on the world yet but it'll probably be 104 so that we can go right to Mos Le Harmless. :P

Off to bed now, to let the realization that an actual goal I had nearly 3 years ago about to come true sink in. :-D

Rank: 5430
XP: 11,902,240
I am between: Cali Mark and Bib User.
Only about 1529 laps left!!!

Until next time...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Goals Met and Trying the Orb

Today was a whirlwind day! I got sooooooo much agility xp!! I even left and took time to get and attempt to use the Orb of Oculus. It was very awkward as I am used to the RCT3 camera controls but in time I'll get better at it. I did get this pretty good shot though of Rilkar Spine and Dr Leviathan:

Whee!! I am just off camera behind the hay bale. I then put it away and continued on my quest for 11.5m xp. I'll play with it more later. :P

By the way I had a dream that my royal crown bought but it still hasn't. LOL! I hope it does!

I continued running and running all the time talking to several people and watching the Olympics. I did manage to get this funny conversation on camera:

Ezen can't cant. According to Levi, if he were a French dancer, he would Can-Can. LOL!!

In just 2 minutes before midnight, I achieved my two goals!!

Woot!! 11.5m and less than 300k!! Look out 98, I'm gonna get you tomorrow!

Rank: 5457
XP: 11,506,405
I am between Marsellus W and xF-F-D-Px
I got 323,195 xp today. Woot!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

To 11m and Beyond!

Woot!! Today I completed my goals of 11m xp and under 2m till 99. :D I'm so close now! In another two days I should get the big 98 and be well on my way to the lovely cape-with-a-guy-on-it!!!! :D :D

I ran the course for a very long time today but managed to leave a couple times to do other things. First, I flew over to Ape Atoll to help Zoorhana get the gorilla bones for the big bumblebee gorilla suit:

After tons of bad timing we finally did it!! Go team! :D

I also left to try and buy a crown. I sold 3k coal for over 800k and used some of it to bid on a crown and after discovering toadflax seeds are crashing quickly bought up 200 of them for min. Woot! I also broke 28m! :D

I then did a farm run and got a ton of crops. I have plenty of watermelons and strawberries now... I just need 95 cooking so that I can pie them up and either sell or donate to any agilifiers in the making. Oh, and cooking apples. I got 11 toadflax from the troll patch and 10 from another! Wooot!!

I then decided that as long as I was out and about I should do the circus. I rocked on the range one nailing everything and getting 14k xp! I got about that much magic xp and 8k agility xp. Free xp rocks!

Well it's time for bed... I hope to get a lot done tomorrow... :-)

Rank: 5482
XP: 11,183,210
I am between Juharas and Dunou.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Update on Wednesday

Well today was pretty uneventful for me... I ran agility and chatted with friends. However, this morning something awesome happened to my dad.

For the past week my laptop has been perched on the coffee table in front of the TV so that I can run agility whilst watching the Olympics, which makes agility fly by as fast as those speed skaters. :D I got up early-ish to run for a while and then left to get ready for school. My dad was still on his laptop slaying mutated bloodvelds on the dining room table. As I got up to get my jacket he suddenly yelled "D mutha f in meeeeed!!!" over and over again. (he didn't actually say the f word, lol). That phrase is an inside joke based on this epic moment of Peeky's life caught in photo:

Yes, my dad got a Dragon Medium Helm off a mutated veld. Woohoo!!! Here's the pic for proof :P

He was pretty excited and we were both laughing at the awesomeness. They're only worth like... 50k (I bought mine for 500k back in the day) but that's still ownage!

I should break 11m xp, get 50% to 99 from 4m xp, and who knows how close to 98 I'll get tomorrow! I'm feeling great and am just hanging out with my cat asleep on the couch behind me. Today she got down by actually climbing over my shoulder and down my front! LOL, silly cat! (yes I was sitting on the floor)

Rank: 5505
XP: 10,950,723
I am between snoopydk and wuzzy wessy. Nice names :P

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Mini Post

After pushing and pushing, barb course, penguins, and after a 2 hour delay due to some slightly annoying real life stuff, I got this:

Woooooot!!! Total level 1994 baby!! I'm about 2.4m from 99 now. I can see it!!! I got really excited today!!! I'll be a 'pole dancer' by early March! :P

After I leveled, which was after midnight (ugh! just missed it by 6k xp!), I went to my kingdom where I got 2 yews in a row and 2 calquats and a papayaya seed among the 32 seeds I had. Woo so many nests!!

Rank: 5556
XP: 10,692,720
I am between Mr LexSteele and Edo494.

I am going to be soooooo tired tomorrow. Ugh...

Until next time...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Them Helpful Penguins

Today was a pretty low key day of lots of running. I did manage to do about a half an hour of running with W46 ATAT before school though, which was great!

I invited all of Canting to go with me, as Gnome is accessible to all, and a couple people, notably TheArcturus1 and Dr Leviathan came to run. Actually, Levi beat me there and no sooner did a lap or two go by that he once again silently did something hilarious.

He dressed like me!! XD

Like, down to the flippers, cutlass, satchel, defence cape, even a stole! He even got a green chompy hat as well!! I love it!! :D

This is what W46 looks like when the agile clan/guild is doing their run time. This was pretty early on but you'll always see people by the flowers cheering everybody on, saying hello to everyone they see, spinning bullroarers, doing their agility emotes, playing with toy horseys, and after the run time is over advertising their clan... plus tons more!! It's loads of fun! Pictured behind me is Minminpu, the leader of W46 ATAT (who also wears flippers!! :D) and Levi behind her. I didn't catch the names of the other two but they are members of W46 ATAT.

I then left for school and upon returning didn't do much but run, as usual. I'm loving this barehanded imp catching!! I saw a nature imp when running gnome and after shouting "nat imp!!" realized that I could catch it! I ran over and yoinked a harralander seed from the air! Woohoo!!!

After a time I decided to go do the penguins, as they reset tomorrow. They were all in really easy areas and there were no wildy pengs so it didn't take me too long. I cheated, I used the xp on agility. :P

As always, a huge thanks to the people dedicated to world 60 tracking/trapping/assisting of the penguins. You do so much for a lot of people!

After all that I was back to the course where I got a bit more xp done. Fred Lay dropped by for a visit and made an arrow out of fires and cheered me on as I ran past! :-)

I ran some more and then had to leave a little early so that I could get some real life things done (i.e. shower, go to bed early, etc...). Hopefully 97 will sizzle its way into my stats tomorrow!! :D

Rank: 5562
XP: 10,452,081
I am between Pcnerd06 and Rawr Cheeky
According to Zybez, only 3,487 laps to go for 99 :-)

I am really rockin!! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Break and Much Breaking

Man I was on a ROLL today!! I shattered all sorts of goals! First, the big huge one of the day:

Whammo!! 10 million xp already!! It took 4 days. I'm keeping true to 250k a day! Yippee! I should have 99 sometime in early March. I'll try to get it on a Saturday or Sunday so that I can plan it at a time that is not obscenely late for my friends across the pond. :D

While I was running Merchy apparently spotted Gertjaars at what I assume to be Varrock West or Edgeville Bank. He left before she could borrow his high crafting and when she said 87 craft my ears perked up (ok it was really my eyes but you get the idea :P) and I was happy to offer my humble assistance with my insanely high craft level that I hardly remember getting (because it happened so fast!). She dropped by the Barby course for a visit where she got "lost" up on the balance plank (lol) and then happily put some wires inside some of those dorgesh kaan lightorbs, getting me like 400 xp. Yay! Of course a mandatory photo was necessary:

It's so funny... Merchy has on the green pointy hat 99% of the time and in all of my pictures she has on the runner hat. :P

After that I decided to take a break from the course, as I had gotten nearly 200k xp already! I then decided to hit up Puro Puro for fun and hopefully get some good st00f.

I spent about an hour or so catching every good imp in sight and before long all my available imp jars were filled. I took some pics of my inventory.

Young, Gourmet, Essence, Eclectic, Nature, Magpie, Pirate, and Ninja

As you can see Eclectic is the easiest and lowest level of the "higher lvl" imps, if that makes sense, and therefore easy to catch. I was proud of the 3 magpies I snagged and even got a ninja! Here's the loot that I got from all of them, starting with the eclectic:

Not pictured is 5 noted goldbars. Pretty much everything sold on the GE, which was nice. I kept the bars and the wild pie of course and dropped the lanterns and slayer's respite on the ge floor along with the loot I got from the pirate imps, which wouldn't sell.

Here's the loot of the 9 natures, 2 pirates, and the ninja. I got a jangerberry twice, belladonna seeds 3 times, and the herb seeds are kwuarm and irit respectively. The ninja gave me snake boots. :D As mentioned above I "bandanna bombed" the ge to the delight of two very lucky recipients.

Here's the loot off the young, essence, and gourmet imps:

Lovin the 6 garden pies!! I'll add them to my stash of like 200. LOL!! Frogspawn isn't tradeable hence my lovely pasting job. Last but not least, the 3 magpies.

Wewt! Lovin the dhide! Now I have I think 3 loops in the bank again though. Oh well I'm sure I'll get some toof halves from my fire giant task. :P

Oh, and to finish off an amazing day of hunter I did Tears of Guthix which brought this goal to an end and made it an achievement. Woot!!

I BROKE 1M HUNTER XP!!!! THIS MEANS ALL MY SKILLS ARE 1M XP AND OVER!!!!!!!!! Would you look at that! Oh it feels so good to have that goal and 70+ all done before the new skill!!

After that I was back to the course but not for long before I discovered that both Ferus Deity and Vandyballer had dusties for a task along with me. So, I decided to set up lootshare in the chaos tunnels, as that's what me and Kitty do whenever one of us has a dustie task. As me and Ferus were preparing I saw this icon in the Edgeville Bank:

Haha, I bet Narcisism is one of the nicest and most helpful guys in game. :P

We were soon off to dusties when a problem arose. Apparently you have to be added/ranked in a clanchat to use lootshare. This meant that Vandy couldn't use it as he is one of the newer people and Merchy's friends list is ready to explode! So, I said an early good night to the British folk that was still awake and we hopped into my clanchat until they eventually both had to leave. Ferus had to leave almost right away but it was still loads of fun! Plus when we first got there the place was packed and so I said we would hop. The people there were very grateful for that. See, it pays to be nice!

Before Vandy left he demanded a photo op which I gladly took part in. He took a pic for his blog as well! Our lootshare impressed at least one of the slayers down there and boy did I get ton of rune arrows! Near 300 by the time I was done! I had close to 250 dusties and after a while in there, and unexpectedly, fireworks went off:

Woohoo!!!!!! Spirimage time!!!!!! I suppose I should do the obligatory camping for d boots now. :P 1993 total level as well! :D

After my task was over I killed several more before running out of food, selling the good loot, and getting like 3 billion fire giants. That task may level my hitpoints and maybe even my attack and strength! I was then back to the agility course where the following funnies happened:

Finally a funny one by me!

People hate it when I do these stupid cheers and usually do things like this. LOL!

Well it's taken me an hour to write this post and I am tiiiired! I look forward to W46 ATAT open run time at gnome tomorrow even if it's only for half an hour. :-)

Here's the good ol stats:

Rank: 5604
XP: 10,193,153
I am between Vendetta 98 and Deamon781.

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ninety Six :D

I guess the really big news from today was this!!!!!:

Oh. My. Gosh. I was lvl 95 for a total of 4 days. At this rate I'll have 99 in like... 20 days or less!! o.O I logged out just short of 10 million xp because it's getting late and I want to go to bed a little early... :P

Today I took a break after leveling to go shopping and scored a cute skirt. Yes, I am a girl for sure! I love shopping! :P

Upon returning I watched the Olympics whilst agilifying, and while laughing at these great gems that were said today:

On the wonderful road to 96...

Making fun of text-to-speech emoticons. :P (or should i say, "equals pee")

Gnome Restaurant Fever has swept Canting, leading to amazing quotes:

Things slowed down until Full Gangsta told Merx that a "precious" will increase the chance of a visage. LOL! I love the last few lines the most though :P
(Merch got pearls and a visage)

Then, upon logging in after I made a late run to the store, I caught this. I saw the word tongue and when I scrolled back up didn't see it so I thought I went crazy!

I love clan chats!!! Big thanks to everyone who entertained me and made me laugh today!

I was even personally visited by several people. First of all, I got to meet Zoorhana in person for the first time! :D

Twi joined me for a little bit before leaving for a star. He's so close to being able to go to living rocks and mine!! After a quick discussion in Canting about which capes are white, and arguing over whether Con is white or tan, my friend Fat Poison came by and ran a few laps until I left for bed.

You may remember Fat Poison from **This Post**. I found him a few weeks after that pic, in his new agility cape, in Varrock West and we became pretty good friends. :P

Also there, totally by surprise, to say hello to me were Zoorhana and Full Gangsta. :-)

I feel so loved!!

Here are the agile stats from tonight as I leave:

Rank: 5636
XP: 9,930,195
I am between predator 003 and Wanabe Pker2
According to Zybez Agility Calculator, 4191 laps till 99!!

Here's to 10m xp coming tomorrow!!

Until next time...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying On...

Apparently I lied. I am gonna blog about Agility every day. :P

The day started out with a farm run first of all. It helps me to stay sane through this crazy ride.

After that, I was presented with a pretty nice offer from my best buddy, Bridled Ruin, on some raw sharks. Apparently cooked are more than raws right now. It would be a better deal if I had 94 cooking so I sold some high value items like toadflax for some cash and bought about 450 off him. I then spent a little quality time in the cooking guild bank-range and only burned like 50! Yay!

I then sold, left for school, and came back to run agility. Time flies by and before long 7 hours have gone by! Lovin the Olympics!!!

So does Merxy Babe, and this amusing gem happened tonight as I was running. :P

I leave with you some stats. :-)

XP: 9,558,263
Rank: 5702
I am between xenolite and Frisky Elite.

Holy cow, over 500k xp in 2 days! =^o.O^=

Good night all!

Until next time...