Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Break and Much Breaking

Man I was on a ROLL today!! I shattered all sorts of goals! First, the big huge one of the day:

Whammo!! 10 million xp already!! It took 4 days. I'm keeping true to 250k a day! Yippee! I should have 99 sometime in early March. I'll try to get it on a Saturday or Sunday so that I can plan it at a time that is not obscenely late for my friends across the pond. :D

While I was running Merchy apparently spotted Gertjaars at what I assume to be Varrock West or Edgeville Bank. He left before she could borrow his high crafting and when she said 87 craft my ears perked up (ok it was really my eyes but you get the idea :P) and I was happy to offer my humble assistance with my insanely high craft level that I hardly remember getting (because it happened so fast!). She dropped by the Barby course for a visit where she got "lost" up on the balance plank (lol) and then happily put some wires inside some of those dorgesh kaan lightorbs, getting me like 400 xp. Yay! Of course a mandatory photo was necessary:

It's so funny... Merchy has on the green pointy hat 99% of the time and in all of my pictures she has on the runner hat. :P

After that I decided to take a break from the course, as I had gotten nearly 200k xp already! I then decided to hit up Puro Puro for fun and hopefully get some good st00f.

I spent about an hour or so catching every good imp in sight and before long all my available imp jars were filled. I took some pics of my inventory.

Young, Gourmet, Essence, Eclectic, Nature, Magpie, Pirate, and Ninja

As you can see Eclectic is the easiest and lowest level of the "higher lvl" imps, if that makes sense, and therefore easy to catch. I was proud of the 3 magpies I snagged and even got a ninja! Here's the loot that I got from all of them, starting with the eclectic:

Not pictured is 5 noted goldbars. Pretty much everything sold on the GE, which was nice. I kept the bars and the wild pie of course and dropped the lanterns and slayer's respite on the ge floor along with the loot I got from the pirate imps, which wouldn't sell.

Here's the loot of the 9 natures, 2 pirates, and the ninja. I got a jangerberry twice, belladonna seeds 3 times, and the herb seeds are kwuarm and irit respectively. The ninja gave me snake boots. :D As mentioned above I "bandanna bombed" the ge to the delight of two very lucky recipients.

Here's the loot off the young, essence, and gourmet imps:

Lovin the 6 garden pies!! I'll add them to my stash of like 200. LOL!! Frogspawn isn't tradeable hence my lovely pasting job. Last but not least, the 3 magpies.

Wewt! Lovin the dhide! Now I have I think 3 loops in the bank again though. Oh well I'm sure I'll get some toof halves from my fire giant task. :P

Oh, and to finish off an amazing day of hunter I did Tears of Guthix which brought this goal to an end and made it an achievement. Woot!!

I BROKE 1M HUNTER XP!!!! THIS MEANS ALL MY SKILLS ARE 1M XP AND OVER!!!!!!!!! Would you look at that! Oh it feels so good to have that goal and 70+ all done before the new skill!!

After that I was back to the course but not for long before I discovered that both Ferus Deity and Vandyballer had dusties for a task along with me. So, I decided to set up lootshare in the chaos tunnels, as that's what me and Kitty do whenever one of us has a dustie task. As me and Ferus were preparing I saw this icon in the Edgeville Bank:

Haha, I bet Narcisism is one of the nicest and most helpful guys in game. :P

We were soon off to dusties when a problem arose. Apparently you have to be added/ranked in a clanchat to use lootshare. This meant that Vandy couldn't use it as he is one of the newer people and Merchy's friends list is ready to explode! So, I said an early good night to the British folk that was still awake and we hopped into my clanchat until they eventually both had to leave. Ferus had to leave almost right away but it was still loads of fun! Plus when we first got there the place was packed and so I said we would hop. The people there were very grateful for that. See, it pays to be nice!

Before Vandy left he demanded a photo op which I gladly took part in. He took a pic for his blog as well! Our lootshare impressed at least one of the slayers down there and boy did I get ton of rune arrows! Near 300 by the time I was done! I had close to 250 dusties and after a while in there, and unexpectedly, fireworks went off:

Woohoo!!!!!! Spirimage time!!!!!! I suppose I should do the obligatory camping for d boots now. :P 1993 total level as well! :D

After my task was over I killed several more before running out of food, selling the good loot, and getting like 3 billion fire giants. That task may level my hitpoints and maybe even my attack and strength! I was then back to the agility course where the following funnies happened:

Finally a funny one by me!

People hate it when I do these stupid cheers and usually do things like this. LOL!

Well it's taken me an hour to write this post and I am tiiiired! I look forward to W46 ATAT open run time at gnome tomorrow even if it's only for half an hour. :-)

Here's the good ol stats:

Rank: 5604
XP: 10,193,153
I am between Vendetta 98 and Deamon781.

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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