Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whirlwind Day

Oi goodness what a day! I couldn't sleep last night so I got up at 6, crafted some deaths until my familiar ran out, and then headed over to play some enriching games of Pyramid Plunder.
After 3 trips and 20k xp later I had this under my belt:

I left and hopped in preparation to do the penguins and ran into a bored runescapian who was taking a break from PP and we danced for a while. :P He was only level 3 and I had been afk right when logging in and came back to find "omg@@@@@@@@!! Untrimmed defence cape!!!!" and the like. LOL! I got Giles'd when I was there. Kitty will love this pic!

It's a helmet, Giles.

Oo, turns out penguins haven't reset yet. Duh! It's Tuesday morning, what in the world??!?!

With that realization I referred to Merchy's hunter post and decided to try out the fruitfall stuff for myself. I picked me over 100 bananas and made 100 bats and turned all but 5 into scrolls. I then headed to Castlewars and began throwing my bat into the air. It didn't disappoint and soon I began seeing this:
...and this!!!

And even a cute little runway!

Before I knew it I had used over 400 scrolls and had mounds of froot!!! I totally forgot about the bananas but it was a high number. I picked up every last lemon too. :P

Woot!! By then I had been to school and back and did a farm run and actually some agility while listening to Aximili E I's RSC Noob Show. It was very fun and I even got to hear Merchy's voice! :-D Speaking of which, I found out I've been pronouncing her name right!!! I love language so much and learning to speak well is always a good thing. And, speaking of the show, I may gather up the courage to call in next time! :P

After that I was off to do my penguins. I had 29k till 78 Ranged and they were all pretty easy to find. I was in an artsy mood so I posed for a photo. I only now realize the sentence really makes no sense at all. Oh well, still awesome!

Someone had made an arrow out of rotten food to help get people to the Canifis penguin...

...which I found photo-worthy. I also took note of an absolute genius. Someone had used marker plants to point the way of the Elf penguin!! Genius!!

They were positioned at all of the dense forest and also pointed where to run to next. Awesome! I also found an example of two like names that ironically meet:

After I got them all I went to Chuck where I just barely, by like 100 xp, pushed myself over that barrier. Hooray!Woot! I can do something!! Now I just need to get 80.... That brought my total level to 1978. Woot! Only 11 more levels till my birthyear! Speaking of levels, my dad got 2000 total!! Sneaky!!

Anyways I was feeling like being a spaz so I bought Mithril Seeds and made a diamond at the GE.

It was loads of fun! I was planning to spell "Avicile Mohaili" but that would've taken tons of space. I might do one letter at a time and make a collage. :P

I finished the night off by doing the circus netting 20k mage xp. Yay! I only got 6k agility and range because I kept messing up. I should stop doing the 99 stuff first on range... I'll probably do much better. LOL!

I leave you with this funny. There's a website called Mylifeisgood where stories about things that made peoples days are written in the following fashion and end with MLIG :).

I was telling the current people in Canting how I ended up there. Big win. :-)

Well I'm off to bed now, I'll catch all you peeps tomorrow. I got a surprise! ;-)

Until next time...

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