Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Hiscores

Wahahaha I went back in time! The date is correct, but I am posting this blog post a day late because I was so tired that I didn't get around to doing it. Better late than never!

Not much to say... Got LRC as my next task and rocked the house, getting TONS of xp!!

I caught this good post during some lag. And no, I didn't do this task on 84. };)

I had a great chat with Fred later in the e'en and then Nez came along and said something about Membys and because I was so tired, well, see for yourself:

I read Membys as Mambo. XD

And now, here are my booootiful stats as they were right before October hit:

Managed to touch below 800 in agility! :D I haven't been able to run much but I can't wait to get back into it. My lowest stat is 66, with my "real" lowest being thieving at 77. Woot, movin on up towards 80! Dunj will get to 70 sometime... I just need to break down and do some 5 man larges. Other than that, only 3 skills left under 80! I should get craft and possibly attack to 99 this month, so stay tuned! Woop woop!

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Hit K-O

Today I did lots of r00ncrafting on Jeffrey Peak, getting a level each time. Finally when I was done making airs and minds I bought an earth staff from Zaff and went to the Noob Lum Dungeon and killed the lvl 3 corpse spiders by throwing dirt on them. Finally after very little effort I had 25 mage! Wow, that was easy! I don't remember getting the varrock tele on Pie for like... months! I didn't even use the ge... I guess things really are easier when you know where everything is!

I then did my Kalfite task. Such a boring bunch of rubbish that task is... and I had well over 200... I want to ban them and thought about canceling but I am saving up 2k points to buy ice strykes (and have less than 100 points to go- maybe 4 tasks more) so I decided to just do it. I took my Keris P++ of course and finally, FINALLY, actually got a picture of a one hit wonder shot! It's very elusive because it is unexpected and lasts maybe 3 seconds but I got one!

POW! One hit KO!!!

There are a lot of new people in Canting as of yet and they are really cool. Half are genuinely new and the other half are people with name changes, but whose previous name I recognize, that haven't been around in a while. I had this amusing little chat with Jayke Elwood. It's probably not even funny now but it made me laugh out loud:


Time for an early bedtime... I am drained! Tomrrow is picture day for band so I need to pack my black dress and straighten my hair and all that jazz... Excited I am not. }:-|

Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Graphs, Dunjuneering, Slayer, Quests

Today was quite the day! I got on earrrly and did Rune Mysteries on Jeffrey Peak. Thanks to a tip by Helm, although I had to walk up to Varrock I did get a free ride back to the wizard tower. Woohoo! I gained several mining levls mining my own ess and a couple rc lvls making me some airs. I'll have 25 magic in no time! :D

While mining ess, Rachy was busy doing Contact. She pwnt it!!! Fred went to go get her and fell through the floor... Oops... He was fine but I got a funny :o:o:O out of it. XD

I have a friend at school who plays RS so we took advantage of our free time and did 2 dunjun floors together! Hehe we were quite the sight... It was a lot of fun and we got hobgob geo and skinweaver. He died many times on the skinweaver and I was doing great until I ran out of prayer and got piled... twice... nice. My prestige was 0 so I barely got above 500 xp but it was fun!

Oh yeah, I gave blood today! It was very interesting... I like... stopped bleeding halfway through so they just called it a day. I guess I am chronically dehydrated... I really felt it afterwards and was very lightheaded and dizzy all day. I perked up after I got home and ate some chicken nuggets, which tasted like the best thing on earth. I also of course got cookies and juice right after I gave blood and got lunch and powerade to replenish me at skool but ugh... That's never happened before... I now have 8 weeks till I can do it again! XD I think I was also just tired as well. Early bedtime tonight... Must drink water...

When I got home I piddled around and did my garg task. It flew by, and before long I got a level I had totally forgotten about:

Woot! 96 attack!! 3 to go!

Gargs didn't drop anything really good besides a rune full helm and some sapphires but hey it was a lot of combat xp and I am cool with that! On the way to the GE I came across the Sparkly Obelisk so I did familiarisation and got this lovely shot:

In my honest opinion, I think the double spirit larupia is the prettiest thing on Runescape. Such lovely spots and the most beautiful shade of blue! Hehe, I got to be a purple larupia this time. :P I got 83 thin snails for my reward which I sold for 150k! Nice to know I am helping out a fellow summoner. :-)

Before I go, I got creative and made two graphs today. Enjoy!
This one was inspired during Rune Mysteries. XD

I am always always always joking about getting a visage! Everyone who knows me knows that. I have no idea what I'll do when I really do get one. Until then, I got a visage on my shield!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Monday, September 27, 2010

The 350th Post!

Whoaaaa! Look at me go! 350 posties!

The day started off early with a quick login. Due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to get the con assist from Jax for my effigy so I sent Merchy a message asking if she would do it, as she wound unmax first. She said yes and saved some room for me and when I logged in at 6:45 am she was there waiting. She couldn't do it without a cuppa so we made a quick run to my house where she helped herself to my very fine tea.

I got that 95 layer unwrapped and now have 97 Smiffin again. I swear, every time I get 95 con and 97 smiffin!! I'll either wait for an opportunity to arise or get 92 mining and boost 5, whichever comes first. Oh effigies... :P

I didn't have a ton of time to play, due to my Mondays being full of Real Life, so I got on Jeffrey Peak in hopes to get his crafting from 1 to 5 so that I could do Gunnar's Ground for a 3rd time. On the way to the Dwarf Mines to get a steel pick I went to hang out with my fellow man and got a pic of us hanging out:
He's really paranoid. :P

I set off wandering around Runescape trying to find clay. It was darn near impossible as no spots had it. I finally wandered all the way to Champs which is the only place I know of in freeplay with clay. Well, freeplayers are really annoying and every time I'd go to mine it, someone would run over and mine it first. OK really?? Do you really need 2 clay rocks??? Come on!! I only needed 2 inventories!

With that annoyance and competition over I was finally able to make me some luuurvely pots. I easily got 5 crafting from 1. In fact, I got 7 by the time I was done. Woohoo! Oh, and apparently you can "break" pots when firing them... Who knew... Anyway finally I was ready to start the quest for the 3rd time. How convenient I was in Barby Village! I got started with my sputtering of words...

...and before I knew it I had arrived once again at that fabulous scene and got yet another pic, this time with 'Peaky':

Hehe my combat boots look sooo weird with my thin black legs. XD

Reward got me 9 crafting and the lamp got me 22 magic. Yay, 3 levels till 25 and then I can tele to Varrock! I remember that taking months on Pie back in the day... Now I am stuck. I want to do Rune Mysteries so that I can craft my own runes to get 25 magic, but I want 25 magic before I do the quest to avoid walking from Wiz Tower to Varrock. I'll prolly end up just doing the quest anyway... Are mind bombs freeplay? :P

I then logged into Pie to begin my garg task. 227 of em! I was 85k from 96 attack and I brought them camping tools (3 yips, summon pot, EnEx, explorer ring to alch) and hopefully I'll be able to stay for the whole task without leaving. For sure 96 attack will happen! Plzzz drop me some mauls and mystic tops too!

Well I can barely keep my eyes open. I better go to bed... I am giving blood IRL tomorrow and I need to be rested and eat a good breakfast. Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quest Complete!

...on Faerie Tana! Sorry, no Nomad yet, although my turn to shove my flipper up his *$#&@ is fast approaching. :P

I did some crafting on my main before getting tired of it. I did a game of Fast SC and then got on Faerie Tana, getting a couple chopping and firemaking levels. Firemaking is now my highest skill, at 39. XD What pyro I've become! When I created the account I was thinking maybe some fairy crafter skiller... Certainly not a witch! XD

Kayla was there to give me a freshly smithed Addy hatchet. While there, I asked her if she would make me some addy armour, as I was like 90 xp from 30 Defence. She agreed but whoops, needed a mature stout for the platebody. I said no problem and hopped back on Pie, giving her a sip from my keg and then took advantage of this service and bought the orange and blue dyes needed for Goblin Diplomacy, traded them to Kayla, and then she gave me the addy armour and dyes in exchange for my old mithril wear and some coins to make up the difference.

Finally, I could complete Goblin Diplomacy!! I dunno what seemed so hard about it, I had all the stuff but the dye... It easily went down and I got some crafty xp and a goldbar. Oh, and this nice shot of my massive painted-on cleavage. :P

Wow, I have a huge chest in that shirt! XD

With that done I set off to complete Black Knight's Fortress. I was scared because the guide is like "omg omg omg tough aggro knights blah blah blah." As if I remember doin it the first time anyway... Well, turns out it was uber easy and I was totally fine in my new addy armour. Totally overpacked food... :P Oh, I got 30 Defence killing 2 highwaymen on the way to finish GobDip. XD

Here is a picture of the cabbage of doom tumbling into the cauldron and spoiling the potion of awesomeness:

Hole in one!

I then completed Gunnar's Ground on the way to Fally, because it's a one-stop quest. Awwwww look at the tall barbarian hug a dwarf! :3

I completed that quest and was thrilled with my new Swanky boots. I pitched my Fancy boots which floated elegantly to their home in the SOS. Score! I then ran to Fally, finished BKF, and got started on the WGS of free quests- Dragon Slayer! Oooooo, scary! I wonder if my 32 combat will be enough to pwn it good! I believe I was ~47 combat when I did it on Pie and leveled to something in the 50's. I remember jail guards didn't attack me when I finished. :D All I know is I'll more than double my Defence and add about 1.5x my str xp. Yeah, 30 att, 30 def, 21 str ftw! I'll be using str through the maze, which I have totally forgotten about. :P

However, that's for another day. :P I leave with you this picture of a cool outfit I saw when fishing sharks while waiting for someone:

His name was Onrefne and he had a con cape and this cooool default outfit. It owns!

Good night all!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bass Daddy Trims His Hitpoints Cape

Today was quite a day indeed! First, I got to work on my blue dragon task and by a great gift it went by quickly and before long it was over and I was at my altar and finally got that prayer level!!!
Woot! 79 pray! One level until 80!!!

After that I did some SC with Kayla and then it was time for the uber huge show stopping event of the day: it was FINALLY time for my dad, who has trained combat as evenly and strictly as Merchy, to level not one, not two, but four skills to 99. :o

The grand event was held at my house, in my combat ring... Yes- the same ring that so many have gotten 99's in before, starting with my 99 Defence. I love hosting parties and people love my house so it's great fun! There were people there from my previous clan that I haven't seen in a year and it was way fun to see them along with a couple of my dad's friends from Hab's cc, Clantast1c. After forever and ever all the people were finally amassed:

Clockwise from left: Cat de Meow (farm cape), Me (in flippers), Dancing Lark (cavalier), Astrodome (Peekyface) [sitting], Pperrizo (with SOL), Nihil-Ist (with dunj gear), Kayla (sitting), Jojododo9 (in purple), Herblore Hab (herb cape), God Of Skils (sitting with varrock pl8), Saucyminx8 (farm cape and royal crown), NEON VIPER (with gs), and finally my dad in the middle with a cutlass. :P Also there was Yeurope and someone I don't know from Hab's chat. It was a big crowd! :D

...And all ready to go! We kind of did it as we went along and the way he did it was each skill separately and killed 4 people to do it. He started with Defence first, because it was my first 99, and killed me. It was even more epic because this trimmed his hitpoints cape that he has had almost as long as I've had my agility cape. XD Then he got range next on Cat de Meow who is a looonnnggggg time friend of ours from wayyyy back when. She is the one RS person I have met in real life. We go back! :D Then, he got attack on Kayla who was sporting her hawt rainbow fro, and finally finished it all off by leveling his str on Peekyface. :P

And, of course, I was filming. Enjoy!

After the festivities I got to work crafting. I'm under 2m now so basically it's gonna be an inspirational grind to the finish! I got 60 points so I tanned my blue hides and got to work making bodies. I also managed to scrounge and sell 2m worth of st00f I don't need in the bank so I was able to once again replenish my supply of green leather. Oh it felt good being able to buy more than 1k again! :D I also made some amulets and cut gems for some craft xp and thanks to Ultralisk I got my glory strung and a free trip to Lunar so I went on lunars and made and blew me some glass. Fun times! Under 600k till 98!!

I leave with you a pic of a guy with a funny name. I saw a d00d in a rc cape named "Done With Rc." Made me laugh! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Two More to Add

Today was an epic landmark day. It was the day that I got skills #8 and #9 to that magical barrier of 90+!!!!!!!!!!1 :D

First up was farming. After a quick tag of my 2 mages and 2 yews that 29k was gone in no time and I was bearer of Skill #8, Farming!!

Woooot! Finally I can pick the spiritbloom which has haunted me so!

I then spent the next several hours at the ivy until finally....

My Skill #9 hits 90!! One I totally did not expect... :D

While I was cutting ivy with ArielBenn I got the beehive random and noticed that they guy behind the screen has a Peekybeard!!! :D:D

Hehehe I love that peekybeard!

I did some work on Jeffrey Peak getting some magic xp. I managed to do Witch's Potion and Swept Away, plus the two strongholds without dying!! Yay!! Thank you Orix for being my guide. :D And, finally, thanks to Witch's Potion I got the sort of epic signature chathead I was looking for:

For the win! Absolute beauty!

Finally, after almost falling asleep from staying up till wayyyy late, me and Orix did an evil tree together after I got my assists in, getting less than 2m to 99 craft!

OK it's really time for bed. I haven't been this exhausted in a long time. At least I don't have to get across town in full uniform at 6:30 like my fellow marching band comrades. Sucks for them... :-{

Gnight all!

Until next time...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ivy Ivy Ivy

Today I didn't feel like doing much on RS. I didn't bring my lappy so I played a little when I got back before going off to do real life. However I did get Jeffrey Peak started on Swept Away so that I could get me some yummeh Goulash at the end and boost something.

After doing it the 3rd time I finally got a picture of this saying which can totally be turned around into a huge TWSS. It's not as funny with a guy, but hilarious nonetheless!

That's what she said!!!!

Anyway I left for a while and came back later to chop some ivy while I did my music homework.

I gotta memorize all these songs and composers... :o Oh well, I am loads more confident on this quiz than the last one so I should get a much better grade. Oh what a little preparation can do! :D

I managed to get three separate funnies from one block of text so I have broken them down:

I busted out the LJ so that I could get more xp and level faster. Then I remembered why I hate wearing it. :P

Of course this led to Flipper talk and then at the end after I put on my LJ hat I laighed because my buggy eyes were in fact even more buggy. Ahahaha they look weird!

Finally, I have to memorize composers and pieces so I got to work. I gave Fred a very brief description of Lully using facebook terms. XD

And finally.....

Whoa! The drunken Dwarf totally wandered up to me! I haven't seen this so called updated random of him since they took him out like 2 years ago. I accepted the beer and kebab and ate/drank them up! A nice touch to a quiet evening. :P

Well I'd better go to bed so I am not dead tired tomorrow... I hope to get 2 skills to 90 tomorrow! Thanks to TWO mage seeds within 7 nests from my kingdom today plus 2 yews that 29k till will go by in a flash of tags. :D I also will get my chopchop up there. I have about 140k to go already!! That's just from a couple hours while doing homework! Exciting! :D

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tiredness is kicking my butt so I haven't been doing much more than farming, crafting, or Dunjuneering on Jeffrey Peak. Today though... I broke 11m crafty xp, woohoo!!! I did some calculations in my head and I only need AT MOST 60 sc needles to get 99!! Woot woot woot! That's not even counting effigies or other means of crafting so as you can tell I am very excited. That means that it's really up to me and I can get 99 Craftypants like... in a week if I wanted! Rachy sent down a friend with a 95 craft effigy which I quickly gobbled up, then went to Heim to assist one more lucky dude, getting me more xp on top of the rewards from that quest yesterday. I also had a proto tool just screaming to be used so I used it up in some D leather.

By the way... Did you know that you can type in the middle of a word when buying something on the GE? When I was buying green d-leather all I had to type in was "n d-" and it would pop up. Well, they decided to change the name of it, as evidenced when that search yielded nothing. Ugh! It's now called Green Dragon Leather. Mildly annoying but at least "n dra" only gives me like 5 results so I can still easily get my leather. I still haven't run out of hides from the 7m I plugged in from my first whip almost 4 months ago.

Here is my secretless secret on how to craft on the cheap. I use what I call the "half-life method." Basically I plug in a certain amount of cash, in this case 7m, and get green leather. That's leather and not dhide. I don't tan my own hides unless it's from my task. Anyway, I then make green bodies until I run out and then sell those bodies back to the GE. They have a high alch price so they sell instant in bulk and with double xp from needles I lose about 1/4. I then take that money and buy more green leather and repeat until I either run out of needles or hides. I've kept it afloat for so long because I save, tan, and craft all hides I get from slayer tasks and then sell them and add that money to my green body pile. I also sometimes randomly sell things like herbs (or like today my stack of over 5k Mith knives for like 700k) and add that to the pile too. Because of this it literally has hovered around 1.2m for months!

I'll likely run out of that pile before I hit 99 unless I sell some more things like herbs but I have quite a bit of raw cash now so it won't be a problem. :D With dxpw all settled down again I am going to get back on that leather and craft it up! I also have a blue dragon task that I haven't started yet which will help a ton with cost. Plus it's a blue task so I'll get a lot of xp! Eeeee excited!!!!

So yeah that's where I hope to be headed this month. I have decided to get 99 the same way I got 99 cooking which means that a lot of people won't be able to go but after considering how to do it this is the way I want to go about it. So look out for a Trouble Brewing announcement soon. :P Of course after that I am going to parade all over and get my cape and all that fun stuff. Don't worry, I plan to have a huge party for 99 Attack that everyone can go to. As always, expect a culinary masterpiece in celebration. XD

Man, who woulda thought I would really get craft before con! I certainly didn't... I don't even remember when the switch happened but I was heavily influenced by cost. Craft is cheaper because of the half life method. After that I'll be living in my house for a while! :P

I leave with you this picture of Jeffrey Peak staring ponderingly at a dunjun door.

I was getting so owned today... That is, until I accidentally walked into the boss room on my last run. Walked in on Planefreezer without a spear! Shocking! All I had was a huge, freshly made stock of water strike casts and a bag filled with Heim crabs. Well, surprise, I pwnt him with my water spells! That was a nice epic win and it got me 2 Dunj levels! I jumped from 13 to 15! Yay! Oh I love dunjuneering on freebies!

Well I am tired so it's time for bed and sleeping in! Late start Thursdays ftw! Gnight all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Quest and Some Levels

Today a quest came out. I have just not been in the mood for questing but once I learned that it was freeplay and replaced R&J I was more keen on doing it. Good thing I did, because I got some great conversations! Need I say more?

It was pretty good. I got to see a little dwarf totally stare at a big girl's chest while I kind of made the }:-| face in the foreground:

What kind of top is that?? You're lucky it's blue and not the color of your skin! Then we'd all be in trouble. XD And of course, awwww, happy ending!

Turns out they moved into Juliet's old house. They now replace cranky old Draul Leptoc and have taken over the place! They also let me engrave some fine jewellery and so I got 32,300 phr33 crafting xp! For the win!!! I was only very mildly impressed by the Swanky boots, but I think they'd go great with the right bright blue outfit. I used the lamp on prayer. I'm like 14k to 79, gotta be asked to do my blue drag task!

Having spotty internet earlier at school I couldn't really get on much and I didn't know what to do so I decided to do a floor or 2 so I chose like 22 and went with it. I got riftsplitter both times and I think he's become easier or I became stronger because he had nothing against my promethium rapier. I owned him without even coming close to dying both times! Plus, after the first one I got a nice little level!

Yay 66 Dunj! 4 more levels to 70!

After that I did the circus and got within 3k till 88 mage. Oh crap!!! I forgot to screenie the pic! I enchanted all my sapphire necklaces and emerald rings I've had piling up for like a year and that got me my level. I just remembered that I forgot to take a pic... Oh man, two missed mage lvls in a row... Not good. So I have no idea what I can do that's new but here is some proof I really got it. XD

See look I really got 88 Mage! XD

Oog... I am so tired... Hence my forgetfulness. Good night all! Sleep is calling and loud.

Until next time...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yarr It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day so I celebrated by getting my Pirate on:

For the first time I could wear the 'Pirate Cape' with my outfit! Agile cape ftw!!!

Mostly, I sat down and chopped ivy. I had a mountain of Chinese homework that I am just about done with now, so I decided to hit up good ol' afk-able ivy. It was nice to break up the grind with Canting and before I knew it I had a bunch of the homework done and fireworks!

Woot woot 89 Chop-Chop!! I now have 2 skills about to fall into the 90's! Which will it be first, farming or woodcutting??!?!

Tanya, being unable to sleep, surprised me and joined me at ivy! :D

A couple hours later and I had shaved over 200k off my level to 90, plus the 70k or whatever I needed to get 89! Man if I camp here the next time I have homework I'll get 90 for sure! Ivy is pro xp, and I'm not even using a dragon axe!

Other than wcing, I did a few farm runs, got the other rc rock, and got mining rocks, plus getting the runite rocks. Score! During my afkness at ivy I ran across a chatty guy in full ghostly and we had fun randomly exchanging comments. I am so tired that I forgot a pic or his name but it was something like "ineedPurp." I know it had Purp in it cuz that's one of my friend's nicknames. :P

I convinced Kayla to do her Party Pete court case and so she came by to show me her new afro! It was so cool that I totally fainted and ate the ivy covered wall of Ardy!

Oh I cannot repel awesomeness of that magnitude!

I then decided to get around to doing my Psych project homework so I got that about 1/3 of the way thru. I thought I'd better call it a night first though and so I finally logged, getting like easily 300k choppy xp.

Before I go to bed I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful friends I have made, who listen and understand me, and me to them. I love you all and I am always amazed at how caring so many people can be about somebody. You know who you are and you rock!!!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary!!!

Oh my goodness! This blog is a year old! A whole year! A year ago this day I finally broke down and created a Runescape blog, posting just a tiny little post before going to bed. If I recall, I was sick with a cold. I also know that at this time I was excitedly beginning my journey to 99 Agility. My how time flies!

In honor of my Bloggiversary, I have LOTS of pics from today!

I continued with my HAM picking and got a clue scroll which I did. This one was much easier with all search clues and when it came to an emote clue I got "have nothing equipped." Woooot! My reward was quite awesome as well and I even did a double take.

88 Oak planks??? Really??? Woohooo!!!!!!! And 3 misc teles. Woot!

Upon login now when loading content it shows art of mage/range/melee with little blurbs at the bottom left about them. I guess Guthix was feeling generous and I got one about pies! :D

Hehe you can't go wrong with pie! :D

I scoped a star in Misthalin since Tanya is hooked at the mo getting her mining up. I teled just in time to see the star land right on Fred. XD Me, Fred, Kayla, and Tanya represented Canting and we managed to get in a lineup for a pic when it was over.

We look so good! l-r me, Fred, Tanya, Kayla

Upon entering the GE after the star this uber long and funny convo popped up. It all started when Rash Killer asked what wb means and man did we have an answer or two... pics worth... :P

My subliminal messages at the end came true if you're reading this! XD

I found the time to go visit Merchy in her house and have a nice talk, which I always love. I then toured her brand new and awesome dunjun! She's a big lvl 120 now!! She wanted to see it from someone else so I took this pic of us:

Ehehe her skirt is sooo cute! :D

I then decided to do some pro grinding and camped at abyssal demons some more... for hours. I was there a long time! Like 5 bunyips worth of time. Cuz when grinding attack, time is measured in bunyips. XD Gonzyy got a rune defender and I thought his message was cute:

Hehe spam spam spam :P

Peekyface got 99 Dunjuneering today!!! I definitely took the time to go see him and get a pic of his kewt new cape!! Gratzyyy Peekyface!

l-r Cat de Meow, me, Peeky

Speaking of which, I got a new default outfit like Faerie Tana's. I had the worst time finding two acceptable shades of green so I decided to be daring and make my skirt yellow and match my flippers! Now I can parade around like this:

My shoes are yellow too so when I take off my flippers it still looks like I have them on. Pro! XD

I returned to abby demons after Peeky's impromptu dunjun party and my grinding finally paid off and I got my 2nd whip:

...and was obviously very happy about it! :P There were people in chat this time when I got it! :D Today was being a great day!!

I ended the night by checking off 2 seers elite tasks and starting Fally by planting a mage tree. Then I did the circus and then went to Lunar to fill my vials and plank make a little. When I swapped spells I crafted some runes and got my first rock, I'll get the 2nd one tomorrow. I picked up the little rock bag from the museum and it 'rocks!!' XD

Here is a pic of me doing agility in the circus. It's near impossible to tell but I am doing the faint emote, on the tightrope! XD

I look like some shriveled up thing but I promise you I am on my side. I have no clue how I can do this, I must be very talented. XD I guess my 15m xp allows me to do the impossible!

I leave with you this small video I made today of some randomness. Enjoy my trick I can do with my faint emote. I can't wait until my friends start unlocking it. I sense fun faint barrages to come!

Woooo what a day! I feel very festived out and am very happy with how my day went. Another year, bring it on!! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...