Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Luck Continues :D !@!@!!!!@!@!@

(In reality it's really for June 8, 2010)

Today I spent the whole day slaying. I wanted to get that black mask uncharged as quickly as I could so that I could sell it for 1.7m and get me some more green dhide!

(me and Mista Mickle dual-swimming to Glarial's cave)

I finished my fire giant task and headed out too Kuradal for another, hopefully one where I could wield the mask. However, she gave me something far better: 109 iron dragons!!!

Wooooooot!! This day was definitely starting off right! I couldn't use my black mask but I certainly wasted no time in selling some items so that I could buy around 2k bloods so that I could fire wave to my heart's delight.

I met a fellow brother Pie (Pilsbury Pie) when I was there, in addition to another person (whose name I forgot). Both used melee and were pwning! They were killing 3 in the time it took me to kill 1 but I had no familiars running and no prayer to worry about so I just took my sweet time... ;)

While there Shikari got flippers! It's funny because he said these things within seconds of each other. :P

I left with about 20 to go so that I could hurry up and do the penguins before they reset in less than an hour. Luckily it was a very easy week and it didn't take long to spot them all. I came back to irons and finished my task. Not wanting to do my new task of living rock creatures, I decided to do the clue scroll I got and film it. The vid will come tomorrow (technically later today since I forgot to reserve a slot before midnight and therefore you see that I am actually writing at 1am tomorrow hahaha!) but I got 2 rune hatchets, a rune body, and a black dhide body. Not the best clue but at least I have stackers now!

I then decided to go and start on my living rock task so I hopped away from 84 and instead of bringing a yip (since I have 4 left and keep not making any) I filled my inventory with monks and then took a birdo and filled it with 12 so that I'd have some room for drops. Man it lasted much longer than a yip and Enex! I have 60 left! When I returned from a break there was something very large wandering near me which can only mean one thing...

Patriarch!!!! Hehe it took some doing and juggling to attack it without being attacked by something else first but I did it! I have sooo many diamonds now! It drops what 8 and I got another from a normal lrc and a cut one from an eclectic imp earlier. :D Also, I totally forgot I was close and my mage task made it even closer but....

Woohoo!!!! 93 hitpoints!!! One hit and fireworks!!

After I ran out of food I went with Vandy to do this week's penguins because I became 60k from a slayer level! On the way to the outpost I ran past a guy just has he leveled his thieving. His name was Pieater so I turned around and gratzed him and called him Brother Pie. I love it!

Vandy and I got most of the pengs but after a hard time with the Jat peng and running out of run like 8 times and getting pelted with rocks blah blah blah just to have it really be at the docks...... we decided to skip the wildy pengs and just turn in the points. Well, those 2 short made a difference and I became 299 xp away from my slayer level. That was easily and quickly fixed with one more kill of a lrc aaaaand....

85 SLAYERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!! Wooooottttt!!!! I finally did it!!!!!! Of course, to celebrate this amazing non-noob moment, I just HAD to go to abby demons and kill a few. I've killed a few before with pies but this was different because it was legit! I went to the alternate abyss and began whipping away at these bizarre things. I look at a combat calculator and when I level my attack again I'll be 124 combat and able to left these!! :D

By now it was way past midnight and I had forgotten to reserve the blog post but I was having so much fun that I forgot. My dad was in my room talking and watching over my shoulder while I killed demons. Of course we joked about getting a whip drop on every kill because how likely is it that I'd get one? I was hopeful and kept killing them. Because of the angle I got an herb and all I saw was pointy edges so I thought it was a whip. I was just talking and killing and after one kill I right clicked the drop to pick it up not really paying attention and it said Abyssal Whip.

WHAT????? I looked in my inventory and sure enough there was a maroon/crimson whip!!!!! It looked so odd not being green! :P I immediately squealed, because I am physically unable to scream, and started punching my desk/chair with excitement. I couldn't believe it!! It was only like the 20th kill or something and I got a whip!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first whip drop!!@!@!#!#$!&%!!$

I didn't even get a picture of it on the ground so here's a pic of it in my inventory:


I spammed the few friends who were on and then with shaking hands went to the GE to sell it and the rune stuff I got. The present ended up having a loop half too which was double woot! I have 2 toof halved in the bank from drops and on my dragon task earlier got a toof and then 2 kills later a loop so I had 2 crystal keys now! I got the dragonstones and then went to sell my stuff. Oh and earlier I finally was able to sell the mask for a pretty 1.7m. The whip sold for 4.1m!!@@!@!#!#!@~ OK, I bought BOTH of my whips for 1.2! I made about 7m today!!!!!!!! Of course I spent the money on what I intended to do and this quote pretty much sums it up:

I have visions of green d leather floating down like confetti. XD

I now have like 3k green d-leather in my bank ready for me to craft up. This is just the lucky break I needed to help get my crafting up! It's all sc now! This 7m is going to go far! Of course I had to save this memorable moment forever so I leave you with this picture of the official adventure log picture:

Good night everyone! This was the perfect conclusion to a chain of epic events today. I'm just so happy! :'D

Until next time...

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  1. holy hell im jealous =p it took me AGES to get my first whip lol. Congratz congratz congratz!!!