Friday, June 11, 2010

More Metal Tasks!

Today was an interesting day...

First off, I finished my abby deon task. No whips, but I got plenty of rune stuff to pay for my next task of.... 105 iron dragons! Kuradal was very set on getting me a mage level! I spent some cash on more bloods and fires and began to fire away.

Before long, fireworks appeared!

Yay! 85 Magic! I also totally forgot, but this put me at 2100 total!! Yay!!!
As tradition, I took a pic of my stats at 2100:

Comparing it with 2000 total...

Wow my hunter, fm, and wc went up a ton! And wow con stayed the same! A lot of the levels come from the release of dunj which is why it doesn't seem like I grew a whole lot. I'm still 69 xp from 40... :P

After that endless dragon task, where me and a player named Kallam (and initials which I don't remember at the moment) hung out together, I got kalphites. I took that as time for a break and got my con stones before fishing some sharks to make bunyips, since I'm down to just 1 pouch. I then went to do my clue but decided to try out the court cases first.

I was prosecuting. :P I felt like I was on Judge Judy! Such a lovely outfit for my court appearance! :P

After getting it wrong once I got it right the second time and got 2k attack xp towards 99!

I liked the court cases and I can't wait to do them all!

I then did my clue scroll, hoping I'd get a summons. Well, I didn't but the Sara Coif I got made up for it. :P

It was worth 110k! :D

Well it's time for bed now. I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow! :D Prolly gathering of the 3 remaining stones (hunter, cook, thief).

Until next time...

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