Thursday, June 3, 2010

Of SC, Brim, and Castle Wars

Man it's been a while since I've posted... because I forgot. :P

Well let's see what has happened in the past 3 days....
I met an agile caper named GP4PoleDance and we had fun emoting together and then did an evil tree after that... :P
Poledancer!! :D Also shown is my outfit for thieving week 10, which is my proposed crafting outfit. :P

I won again at SC the other day :D

Shilo star with Tanya, Raffy, and Waste God. Canting domination! :D

I love Merchy's description of the letter ñ!

And from today, me and Twi's lovely rendition of The Yes Dance:

It's really raunchy so I'm not going to post a link but just search the title on youtube... The only part of it I like is this little bit here. :P

Anyways today I got the last fm stone and therefore am done with week 10 2 days early! :D I also finished my summer course with a final essay. Wooooot!! That left me with all day to play SC. :P I played a few games then took a break to run Brimhaven with Tanyakins...

...and Bigbigsniper!

He's "taking a break" from combat and is getting his skills all up. :D I helped get him addicted to farming! :P

Of course I also took an epic picture of me looking like I'm eating pavement...

Heh heh owned!!

I left with 51 tikkitz and then went to Fast SC where I played a few games and before I knew it I had over 110 points! Yay! I'm going to go there again tomorrow. Of course I can't play without someone getting booted and then going absolutely psycho. Dudes, you broke a rule. Don't try to appeal it. You think you're soooo cool by pking but in a few hours when you calm down you'll feel like the biggest A-hole in the world and you'll regret it so badly... Just shut up and move on. Really. *middle finger*

OK rant aside, I got lots of points so I started working on my d leather. I got a lot of xp today and while I was afk I looked up the Guthix Halo from CW. It's 300 tokens but I really want it so I might actually be willing to play some castlewars... o.O Nezantra will love me for saying that. :P I was looking at the capes and 2 of them are really easy to get and can be cheated for by doing a 1v1 game so I got Peekyface to take a break from getting 99 con to come and help me. We hopped a few times until we found an empty world and then we were off. I knew those 2 tikkitz back from getting the Ardy cape would come in handy! I went for the most kills and he went for the flag one (he already has kills and one of the other capes) so it worked out great. First, he looked absolutely adorable carrying the flag!

I had to get a pic of it! :D

After I killed him a few times we just hung out at my base and talked for 15 minutes.

...and did the flap emote and looked adorable!

And finally the game was over and I got a hawt cape! I agree with JJ, it does look awesome with Bandos! It kind of looks like the slayer cape although it also looks like it could come straight from Terabi :D

Woot!! Thank you Peeky for your help!

Tomorrow I foresee lots of Stealing Creation. I'll go to Fast SC because it really does make it go faster, although I find I actually get more points in regular because there's less people on the class 5 stuff since everyone is barraging each other. I need about 200 needles or 4k points for 99 so let the games begin!

Until next time...

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