Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week Of Win!!!!!!

What a great two days I've had!! It all started yesterday when, out of seemingly nowhere, Kitty Molly logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe how happy I was to see her name in yellow and not red! We talked and talked for hours and caught up and I was reminded why she is one of my greatest friends on Runescape. New inside jokes were made and laughs were had all round. :-)

As for me I've been chipping away at stones and things. Yesterday, on my way to W46ATAT, I spotted a guy named Flying Pie and after freaking out over is name asked for a picture:

Not only is he in the Pie family, but he has a GREEN afro aaaaaand the best part, there's a restaurant in my town called Flying Pie! They make a great pizza there so it was good on so many levels to see Flying Pie in game! :D

As I've been running I have gotten so many people to run with me! Fuge (Rachy) has been coming for all the open run time and has fit right in! Kayla has come running and also fits in well and today I got Tanya to go in her flippered goodness! :D I love agility and I love when other people do agility. Plus, Kayla announced she is going for 99 Agility next so I am uber happy!
These pics are of Minminpu (the leader of W46ATAT) and Kaceypu (who is either a very good friend/married to her/idk but they are close lol):
Their agile outfits include flippers too which automatically makes them own! :D

They dress alike and are very easy to spot! :P

Yesterday, Kayla got 99 Firemaking!! I attended the partyyyy and it was fun! :P

She leveled! :D

The epic march from Ice Mountain to the fire d00d.


Also randomly today I did my kalfite task. Even though I had 206 they still were over before no time at all. I chatted with a low lvl person there who thanked my for my help, as I tried giving a basic instruction on how to train summoning. I also told him about where to get rune defender and of course got asked what my weapon was (for once it was not the cutlass, but the Keris.). :P I decided to attack like 6 at once and got this amusing lineup pic:

Adding to my week of win, I was finally able to convert the file containing that techno/rave song that I ran agility to and was my absolute favorite. Soon I'll be able to have that agility video I've always wanted! It's a little tricky and I'll need multiple takes I can tell but it's in the works! :D ALSO, thanks to my sister's latest craze of looking up video games on Youtube, she found recordings of music from games that I played as a kid and I listened to my favorites and ohhhhh the memories!!! I've heard songs I thought I'd never hear again! You know what, listen!

My favorite music from the game "Dog on a Stick" I don't know the name of the game it's a knockoff of but you have to hop diagonally across, in this level, flowers while avoiding the bouncing foes, in this case adorable goats:

Next, here is some of my favorite pirate music of all time from another game by this company called Maze Madness. This game is like a laid-back version of Pacman.

This just totally made my day. Thank you Kyan!!!!!!!

I found several more and they are under my favorites on my youtube channel if anyone is curious. :P I also found a "remix" of this little jingle from a Sesame Street Nintendo game that I downloaded to my emulator for fun, which I fell in love with because of its chords and simplicity. It's just a melody and bass so I put it on a music program I have and hope to use it in a little video soon! :D Here it is if you wanna hear it! And here is a pic from the game of one of my favorite Sesame Street characters:

He's cute! :3

Let's hear it for more win in the next few days! I feel on air right now with happiness! :D

Until next time :D

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