Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rant and Stuff

Today I tried to do a dungeon with my dad. He kept lagging out so he went to another compy. Nearly 3 hours later when we finally made it to the boss he lagged out yet again and while I was waiting at the boss door I lost connection and that was the end of that... We couldn't go back. I was pissed off but calm. I reallllly can't wait until this gets fixed! Later, when I was getting cook stones, I got a random and used the xp on dunjl which was pretty much equivalent for what I would have gotten for the dunj floor anyway. Closure!! :P

Anyways today two of my friends decided to get 99's! Right after me and my dad's dunj disaster I went and saw Twi get 99 cook! Our 2nd and 3rd skillcapes are the same! :D

clockwise from top left: mimi7123, me, 59 Bitter, and Twi
Here's 4 of us running round the mill celebrating his lovely 99. :P

Earlier, while I was in that disaster dungeon, my friend Dalton got 99 Herblore so I went to check out his cape!

Wewt! Sparkly potion time!

This week is a milestone week in a couple ways. I'll just leave with you this not-very-subtle hint about what I plan on doing this week:

Until next time... :o

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