Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Addendum: End Of May Hiscores

Oooops... I forgot it was the end of the month so here are my May hiscores before I get on today:

Oh yes look at that luuuurvely 2090 total level! :D My Attack is now taking off, leaving my Strength in the dust. Don't forget that I'm still very much in the running for 99 Attack! I'll probably be going back and forth between crafting and slayer for a while now... :P I hope to get 90 Attack this month and therefore get my 7th level 90. :D I'm dangerously close to 93 HP as well so that should easily level this month. I'm really close to magic and fishing levels- magic I can take care of with the reset of the circus and some miscellaneous spells and fishing I'll have to just do it. Herblore is soooo close to 79 and I'm thinking of using penguins on it tonight or whenever I do them and get that level! :D

I now rank in Dunj, woot woot! Actually I have since the beginning of May but there it is all pretty on the hiscores. I should be due for TOG soon and hopefully will get 40. :P Slayer is pretty close to 85 and will prolly take 10 more tasks, maybe less. :D Oh and look out for 14m agility xp coming soon!

All in all it was a great month and I got a lot of excellent levels, including 2 new to 80. Bring it on, June!

Until next time...

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