Monday, May 31, 2010

It's On!!!

Gratzyyyyy Zachy on 99 Crafting! One day like a week ago he was like "I'm gonna get 99 craft" and then boom here he is!

We all gathered and everybody had on a different cape representing many different skills. Herby, Prayer, Mining, Magic, Hunter, Agility, Defence, Quest, Firemaking, and Thieving were all present at this partayyyy! Zachy is the one by the stove with the skull sceptre and monk robes.

Finally he did it!! He made one last piece of leather and 99 Crafting was all his!! :D I love how Merchy is the only one who actually said something about 99 crafting in her message, ROFL!!!

We made an epic train from Juliet's house in Varrock all the way to the crafting guild and I got this epic picture:
Zachy's actually the 5th person in line, right in front of me. It was led by Kayla and Tanya is behind me and Merchy's at the end. :P Those are the people I could identify right away. :P I had to leave right after he bought his cape so I don't have a pic but....

All this fun has inspired me to... *drumroll* ...go for 99 craft!! I've been going back and forth between craft and con forever and ever because they are both expensive and require many games of SC but after thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that I'm much closer to craft than con and it'll cost me a whole lot less because I get to sell back what I buy. I was so inspired by Zachy's lovely cape that....

I made a subliminal hidden Mickey Mouse and shoveled out some small pocket change on green d-leather aaaaand...

Ta da!!! 91 Crafting! It's amazing what kind of potential 900k has!

So, as for the quest for 99 Crafting...

IT'S ON!!!!

Anyways today proved to continue to be an epic day. First, before all this crafty business I did and evil tree with a bunch of members of Canting and got this awesome picture of us after:

Hehe flippers!!! Tanyakins is in the brand new red dhide, Armmadylo is in the royal and yellow phat, Rachy is in the middle, I'm next to her, and Firemakers is in the front. We're so kewt! And the flippers are catching on! :D

Also before I leveled Crafting I needed a game of SC in order to get enough tools. I had 18 points so I needed at least 22 so I invited people to come and ODST Isaac went with me. It wasn't terribly interesting of a game and there were like a million pools around a furnace (lol) and a swarm so I just gathered and made runes... Nothing higher than class 4... I dis what I always do and just collect from low level things and....

Woot! I got the high score again!! Plus, when all around me magic spells were flying like food in a foodfight, I was calmly making runes and depositing them to base and got all 3 of the clay noob awards!! :D

Anyways after that I was increasingly closer to 88 farming, but could never quite get it . Finally, 2 farm runs after what I thought it would be, I got it!

During my farm run I ran into BIG Midnight again who, like I said before, has an epic face. I actually remembered to get a pic this time! :P

I love it! If you can't tell, he is bald and has a green mustachio and gnome goggles. It made me laugh so hard when I met him! :D

I did the circus to try to get close to my mage level and passed by my embarrassing dead cactus:

I was so mad... I've had my cactus for like 2 years and decided on a whim to replant it. Well, I forgot compost so I bound my nature ammy to it. It got diseased and I cured it, then like 9 hours later went to bed... and it died. -.-

Anyways after that I wanted to get my total to 2090 so I went off to the flutterbies to knock down the xp till my hunter level. Holy crap I just got 80 and now I'm already 81??!?!?! With 16k to go I went to my favorite orange salamanders and got it!

Wooot! Never would I imagine that here in near June I'd already have 81 hunter!!!!

During the last 2k till, Jaxana told me about a size 8 star in Misc so after I leveled I went there with Kayla and Mike and we had fun there. Afterwards, in my delusional tiredness, I became over-excited about Kayla's Defence cape and put mine on and started freaking out and dancing around with it on. I then got this really cool pic of us synching up!

...are those adult teeth falling from the sky? Guess which one is me and which is Kayla... :P

If you said I'm on the right, you're right! My lovely Catin skin (tan) and Guthix stole give it away. It's amazing how similar we look though! :D

Well I'm off to bed as I am wayyyyyy crazy tired! Good night all!

Until next time...

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