Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Shorter Post :o

I got my thieving and hunter stones today, woohoo! I am all done with week 9, 3 days early! I think I'll fill that time up with slayer. :P

My thieving outfit for the week was uber special and I love how it looks! :D After all that I did some farming and ended the night by soloing a Frem star that ended up falling in Lunar. Awesome, because my task is Suqah! I'll save it for tomorrow but look out because I'm gonna pwn them all up! While that happened Vandy got 82 Rhoonkreftin! :D Woop woop!!

I have another essay to do tomorrow and I hope I can make my thought formulate. The good news is that watching the video in class today gave me inspiration to futher clean up the rough panting of Gambada and the land of Jadali. :D More to come! Good night for now!

Until next time...

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  1. You're a great model for RS clothingline :)