Saturday, May 8, 2010


That's my total level. That's *totally* insane!! :D First I did a farm run and then the following things happened:
First a hilarious comment by Kitt Fox:

Renikins asked the Barrows brothers to homecoming!! XD

Then I spied Tanyakins and realized that we have the same default outfit. That led to this exchange where a 3rd person, amiiii, showed off the same outfit as well!

We look so hawt rockin the tank and shorts! I love the look so much! :D

Then I was off to finish my warp tort task. I swear every time I bank that's when a new person shows up there! I didn't even see him at first because he was so well blended in until he said "share?" to which I replied "of course!" and we shared the 2 torts until he ran out of casts.

His name was Wuggums47 and he was casting water wave which actually worked pretty well! He is going for 99 mining and was taking a quick mining break to do something else; in this case, kill warp torts. He was very proud of his dagon hai robes and we had fun chatting. :P

After I finished I went to Kuradal where I got abby specs. Eww. I hate them, but can't cancel them since I bought fast kill so I went out and did them. I got mounds and mounds of herbs and now have like... 90 ranarrs... Wow. o.O That's from millions of ranarr seeds plus these. While there I got the following 2 levels:

Woot!! I can now say I am legitimately going for 99 attack now! Woot woot woot!!!

Not long after...

Woot!! One more level until I can slay the fabled abby demons!! I should pie up now and kill some for a while. :P

My task ended and I now have gargs! Woot! I can try out my new ability! I then did a farm run with all the seeds I got and ended the day with an evil willow tree. There was someone with a name that made me laugh:

My cat's "real" name is Zoe Ellen, before I changed it to Eenie, and I was always singing silly songs to her because, you know, I do stuff like that. :P So, the name Zoey ZoeZoe made me smile. :-)

Good night everyone! :P

Until next time...

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