Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quest! Quest! Quest! Quest! Quest!

Quest! Quest! Quest! Quest! Finally FTP3!!!!! Woooooooooot!!! I was soooo excited so I finished up my garg task and then hopped on it! No mauls this task but I got a mystic top and a ferocious ring so I'm happy! I then got right to the quest and marveled over how wonderful Zanaris looks now.

It's so pretty! The quest was a great quest! It seemed a little out of place to the other two quests but I guess so much time has gone by in between that it could be likely. It was very clear what to do and I unlocked all sorts of goodies!

One thing that freaked me out is that it's based off teeth, and I absolutely hate the dentist or anything other than food in my mouth. So, the whole concept of pulling teeth was like oooog but it was still a great quest. And, bring on the toof jokes!

The cutscenes in the quest were perfect and very funny!

I also loved the little meter that went from pissed off to hopeful or whatever it was. The illustrations made me laugh hard. :P

The meter goes from D: to :D lol!!!

The final battle wasn't bad at all! I had heard mixed things and that all 3 styles are used, yada yada yada. I took a ton of food and a moss titan with 40 scrolls. That was about all I needed to heal, and my titan PWNED the little orks! I didn't ever have to pray and was never in danger of dying- I think the lowest I got to was 640 lp. Of course not everyone had this same experience but that's what worked for me. It was so nice to have a quest where there was a nice fight! I grew my toof buddies and after everything was all dead we took on the godfather.

Army almost complete! :P

I loved the ranged fish attack! I couldn't get a pic but I tried. I also loved when he took his wand out of a violin case. That was pretty pro. :D My battle took a really long time but soon it was over and I was done, earning huge and awesome rewards!

Plus, helm of trials time!! :D

The adventure log was bugged, but also showed me getting 300 quest points:

After the quest I unlocked everything I could (except the pet toof) and then retired to an evening of grenwalling. No stone :-( but I got an adorable pic. These grenwalls are so cute they can be slippers!

...except for the fact that they're essentially porcupines....

In the middle of that I did a gnome star with Fred Lay and then did a round of farming before heading off to bed. Good night all!

Until next time...

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