Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let the Games Begin!!

Today I didn't have a ton of time but enough, so I did my penguins this morning and got 30k Rhoonkreftin xp! That pushed me below 100k till the magical lvl of 77! I then did tears and got my Dunj level up to 34:

After that I decided that the only way to get 77 RC was to do it! So, I set off, seeing this cool outfit along the way:

KoRn352 was makin spider eggs sporting gilded legs, yellow tribal top, and yellow gloves/boots/cape. It looked so cool!

I had to recharge my glories first because I had 3 left and like... 19 sitting there uncharged. I brought my pick along just in case the rune rocks were there even though I was pretty much guaranteed they wouldn't be, seeing as I was on w60, but lo and behold:

There they were!! I mined the first one fine and got a mining stone. Someone hopped and stole the second rock from me but you know what I don't even care because I got the 2nd mining stone off of it so I win! I'm now under 100k till 90 mining! :D:D

I did an abyssal walker worth of ess and made about 600 deaths. I then decided to run some agility but a sap was about to sprout so of course I did the tree which ended up ebing a willow north of Legends. I didn't even realize for like 15 minutes that I forgot a hatchet. I use machete on roots so it wasn't a biggie but Isaac let me borrow his rune axe anyways since he had a full sc hatchet. Later, Aqua came and joined us. :D I didn't get a very good reward but I got the firemaking xp I needed. I then went to Gnomey and prepared myself for something I hear often and I got it:

I love running the course and people noticing my cape and asking me why I am still training it. Well, mainly because it's my favorite skill but at least I have a legit excuse now. Too bad Whirlpool hasn't heard of Shattered Heart. :P He wasn't being rude or anything which was nice. :P He just wanted an honest answer. It's the same as people who slay with a slayer cape on and people who farm with a farming cape on. They do it because they love it (and they make munni :D). I am up past 13.6m now woot! My rank at this time is... *looks* ... 2043! Woot! Almost all of us can fit under one server. I can't wait until 14m xp and beyond!

Anyways I'm off to bed now. My concert went pretty well and I enjoyed it so that was good. I do wish we had more time to rehearse but thus is life as a freelancer. :P I messed up some but did pretty well. Now it's time for my summer class to start. Should be fun hopefully! :D Gnight!

Until next time...

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