Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!! My day at school was full of people singing that annoying star wars quote John Williams medley thing that I don't feel like pasting. At least my final project is DONE and went well!

Today I had some time to play at school so I hunted a ton of grenwalls before running agility and getting my stones for that. I'm over a week behind on my statue but I'm getting close to finishing it so I hope to be done soon. When I returned home I did some flutterby hunting and then got the fletch and smiffin stones and then went to good ol' Ornj Sallies for this lovely level before scoping a Kandarin star:

Woooooot!! Just one more level until complete Stealing Creation Gathering Domination!!!!

I had some time to kill before the star so I did a lap on the agility pyramid for fun. Man, it goes much faster now than when I first started training! I did a whole lap in less time than it took me to do the first level back in the day!

After that I hung out in my house in hopes for the con rocks. I finally got one! I was scoping the star which meant I automatically took the closest spot to a tele which for Kandarin is ardy cloak to Party Monks. The scope got down to 0-1 before I just teled. Kitt was at Coal Trux and I dunno if Levi was taking a spot but he was on the chase too. There was a person there already mining the iron when I heard that trademark sound. Woot! I offered him the tag but he ignored me and kept on mining- an obvious bot. I got the tag and am so much closer to 90! It was a great star and I got my 200 and cashed it in. Afterwards we (Me, Kitt, Levi, and Nezantra) thwarted the botter's plans and mined all his iron. He then awoke form his botted stupor and asked if we reported him. There were 3 unanimous "Yes" and he then gave some lame excuse about how it was his "little brother." Yeah, he repeated the same pattern, right? His reply? "Yeah he's mental." Uh huh, reported for account sharing too. Owned! Finally he gave up and logged or hopped. Botters gotta learn somehow...

Anyways I am out for the night so I will see everyone tomorrow.

Until next time...

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