Monday, May 3, 2010

Real Life...

OK, real life is really keeping me busy so I've hardly had time to do more than hop on for a farm run or a star. At least my orchestration project is all done! Yay! We'll see how it goes tomorrow.. :P

Today I logged in and Tanyakins was at an evil yew tree at CW so of course I joined. Well, after 3 or 4 fires there were fireworks! I got 84 firemaking!!! Just one more level to go!!

I believe that brought my total to 2060! :D

Anyways last night right before I left for bed there was a Karamja star and Vandy wanted to help so I told him to take Crandor since it's really remote and if it's not there then it's easy to tele around to the other spots. He didn't know how to get there so me and Fred Lay slowly explained and got him there, where he mined his first addy ore. Then the star fell next to him!! Woohoo! It was a size 7 even, which was awesome with his newfound 70+ mining!

We were soon joined by a few more people and it was a really fun star. Afterwards the Canters lined up for a photograph:

l-r: a Mithril rock, the Star Sprite, Vandyballer, a skeleton, me, Coopee4, and Fred Lay. :P

Me and Fred then began doing the flap emote which looked hilarious and made me laugh. Also, one of the best parts about Crandor is that you can get some really cool angles, like me doing this:

Woot! This one was even better:

It's really hard to get a good shot of the agility emote since it's so dang tall! I always end up with the top of my head cut off which makes it look like I'm being hanged... -.- It's nice to get a great camera angle though! :D

Well I'm off... After next Monday I'll be able to play and blog more regularly. It's dead week this week and my only class final is tomorrow. Next week all I have is my jury (where a music major plays a prepared solo to show they have improved on their instrument) on Monday afternoon and then I'm done until I play at graduation! Woot!

Until next time...

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