Monday, May 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Clans

Today was an amazing day! First I did my fire giant task, netting me loads of attack xp. It was also my 200th task! Woot!! Those points are comin in now! I then got the 2nd con stone and the fletching stones and am pretty close to 82 fletch but just don't feel like fletching. I did some farm runs and even went to Puro Puro and scored many nature imps and more!

The real fun of the day was in the late evening though. I had scoped a Karamja star due to fall at about 16 after the hour, which happened to be the hour of midnight for Vandyballer and therefore his birthday! So, I thought why not celebrate at the star! I figured it would be a small quiet star, seeing as it was an hour that usually nobody is around, but man was I wrong and it ended up being a good thing!

First of all, in a rare moment only experienced once before in Taverly, the evil tree and star were right next to each other! The star was a size 8 so I left to go burn the evil yew and then return.

How often does this happen!? :D

Here we are with the tree in the background. :P

Very quickly more and more people arrived and turns out that the clan Rs Outreach was there! When they found out it was Vandy's birthday they were all over it! :D

Now this is what I love about mature clans. They don't care if you're in their clan or not. Their chat, like Canting, is a place for fun and chatting, with maybe slightly more emphasis on stars and trees. Because of this, we were all united as one at the star and tree and the air was alive with birthday spam for dear Vandyballer. :D

There were at least 4 people in agile capes which made for a lot of fun! :P After the star the air was alive with messages and emotes of all capes and kinds! They all agreed to pose for a picture with the Birfday Boy himself!

At the same time, a member of the Rs Outreach clan (whose name I forgot to write down) rubbed a lamp and got 99 prayer! The air erupted with woots and gratzes from everybody! It was a party over in Shilo Village for sure! There were probably 30 people there, including the 5 or so from Canting that were awake and attending. :P It's moments like these that make me realize why I play this game. Everyone loves everyone and things like status, 99's, prestige, and clanship don't matter. It's about having fun with everyone else and celebrating the spontaneity. I go to bed happy and excited for tomorrow!

I really must go to bed as I am very tired from yesterday... :P Happy birthday again Vandyyyy and may you have uber fun!

Until next time...


  1. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    thank you so very much Pie :)

  2. I'm sad I missed this. :( It looked like fun. It's nice when RuneScape players can come together like that, despite differences in clan and whatnot.

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be online properly until Thursday or Friday (or maybe a little later) d'oh! Silly old exams.